AutoRussia 2011 Agenda


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AutoRussia 2011 Agenda

  1. 1. Main Conference - 1 June, 2011 Roundtable Discussions - 1 June, 2011 300 Participants! Gala Dinner - 1 June, 2011 Site Visit to GM Auto - 2 June, 2011 All Your Key Customers Astoria Hotel, Are Speaking At St Petersburg AutoRussia 2011! Alexei Rakhmanov, Director, Automotive Industry andAutomotive Production Agricultural Engineering, The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia*and Purchasing 7th Annual Evgeny Elin, Member of St Petersburg Government, Chairman, Committee for Economic Development, Industrial Policy and TradeStrategies For OEMs Grigory Dvas, Vice-Governor of the Leningrad Region and Chairman, The Committee on the Economicand T1s In Russia Development, The Leningrad Region Romuald Rytwinski, General Director,Strategic Information, Practical General Motors AutoAnalysis & Contacts For Your Dr Andreas Krepp, Vice-President for Quality,Business Growth In Russia: Volkswagen Group Rus Eric Rasmussen,• Hear from your customers - Russian based OEMs and T1s speak Director for Industry, Commerce and out about their decisions on decree 166/566: GM Auto, Volkswagen, Agribusiness in Russia, Sollers, Magna International and Gestamp Severstal Vsevolozhsk EBRD Dr Pavel Sovetchenko,• Network with the decision makers from the federal and the local Head, Materials Quality governments Testing Laboratory, Volkswagen Group Rus• Learn from senior purchasing executives about their supplier Pilar Gonzalez Artola, sourcing, management and localisation plans General Manager, Gestamp Severstal• Build new relationships with the Russian based OEM production Vsevolozhsk managers Alexandr Navolozki, General Manager,• Discuss supply chain and logistics challenges facing you and your Magna International OEM customers Boris Lazebnik, Head of Board, Strategic• Gain an insider view of the state of the industry: facts, figures & an Development Director, Intercos-IV analysis Edward Karibov, Director, Programming and Logistics, Networking Site Visit To GM Auto Ford Motor Company Maxim Simonov, Roundtable 2 June, 2011 General Director,Discussions With Vlankas The OEMs: Gain competitive advantage Alexanrd Lagunov, Head, HR Division, Your Source Of by meeting the management ZMZ Production Plant, Sollers GroupContacts & Future team of GM Auto and seeing Margarita Kuzina, Business the production floor in action! HR Director, Volkswagen Group Rus See inside for full details See back page for full details Peter Layer, Director for Purchasing and Supply Chain, Register Early For Larger Discounts! General Motors Auto Organised by: Confirmed OEM Participants Include: T: +44 (0)20 7368 9507 F: +44 (0)20 7368 9590 E:
  2. 2. Vital Updates From Government Officials And OEM Purchasing Teams! Main Conference June 1, 201108:00 Delegates Registration 11:35 How To Manage Suppliers Successfully The leading OEMs are addressing delegates of AutoRussia annually with a detailed08:45 Chairman’s Opening Address analysis of their achievements and challenges. Join this discussion focused on work with suppliers and the challenges with quality of materials. This is your chance to find out how GM Auto works with their suppliers09:00 In-Depth Analysis Of How The Russian • The latest developments in supplier strategy and selection criteriaFederal Government Is Supporting And Promoting • Encouraging a competitive supply base • Integrating local suppliers into the company’s global supply chain and offering support to themGrowth Of Its Automotive Industry • Dealing with the challenges specific to Russia The Russian Government has again opened for applications from automotive • Maximising efficiency and collaboration to deliver savingsbusinesses wishing to qualify for economic incentives under decrees 166/566. Everyone • Measuring resultsinterested needs to make a decision in April! This session is without a doubt going to be Peter Layer,very popular. Everyone wants answers on how the Government will shape the industry Director for Purchasing, OEMand their business. Join this talk and the discussion, where the panel gaze into the General Motors Autocrystal ball of decrees 166/566. Give your feedback, ask direct questions and getcandid answers.