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Danish Study: Digital Library Strategies - Nordic library meeting in Copenhagen


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Lotte H Dhyrbye, Head of The Danish Think Tank – Libraries of the Future

In the Nordic library organizations we believe that international cooperation can create a better world. That's one of the reasons why we meet, once a year, with all the other Nordic countries, discussing how we can strengthen cooperation between libraries for the benefit of people and society. (And I don't mention Trump at all)

This year we meet in Copenhagen and have a series of presentations and discussions, which you can see more about here

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Danish Study: Digital Library Strategies - Nordic library meeting in Copenhagen

  1. 1. DIGITAL LIBRARY – a national survey • Why a survey • Methods • Segmentation • Selected findings • Perspectives • Out-put & impact of the survey
  2. 2. Expected use in 2019 approx.: 60%
  3. 3. Major differencies Close link between physical use ande digital use
  4. 4. Expected frequent use in 2019: 41%
  5. 5. Differentiated picture
  6. 6. Vise- versa - when it comes to printed books
  7. 7. Digital ressources (online service to DK Collections): 41% 64% Search, reservation, reborrow, less for inspiration Filmstriben (Movies) 19% 44% Widely know, but not as a ”library service” eReolen (ebooks and audio) 13% 49% Supplement to print, user friendly (website) 9% 18% Inspiration & discussions Biblioteksvagten (Inqueries) 13% Help in every matters 2014 (all) 2016 tal (only digital users)
  8. 8. Digital existence – hard competition Lack of multichannel strategy Inspiration & dissemination Local website is primary source of inspiration (48%) Friends (28%) and librarians (19%)! Important to mobilize front desk staff Where are the users/non-users 75 % of the Danes are on Facebook Only 7 % get inspiration via FB
  9. 9. To high digital barriers - also for the staff :-( 43% know the ”Filmstriben” 26 % are happy Most of them are appy because it exists but…. In general: • To many and to high digital barrieres: • Not really happy with the quality • Lack of general overview • To many platforms & logg-ins • When is it a library offer?
  10. 10. Impact factors on digital use Multipel lineær regressionsanalyse,; Explination factor 37% Top Impact factor
  11. 11. Impact factors on digital user-frequence Ditto
  12. 12. Potentials in local library space, also the digital • Inspiration comes from relations & local homepage • Added value digital services <-> physical services
  13. 13. Out-put & impact • National distribution and usage • Recognition in local strategies • Emphasing the needs of digital competencies, organisation & leadership DIGITAL AGENDA ”Beyond our control” • Development of digital services focusing on the users needs and digital behavior both inside and out-side the library
  14. 14. Coming up! • Report on Childrens Reading culture and media-behavior in Denmark (9-13) • Quantitative & qualitative report + ”Knowledge distribution in Practice” • Senior communities & Libraries for lonely elderly • Distribution and communication