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Maiden newsletter of Sailability Philippines. Sailing debuts as demo sport in the 2005 ASEAN Para Games, Manila. Access 2.3 dinghy donation via Sailability Singapore. Birth of ASEAN Disability Sailing Federation and Sailability Philippines. Sail training and 2006 FESPIC Games preparation.

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Enable News, Aug 2006

  1. 1. S A I L A B I L I T Y P H I L I P P I N E S SA I L A BI LI T Y Enable A Monthly Publication of Sailability Philippines – uniting people with disabilities + volunteer friends via sailing. Inside Issue N° 1 — August 2006Sailability Philippines Access 2.3 Dingy Competitions here ADSF Fed Start-up Come ‘N Try days Flotsam and JetsamObjectives Donation from S’pore and abroad Sailing for the disabled A grab bag of oddmentsThe who, whys and What makes the Access The 2005 ParaGames and for volunteers. – members and friendhows in detail. What’s 2.3 dinghy so special? Sailing demo report 9am - 1pm every interviews, gearin it for the Philippines Also, cool boat dona- and the ADSF formed Saturday at Manila reviews, nautical 3and for you. More good tions for Sailability! in Singapore. Next big Yacht Club. Interested? terms, sailing tips and2 4reasons to join us! event: the FESPIC Send your contact URLs. Fun ashore Games, Port Dickson, details or online! Sailability gets serious Malaysia, Nov 2006. with the creation of the Go Team Philippines! ASEAN Sailability Federation.A H O Y Sailability World Inc. operates in numerous In 1991 Sailability was introduced toSailability countries throughout the world, through activities at local Sailability clubs. Sailability Australia, where there are currently over fifty groups covering every State and Terri-Philippines is a "not for profit", volunteer-based organi- sation which, through the activity of sailing, tory, catering to a population of 20 million.begins enriches the lives of people with any type of disability, the elderly, the financially and socially disadvantaged.by Jerry RollinSource: www.sailability.org Under various names, Sailability operates in Australia, France, Greece, Great Britain, Hungary, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands,A community-based voluntary New Zealand, Portugal, Singapore, and USA with new national Sailability organisa-charity that integrates people tions currently being established in all parts of the world including in the Philippineswith disabilities and able-bodied Photo by Rose Yangapeople via the sport of sailing. Sailability originated in Great Britain. In Clark mulls over wind, sail and rudder the 1980s the Royal Yachting Association action as Eric helms the Access Dinghy formed the Seamanship Foundation, while around Manila Yacht Club waters. at the same time a number of individual Sailability groups had formed the embryo of Since then, an eager group of Sailability a national organisation for disabled sailors. volunteers have successfully taken As a result RYA Sailability was formed. To- Sailability around the world. day the organisation is the leading national charity for disabled sailing in the UK with Sailability activities cover a broad over 15,000 sailors benefiting from its activi- spectrum, ranging from recreation, thera- ties. RYA Sailability is considered to be the peutic and competitive activities, from most active sailing organisation for people grass-root, entry level through to elite World Championships and h with disabilities in the world, there being 200 clubs in the UK. Paralympic training. con’t on Page 2Sailability Philippines • Tel: 824-7677 • Fax: 821-0946 • synergyms@zpdee.net 1
  2. 2. Enable Sailability continued from Page 1 Sailability Philippines objectives r • To serve as a national body to advance • To develop and promote regattas and opportunities within sailing for people championship events at the national level with disabilities. for people with disabilities in association • To promote the inclusion of people with with affiliated bodies of the Philippine disabilities within mainstream sailing Sailing Association. activities. • To liaise with sporting, health and • To promote sailing as fun, safe and educational bodies, government agencies rewarding activities in which people with and other relevant organisations to Enable further the interests