6th Grade Netbook Program 2012-2013


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This is the presentation from the 6th Grade Open House on September 5th, 2012.

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6th Grade Netbook Program 2012-2013

  1. 1. 2012 – 2013 Netbook ProgramMs. Donna Durden, School TechnologistMrs. Diana Alvarez, Computer TeacherWe are both Educational TechnologistsComputer Class is an “Extra Special”6th Grade sees me every “A” Day, integratedinto one of their subject areasMs. Durden will also be assisting in theclassroom with the new technology
  2. 2. We believe that technology in schoolsneeds to become embedded into dailyclassroom instruction, rather than taughtas a separate subject.21st Century Skills need to be woven intothe daily lessons that are taught in theclassroom and not just in the ComputerLab.
  3. 3. Why Netbooks?Netbooks will be used by students for bothinformation “consumption” and content“creation”.We are continuously told that studentsneed to develop and acquire 21 st CenturySkills.These include being creative, working wellwith others and being able to usetechnology as an effective communicationtool.
  4. 4. The biggest factor of whether or notstudents have gained 21st Century Skills istheir time actually spent using technology.Not time learning about technology orlooking at technology, but actualhands-on time using technology.
  5. 5. How Will Netbooks Help?Netbooks will help engage our students.• Netbooks will enable both teachers and students to participate in - and benefit from - innovative, technology supported educational programs.• Netbooks will integrate technology into all aspects of the curriculum.• Netbooks will provide this much needed “hands-on” technology time.
  6. 6. We know that we have just begun thejourney and that it’s going to be anexciting one for all of us…
  7. 7. Extended Warranty and Accidental DamageMechanical BreakdownManufacturer’s Defects $50 DeductibleWear and Tear for theElectrical Failure AccidentalAccidental Damage includes: Damage Portion ofDrops the CoverageCracked ScreensLiquid Spills/Liquid Submersion
  8. 8. Have You Read the Handbook?We expect that you have read the Studentand Parent Handbook by now.Please review the handbook again withyour child. You will receive a printed copy ofthe handbook tonight.
  9. 9. Netbook RulesI reviewed the Netbook Rules and theParent Student Handbook with yourchildren.I tried to keep the focus on all the things wewill be able to do with the netbooks,instead of focusing on all the things they“cannot” do with them.
  10. 10. What Are the Netbooks For?We want the students to understand thatthese are educational tools for school.They are taking them home primarily tocharge them for school the next day, and tohave them available at home for homeworkand educational activities that are assignedby their teachers.
  11. 11. What Are the Netbooks Not For?They are not toys that we are giving themto “play with” at home.My guess is that they each have at least oneelectronic “toy” (or computer, or laptop, orgaming system, or iPhone, or iPad, oriTouch) that they can use at home.
  12. 12. Who Makes the Rules?I told the students that their parents set therules regarding how much time they canspend with their other electronic devices, orwhat apps or games they can install andplay.The netbooks are the school’s property(until they graduate in 8th grade).They are to be used for EducationalPurposes Only.
  13. 13. Please Support UsNetbooks are provided to enhance theeducational experience at St. Gregory’sCatholic School.We feel that we have to start out strict, andenforce the consequences in order to makethe program successful.
  14. 14. Online Rules ReviewThere is also an online Jeopardy Activitythat your child should complete …on theirnetbook, if they want!It can be accessed through the link that Iemailed to you, and also on the 6th GradeTechnology Page found on Edline.
  15. 15. We do not have enough time to go overthe handbook in detail tonight, but if youhave any questions after reading it, pleaseemail netbooks@saintgreg.org
  16. 16. Headphones/Jump DrivesWe would like for the students to keep a setof headphones and a jump drive in theirnetbook case at all times.Please do not send fancy, expensiveheadphones.They should be ear buds or similar smallheadphones (light weight) that can fit in thecase.
  17. 17. What Kind of Jump Drive?Also called Flash Drives, USB Drives, etc.The drives do not have to be expensive or avery large capacity.4GB are around $10 at most office stores.If you already have one, you don’t have togo out and buy another.