• Understanding the incentives and how they can support your business growth in 12:05 How Best To Work With Local Suppliers In Russia• Realistic overview of the new version of rule 166 and the impact of import duty rule on Russia: Ensuring High Level of Localisation your business The session is designed specifically to give T2 and T3 suppliers a detailed update on• 566 and the latest implications for the automotive sector all the latest news from theOEM purchasing executives working with auto parts and• The latest developments on used car policy materials. The talk will focus on the latest developments in their supplier strategy. You• New programmes and plans of the Government will learn how to build a long term relationship with OEMs and how to become their Dmitri Levchenkov, GOVERN partner of choice. Director, Department of Specialists MENT • OEM’s standards for choosing suppliers • Most effective supplier strategies - issues and solutions Economic Zones and Project Finance, • How to achieve 70% of localisation? The Ministry of Economic Development of Russia* • Encouraging a competitive supply base • News in OEM’s supplier expectations for different groups of components Alexei Rakhmanov, • Integrating and offering support to local suppliers from your global supply chain Director, Automotive Industry GOVERN and Agricultural Engineering, MENT • Collaboration as the basis for building a long-term relationship - how does it happen in Russia? The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia* • Plans for future purchasing Dr Andreas Krepp,09:45 Developing The Automotive Sector In Vice-President for Quality, OEM Volkswagen Group RusSt. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region:The Government’s Perspective 12:35 Achieving And Maintaining Top Quality: For the seventh time the local Governments are giving full support to the AutoRussiaconference. Each year the Government of St Petersburg and of the Leningrad region set OEM’s Perspectiveoutstanding goals to improve the region’s infrastructure and to attract investors from around The session will focus on the quality of materials. The head of Volkswagen’sthe world. Learn from the local senior officials the practical details of how your business can laboratory for materials quality testing will explain what the plant is looking for frombest achieve compliance and qualify for maximum economic incentives in Russia. suppliers of materials and how they measure quality.• Latest update on the local government policies • Local natural resources and how they conform with the OEM standards• Fiscal stimuli to encourage growth • How does a laboratory for quality testing work• Recent local projects and government support • Getting approval from the OEMs• New opportunities available to you and your business • What OEMs expect from material suppliers: practical advice Evgeny Elin, Dr Pavel Sovetchenko, Member of St Petersburg Government, GOVERNM Head, Materials Quality Testing Laboratory, OEM Chairman, ENT Volkswagen Group Rus Committee for Economic Development, Industrial Policy and Trade - pending confirmation 13:00 Coffee Break and Networking Grigory Dvas, GOVERN Vice-Governor of the Leningrad Region MENT 14:00 Developing Relationships With OEMs In and Chairman, The Committee on the Economic Development, The Leningrad Region Russia: A Spanish-Russian Joint Venture Case Study This session is specifically for the automotive professionals who have been given the uneasy task of setting up and growing their company’s business in Russia. Get the10:30 Coffee Break and Networking information you need and learn from years of experience of a 65 M€ plant in Leningrad region that produces metallic items for Ford and GM car factories in the region.11:00 GM Auto: Analysis Of Production Results And • Setting up and developing operations in Russia • Best of building relationships with OEMs based in different locationsDevelopment Prospects • Cultural hurdles With the economy showing rapid signs of recovery on the one hand and the industry • Overcoming production challengesstill being cautious on the other, it is essential that your business in Russia makes bold • Achieving global standards through extensive collaborationand effective moves. Learn from the general director of GM Auto about the real practical Ander Ormaetxea,steps you could take today to gain the lion share of the new opportunities. Commercial Director, Division 1,• Are expectations for steady growth realistic? Gestamp Severstal Vsevolozhsk• Analysis of the latest activity results• Strategies to maintain leadership in a post-crisis environment - what yields optimal results? Pilar Gonzalez Artola, Romuald Rytwinski, General Manager, General Director, General Motors Auto OEM Gestamp Severstal Vsevolozhsk Sergei Kuznetsov, Senior Sales Manager, Severstal * - confirmation pending2 T: +44 (0)20 7368 9507 F: +44 (0)20 7368 9590 E:
  3. 3. Roundtable Discussions, Main Conference & Gala Dinner - Over 18 Hours Of Networking With Your Key Customers! 14:30 Lessons Learnt From A Recent Market Entry: 16:15 Logistics Optimisation And Best Practice: Greenfield/Brownfield Case Studies Panel Discussion The debate around 166/566 seams to be endless, the labour costs continue to grow, This session will focus on the main logistics and supply chain challenges OEMs and T1 infrastructure and logistic issues are severe. Will the conditions become more difficult suppliers face in Russia. These issues provoke the most passionate reactions from the and resources more expensive, or is the situation gradually changing for the best? Our experts who saw it all. The panellists will share their latest thoughts and solutions on how speakers’ experience include managing investments and growing business in Russia to avoid some customs issues as well as work best with existing infrastructure. over many difficult years. They are an invaluable source of practical and strategic • OEM logistics: challenges of running operations with multiple suppliers information for those interested in long-term planning for their businesses in Russia. • Supply chain standards in Russia Join this session to find out how to: • New ways of collaborating with suppliers based on OEM’s expectations • Build a successful and profitable production facility in the current environment • Multi-supplier experience evaluating competition New Director for • Source customers • Choose partners Supply Chain Development, OEM • Develop long-term relationships General Motors Auto • Take advantage of all federal and local incentives Edward Karibov, Alexandr Navolozki, General Manager, Director, Programming and Logistics, Ford Motor Company OEM Magna International Boris Lazebnik, 16:45 Strategies To Source, Develop And Head of Board, Strategic Development Director, Retain Talent Intercos-IV Unfortunately many plants experience problems of staff turnover and shortage of Maxim Simonov, specialists with particular qualifications only too well. How do they solve these issues? General Director, Join this talk and hear practical advice from highly experienced HR managers, who worked in different manufacturing clusters in Russia. Vlankas • Employment market in different production clusters • Practical advice on overcoming the lack of employees with relevant skill sets 15:15 Coffee Break and Networking • Preventing and dealing with drug abuse among employees • Setting up local training programmes for automanufacturing sector • Experiences of setting up an education facility for an OEM 15:45 How To Gain Access to Financial Assets in Russia • Developing and retaining the best talent The speaker of this session is the most senior banker, who deals with Russian • How best to communicate with trade unions operations in the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). Eric has Alexanrd Lagunov, lived and worked in Russia for more than 12 years. He has been with the EBRD since 1995 and worked with a large number of diverse industrial projects across many regions Head, HR Division, ZMZ Production Plant, OEM Sollers Group in Russia. This session is a great opportunity for you to find out from Eric about the major challenges in automotive projects, what the EBRD expects from companies. Margarita Kuzina, • Overview of financing available for OEMs and T1s • The latest projects for the automotive industry: practical advice HR Director, OEM Volkswagen Group Rus • Project stages and investors expectations • Key factors to consider when choosing the right exit strategy Eric Rasmussen, Director for Industry, Commerce and Agribusiness in Russia, EBRD 17:15 - 18:15 Roundtable Discussions 17:15 Roundtable Discussions: Roundtable 1. Automotive Roundtable 3. Proven Roundtable 6. Strategies To Meet With Purchasing Directors Production In Russia And Strategies to Optimise Your Source, Develop And Retain Engineering Optimisation Purchasing And Procurement to Talent From OEM’s And Tier 1 And Tier 2s • Growth strategies and plans Win on Price and Service Levels • Preventing and dealing with drug You will find a lot of the latest news and discuss the • Local development opportunities • Quality and expectations abuse among employees latest plans with key speakers from the OEMs, the • Production and engineering • Procurement technologies and • Setting up local training programmes Government and from Tier 1 suppliers. This is an optimisation platforms for automanufacturing sector exceptional opportunity for you to expand and maintain • New design and engineering • Ways to simplify procurement • Experiences of setting up an contacts with the most important