of Sailability disabilities can participate. ENABLE • To develop national safety and procedural • Philippines. Facilitate communication on Sailability policies for Sailability activities. Art direction, layout, copy, digital issues with Sailing and Yacht Clubs. publication on a PowerBook G4: • To develop and promote accredited training Promote Sailability as a key avenue for Cherrie Pinpin opportunities for persons involved in building broad participation in sailing Sailability activities. Contributing Writers: in accordance with Philippine Sailing Jerry Rollin Cherrie Pinpin SAILABILITY Association’s Strategic Plan. j Image credits: Rose Yanga Lester Lagos Dinghy donation by Cherrie Pinpin Jerry Rollin Sailability Singapore Mindy Tan, The New Paper The PHILSPADA office to the Philippines + PR photos from Sailability Singapore donated two wide Sailability Singapore Access 2.3 dinghies to PHILSPADA – (Philippine Sports Association of Differ- Associated Associations: ently Abled), to facilitate starting Sailability Mike Barredo, President PHILSPADA - Phil. Sports Asso- Philippines. Turnover was done after the ciation of Differently Abled Sailing Demo, held during the closing days of the 2005 AEAN ParaGames in Manila. Doni Altura, VP ASEAN Disability Sailing Federa- These dinghies are under the care of the tion + Secretary General of Phil. Philippine Sailing Association and are Sailing Association housed beside the Manila Yacht Club, which is where we also launch. Info: Access 2.3 wide This work is licensed under the Photo by Lester Lagos Creative Commons Attribution- Noncommercial-No Derivative The Access 2.3 Dinghies Works 2.5 License. Visit: uniqueness comes from these design features: 1. Roller reefing system, enabling Enable is published monthly by sail size adjustment to suit various Sailability Philippines. Article and conditions while under way. photo submissions: Cherrie Pinpin 2. Ballasted centreboard, ensures the 2windward@gmail.com dinghy won’t capsize. 3. Innovative concave hull shape Temporary Administration Office: Tel: 824-7677 (Leila) promotes stability. Fax: 821-0946 4. Stability is assured when sailed j email: synergyms@zpdee.net Photo by Mindy Tan, The New Paper seated low down in the boat instead Singaporean Coach Shawn Chew assists a of leaning over the side. guest on Malaysian athlete Zulkifli Mohd Ali’s Access 2.3 Dinghy during the Sailing demo.2 Sailability Philippines • Tel: 824-7677
  3. 3. S A I L A B I L I T Y P H I L I P P I N E S Photos by J. Rollin/ C. Pinpin Competitions here and abroad How Sailability started in Manila and took formal shape for the ASEANby Cherrie Pinpin Sailing Demo guests experienced din- and Regatta ghy sailing with disabledThe 3rd ASEAN Sailing was among the sailors from Malaysia,ParaGames sports introduced, using Singapore and host coun- the disability friendly try, the Philippines.Manila hosted the Para- international class A regatta was heldGames, from Access 2.3 Din- near the Manila Yacht14-20 Decem- ghies. Those Club and Baywalk, Roxasber, 2005. This with physical or Boulevard, during thebiannual multi- visual disabili- afternoon. Athletes fromsport event is ties and those the 3 countries includingheld after the with cerebral Filipina newbie sailor2005 Southeast palsy qualify for Cherrie Pinpin, followed Formation of the Philippines helped vote ASEAN representa-Asian Games. this sport, asThe Games, detailed in the a triangle course, with best finishes out of 4 the ASEAN tives to the Federationpatterned after the Para- International races. The Philippine Disability Sail- In Changi Sailing Clublympics, includes athletes Association for Disabledwith mobility, physical or Sailing rules. Both able- entry placed 3rd out of 4 places. Not bad for a ing Federation, the next day, the national disability sailing teamvisual disabilities and bodied and disabled newbie sailor! j Singapore plus disabled and able-those with cerebral palsy. bodied volunteers set-upAthletes from 11 South- Singapore, 14 July 2006 9 Access 2.3 dinghies,east Asian countries Invited by Sailability Access Liberties and 2.4competed. Singapore, in cooperation boats for participants. with SDSC (Singapore Disability Sports Council) PHILSPADA sent 2 rep- resentatives to the ADSF conference in Singapore, to help form the ASEAN Disability Sailing Federa- tion. ASEAN representa- Cherrie Pinpin sailed tives from the Myanmar, for the Philippines in the Thailand, Malaysia, regatta held that after- Cambodia, Vietnam and noon. Only 2 races were Indonesia also attended. done of the proposed 4, when they called a halt Discussion/adoptionFun and delight, gave from no wind (due to a of the constitution, wasway to tense battles squall over Pulau Ubin.around the triangle followed by mission/ We made 2nd place! Eve-course in Manila Bay. vision and other details. ryone also had a good time Jerry Rollin representing in the closing party! jFax: 821-0946 • synergyms@zpdee.net 3
