Multiple intelligence


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This is a presentation on Multiple Intelligence for class teachers to make their lesson plan accordingly.

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Multiple intelligence

  1. 1. Intelligence Means….• the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills -The Oxford Dictionary –• capacity for learning, reasoning, understanding, and similar forms of mental activity; aptitude in grasping truths, relationships, facts, meanings, etc.
  2. 2. WHAT IS MI ??• Multiple Intelligences (MI) developed by American development psychologist, Howard Gardner, in 1983, MI describes eight different ways to be smart
  3. 3. In his Multiple Intelligences theory, Gardnerstates that there are eight basic intelligences(rather than one underlying intelligence).
  4. 4. Bodily Intelligence (Gross)The ability to be aware of the functioning ofone’s body and others bodies, as well as todemonstrate strong physical coordination.
  5. 5. People with a strong Gross Bodily Intelligence havean aptitude for moving and manipulating the body ina variety of circumstances.They move with poise and grace and are highlyadept at using body language to punctuate theirpoints.Such people make  Good Pilot  Ayurvedic Massage Therapist  Medicine Practitioner  Physiotherapist  Sports Person  Astronaut, etc.
  6. 6. Famous people with high Bodily (Gross) Intelligence Baba Ramdev Sachin Tendulkar Hrithik Roshan Tiger Woods
  7. 7. Bodily Intelligence (Fine)The ability to demonstrate strong coordinationbetween the eye and hand and display finesse inhand movements.People with strong Fine Bodily Intelligence haveexcellent eye-hand coordination and workeffectively with tasks that require manual dexterity.They love to work with their hands and have anatural gift for activities that involve manual skills.Such people make good civil engineers, cardesigner, painters, etc.
  8. 8. • People with strong Fine Bodily Intelligence have excellent eye-hand coordination and work effectively with tasks that require manual dexterity.• They love to work with their hands and have a natural gift for activities that involve manual skills.Such people make – Good civil Engineers – Car Designer – Painters etc.
  9. 9. Famous people with high Bodily (Fine) Intelligence MF Husain, Painter Abhinav Bindra, Olympics Gold Medal WinnerRitu Beri, Fashion Designer Dr. Naresh Trehan, Physician PC Sorkar, Magician
  10. 10. Interpersonal IntelligenceThe ability to understand,communicate with, interact with, andinfluence others.
  11. 11. • People with strong Interpersonal Intelligence have an aptitude for effectively interacting and dealing with others.• They are often called on when friends or family want to share their problems with someone and need a good listener and adviser.Such people make good Public Speakers, Politicians, Radio jockey, Journalists, etc.
  12. 12. Famous people with high Interpersonal IntelligenceMahatma Gandhi, Father of the Nation Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Scientist Oprah Winfrey, TV Talk Show Host Barkha Dutt, Editor, NDTV
  13. 13. Linguistic IntelligenceThe ability to understand,acquire, and use languageeffectively.
  14. 14. • People with strong Linguistic Intelligence have an aptitude for learning and using languages. They are often attracted towards writing poems and enjoy reading anything including stories, dictionaries, signboards, and even instruction manuals!• They may easily spell words that others are not even able to pronounce.• Such people make good – Writers, – Novelists, – Curriculum Designer, – Librarian, – Lyricist, etc.
  15. 15. Famous people with high Linguistic Intelligence William Shakespeare Rabindranath TagoreRuskin Bond JK Rowling Shobha De
  16. 16. Logical IntelligenceThe ability to think analytically, in anorderly or practical manner, and/orperform mathematical-related tasks.
  17. 17. People with strong Logical Intelligence have anaptitude for mathematical calculations, logicalthinking, and pattern recognition.They possess an innate reasoning ability; can thinkin logical and numerical patterns and makeconnections between different pieces ofinformation.Such people make good – Mathematicians – Scientists – Chess players – Software Programmer etc.
  18. 18. Famous people with high Logical IntelligenceAlbert Einstein, Scientist Aryabhatta, Astrologist Sir Isaac Newton, Mathematician and Physicist Shakuntala Devi, Vishwanathan Anand, Calculating Prodigy of India Chess Grand Master
  19. 19. Visual Intelligence (Graphic)• The ability to view things accurately or create mental images, process them, and translate them from imagination to reality.
  20. 20. • People with strong Graphic Visual Intelligence have an aptitude for design, drawing, coloring, painting, creating models, etc.• They find it easy to think in pictures and images. You easily see images in your mind and can represent them in visually artistic ways.Such people make good – Graphic Designers – Painters – Animators – Image Consultant – Landscape Architect etc.
  21. 21. Famous people with Visual (Graphic) Intelligence Walt Disney, Manish Malhotra, Pablo Picasso, PainterCreator of Mickey Mouse Cartoon Costume Designer Sarnath Bannerjee, India’s First Graphic Novel Writer “The Corridor”
  22. 22. Visual Intelligence (Spatial)• The ability to manipulate objects within space and move objects around with precision.
  23. 23. • People with strong Spatial Visual Intelligence can navigate your way effectively and easily visualize things in three dimensions.• When it comes to inner space (inside their head, that is), they can easily see how things fit together.Such people make good – Architects – Choreographers – Event Managers – Interior Decorators etc.
  24. 24. Famous people with high Visual (Spatial) Intelligence Leonardo da Vinci, Painter of Monalisa Galileo Galilei, Inventor of Telescope Frank Llyod Wright, Gustavo Eiffel, Architect The Creator of Eiffel Tower
  25. 25. Musical IntelligenceThe ability to accurately perceiveand/or produce acts of sound, rhythm,tone, and melody.
  26. 26. • People with a strong Musical Intelligence have an aptitude for learning and playing musical instruments, singing, identifying melodies and rhythms, differentiating different sounds and instruments.• It may be easy for them to remember a long list of songs and they can easily hear music in your head, even when it is not playing around them.• Such people make good – Singer, – Musician, – Jingle Writer, – Sound Designer, etc.
  27. 27. Famous people with high Musical IntelligenceLata Mangeshkar, Singer AR Rehman, Music Director Zakir Hussain, Tablist Michael Jackson, Dancer
  28. 28. Intrapersonal IntelligenceThe ability to be deeply in tune with orcontrol oneself physically, emotionally,and/or spiritually.
  29. 29. • People with strong Intrapersonal Intelligence have an aptitude for being in tune with their emotions, feelings, and inner self.• They have a clear understanding of what makes them tick, and have good control over their emotions.• Such people make good – Spiritual Healers – Writers who write spiritual or inspiring books Etc.
  30. 30. Famous people with high Intrapersonal Intelligence Swami Vivekananda The Dalai Lama Osho Satya Sai Baba
  31. 31. Naturalistic IntelligenceThe ability to tune into nature (e.g.,plants, animals or wildlife), or naturallife sciences (biological, chemical,physical, etc.).
  32. 32. • People with strong Naturalistic Intelligence have an aptitude for connecting with nature — plants, animals, the environment, etc.• They enjoy spending time in the lap of Mother Nature and are disturbed when people pollute the environment, as they greatly relish and appreciate the wonderful gifts nature has given us.• Such people make good – Environmental Activists – Ayurvedic Doctor – Agricultural Professional etc.
  33. 33. Famous people with high Naturalistic Intelligence RK Pachauri , Charles Darwin, NaturalistIndian environmentalist, Nobel Prize Winner Author of “The Origin of Species” Menaka Gandhi, Medha Patkar, Blue Cross Activitist Social Activist of Narmada Bachao
  34. 34. Coordination between MIs
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