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So what kind of sailor are you


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So what kind of sailor are you

  1. 1. What kind of sailor are you?
  2. 2. There are two types of optimist sailors Artists and Scientist What is the difference? What is the difference?• The country• The educational system• The temperature of the place that they are training• The family• The character• Religion• Habits
  3. 3. The scientists • They want to prove everything before they try • The keep record of everything they do • The measure everything • They keep files • They train less than the artists • They are more independent whey they are racing or training
  4. 4. The artists • They feel more • They train more • They don’t like to have a long plan • They enjoy more the water sessions than the classroom • They train harder • They are more emotional • They depend a lot on
  5. 5. In the optimist class the last years the artists improve faster This is because•The feel is the key to fast performance in theoptimist class•It takes longer to the scientists to develop theirskills•Its easier to teach feel than physics andmathematics to the kids•The body type of the scientists is bigger thanthe artists
  6. 6. Later on in their sailing career the scientists strike back• In the other classes when they move on, or at their last year in optimist if they manage to keep their weight in a reasonable number of kilos they start to be better.• It is because they have built a strong base on their knowledge.• When they move on with their school they have more time to train in warmer places and develop their feel.• Its easier to learn how to feel your boat when you are 17 years old than to admit that you have to know about physics and start keeping record in what you do.
  7. 7. So the problem with the artists, comes after the optimist• When they cant understand why the feel is not working in the 420ies or lasers so much and you have to develop other skills.• Then they train more and more and they start loosing their self confidence
  8. 8. No one is 100% scientist or artistIn life there is not only white or blackThe ideal is to be 60% of your nature and 40% ofthe oppositeThe Singaporeans are scientists by nature andthey have a great artist as a coach
  9. 9. Its more difficult to develop your 40% but if you do it…
  10. 10. So what kind of sailor are you?