executives in the industry developments of different vehicle technology education facility for an OEM - THE TRUE DECISION-MAKERS! These contacts will later areas, their impact on suppliers • Negotiations • Developing and retaining the best translate into business deals and long term partnerships. • What technologies will drive the talent: practical advice According to our delegates and speakers, Roundtable development of the market Roundtable 4. Techniques to • Experience of dealing with trade unions Discussions are the most important and valuable Optimise Supplier Engagement You are welcome to networking opportunities they get. During this session you Roundtable 2. Ascertain suggest other topics for • How to achieve the expected level of and your colleagues will: Opportunities for International quality roundtable discussions! • Join several roundtable discussions hosted by key Development • Expectations towards particular representatives of OEMs, the Government and T1 • International market opportunities groups of suppliers 18:15 Chairman’s suppliers • How best to facilitate the position of • How to stick to deadlines Closing Remarks • Move from table to table – to ensure you have covered the Russian automotive industry and • How to develop a long term all clients and key decision-makers to strengthen competitiveness on relationship 18:30 Dinner and • Establish personal contacts with all those key executives, who are or later become your clients and partners the international arena Roundtable 5. Logistics And Networking • The role of federal and local • Hear about what your competitors are doing in Russia government in this process Customs Issues - Strategies • Get new information essential to your success in Russia • How best to promote Russian for Successful Compliance • Ensure that you are front of mind in the boardroom of automotive companies • How best to solve specific customs every client in Russia internationally: practical steps issues • How best to overcome infrastructure Bring lots of business cards and challenges • Work with local government to solve several colleagues to make sure transport issues you outnumber your competitors! • Experience of cooperation with portsPurchasing Directors From Key OEMs Will Be Welcoming Questions From You! 3
  4. 4. Plant Visit To GM Auto - Meet The Management, Explore The Facility & Network! June 2, 2011The management of GM Auto is inviting you to visit their plant, meet with their seniormanagement team and floor operators, learn more about their production processes,strategies, current challenges and future plans. DON’T MISS THIS UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY TO:G Be part of the tour around GM Auto in G Discuss with top management their future plans, St Petersburg requirements and current achievementsG Have your questions answered by senior managers G Discover key challenges facing them with regards to and engineers on site their suppliers and partners in RussiaG Learn about the quality and efficiency of production G Get to grips with their supply chain and supplier processes and practices localisation strategiesG Make dozens of new contacts G Picture your own production facility in Russia Visit Schedule:08:00 Buses depart from Astoria Hotel to GM Auto 09:30 Plant tour09:00 Arrival and welcome at the plant 11:30 Questions and coffee09:15 Welcoming address and plant overview by the 12:00 Buses leave to go back to airport and hotel management DON’T FORGET TO BRING LOTS OF BUSINESS CARDS! General Motors AutoG GM Auto plant has been established since 2008G The plant, which is located in Shushari, the region of St Petersburg, became the third production facility for GM cars assembly in Russia. The joint venture GM AVTOVAZ produces Chevrolet NIVA in Togliatti, and a partner company GM - Avtotor assembles different models of Chevrolet, Cadillac and Opel for the Russian market in KaliningradG The investment into the plant exceeded 300 million US dollarsG The production capacity of the plant is 60,000 cars per yearG At the moment the plant produces Сhevrolet Captiva, Opel Antara, Chevrolet Cruze and a new model of Opel AstraG Current workforce is over 1,600G The second shift has been launched in 2010, which created 700 new jobsG 2010 calendar year production - 29,000 Supporting Organisations: The Russo-British Chamber of Media Partners: Commerce has served as the bridge between Russian and British business. As an independent, bilateral organisation, it provides practical assistance to companies from both countries looking to access new markets.4 T: +44 (0)20 7368 9507 F: +44 (0)20 7368 9590 E: