Basic Introduction to hacking


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How to be a real hacker?
hacking is not a child play.

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Basic Introduction to hacking

  1. 1. What is hacking?
  2. 2. Contents (1) Who is hacker? Types of hacking Why do hackers hack? Hacking demo on a live website Some hacked passwords What hackers do after hacking? What do hackers know?
  3. 3. Who is hacker? (1) Hack   Cut with repeated irregular blows Examine something very minutely Hacker  The person who hacks Cracker  System intruder/destroyer
  4. 4. Who is hacker? (2) Hacker means cracker nowadays  Meaning has been changed
  5. 5. Types of hackers 1)White hat 2)Gray hat 3)Black hat
  6. 6. Types of hacking Normal data transfer Interruption Modification Interception
  7. 7. Types of hacking key logging Sniffing Man in the middle Session hijacking Social engineering System hacking Dos, Ddos Session hijacking Sql injection and many more.
  8. 8. Why do hackers hack? Just for fun Show off To clarify the doubts in relationship Notify many people their thought Steal important information Destroy enemy’s computer network during the war To earn money
  9. 9. What do hackers do after hacking? (1) Patch security hole  The other hackers can’t intrude Clear logs and hide themselves Install rootkit ( backdoor )   The hacker who hacked the system can use the system later It contains trojans.
  10. 10. What do hackers do after hacking? (2) Install exploit program Install denial of service program Use all of installed programs silently
  11. 11. How can be a real hacker? Study C/C++/assembly language Study computer architecture Study operating system Study computer network Examine the hacking tools for a month Think the problem of the computer
  12. 12. Why can’t we defend against hackers? There are many unknown security hole Hackers need to know only one security hole to hack the system Admin need to know all security holes to defend the system
  13. 13. How to protect the system? (1) Patch security hole often Encrypt important data Do not run unused daemon Setup loghost Use firewalls Backup the system often
  14. 14. Deep freeze Download deepfreeze and install it and later restart the system
  15. 15. What to do after hacked? Shutdown the system Remove the network cable Restore the system with the backup  Or reinstall all programs Connect the system to the network
  16. 16. How to translate the hackers’ language (1) 1 -> i or l 3 -> e 4 -> a 7 -> t 9 -> g 0 -> o $ -> s | -> i or l || -> n |/| -> m s -> z z -> s f -> ph ph -> f x -> ck ck -> x
  17. 17. How to translate the hackers’ language (2) Ex)  1 d1d n0t h4ck th1s p4g3, 1t w4s l1k3 th1s wh3n 1 h4ck3d 1n  I did not hack this page, it was like this when I hacked in