  4. 4. Enable In Appreciation Sailability Philippines is barely a month and a half old. Helping organize activities during this embryo stage could not have happened without your support. Thank you to everyone who has been coming and assisting during the Come ‘N Try Sailability Saturdays at Manila Yacht Club. Our first major competition “mark” is the FESPIC Games, a mere 3 months from now. Potential sailors, organizing committee volunteers and sponsorship support = always welcome! Volunteer Support New Sailors Coach Felipe PSA (Phil Sailing Association) Frankie Thanapal Sinniah - Boy Siojo Cherrie Pinpin Coach Bernard The Philippine National ADSF (ASEAN Disability Rose Yanga and family Bong Huiden Coach Bisoy Sailing Team Sailing Federation) Arvin Simtoco Jerrold Mangliwan Coach Peter Tablante MYC (Manila Yacht Club) Kevin Wong Martin Tanco Roque Espina Eric Cadiz TLYC (Taal Yacht Club) Singapore Disability Sports Mario Garcia Lester Lagos Jerry Rollin The Philippine Sailing Forum Council Tony Pasia Weng Rivera Peter Capotosto Barangay San Lorenzo Shawn Chew Migs Lisbona Clark Santillan Nestor Soriano Makati Danial Bin Mohd Illias Jay Santiago Clark Bacabac Rex Puentespina Down Syndrome Association Si Yuan Lim Adeline Dumapong Julius Oliveros of the Philippines The Singapore National MYC members Organizations and Clubs Disability Sailing Team TLYC members Coaches and Helms PHILSPADA (Philippine International Support Cesar Cane Coach Medy Fidel Sports Association of Jaygee in Australia Differently Abled) THANKS THANKS THANKS Flotsam and Jetsam Come ‘N Try Saturdays Place: Manila Yacht Club Time: 9am -1pm Wind Direction Sailing 101 Date: Every Saturday Photo by Lester Lagos Source: Wikipedia: Points of Sail Manila Yacht Club has a dress code: Decent attire please. NoClose Hauled No Go Close Hauled Head to Wind thong slippers. Sports sandals Zone A boat cannot sail directly into the with heel straps are fine. wind. If a boat has its bow pointed Sail wear: Sun protective clothingBeam reach Beam reach directly into the wind, and loses - a cap, sunglasses, long sleeve steerage, it is said to be "in irons," “What? Me shirt, jog pants, all preferably in a and may begin to travel slowly solo?!?” light color. Get ready to get wet! Don’t backwards. Broad reach Broad reach Go Zone To recover, the "push, push, pull, pull" technique (i.e. "push" the Get involved boom towards the wind, "push" If you are a Sailing Club, an organisation for Running Downwind the tiller away, and then "pull" the disabled people, or an individual wishing to know boom and tiller back to their normal positions) can be used which sails the boat more or to be involved, please register your backwards and steers the stern towards the wind. This results in the bow being interest with the temporary administration office pushed away from the wind and out of the no-go zone. and you will be kept informed as Sailability Philippines develops. No Go Zone If you are a Company or organisation interested in The boat is pointed too close to the wind for the sails to generate any power supporting or sponsoring Sailability Philippines, (unless they are backed, see above). The sails will be luffing ("flapping") in the please contact us also. breeze and making noise, like a flag. The size of the no-go zone will differ based on the performance characteris- Sailability Philippines tics of the particular sailboat. Racing sailboats can usually sail much closer to Temporary Administration Office: h the wind (i.e., fewer degrees off the wind direction) than cruising yachts. Tel: 824-7677 (Leila) This is known as "pointing higher." j Fax: 821-0946 email: synergyms@zpdee.net 4 Sailability Philippines • Tel: 824-7677 • Fax: 821-0946 • synergyms@zpdee.net