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  1. 1. Page 1 of 2 RESUME Name: P. SAIKIRAN, Address: H.NO 5-222/6, (Vlg). Kudakuda, (Mdl). Chivvemla, Mobile No: 8121618103, 9666803010 (Dist). Nalgonda-508213, TS. Email Id: CAREER OBJECTIVE: Seeking an entry-level position require strong analytical, organizational and computer skills in the Engineering Department. EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS: Education School/college Board/University Year of Passing Percentage B.Tech (ECE) S.V.Engineering college, Suryapet JNTUH 2012-2016 73.35% Intermediate (MPC) Prathibha Junior College, Suryapet B.I.E. 2010-2012 90.3% Tenth standard Siddhardha High School, Suryapet S.S.C. 2009-2010 76.17% TECHNICAL SKILLS:  MS Office, C Language, MATLAB and Operating Systems. PERSONAL SKILLS:  Possess excellent communication, interpersonal skills and ability to work in a team  Hard working to achieve the goal.  Motivated, Goal Oriented Individual and Team player.  Ability to learn quickly and optimistic attitude. ACHIEVEMENTS:  I got a participated certificate and Best Fabrication Award for Quadrotor Workshop from SKYFI LABS.  I won the Winner certificate for paper presentation in Anurag Engineering college, kodad.  I got certificates for paper presentation and poster presentation in Sri Venkateshwara Engineering College, suryapet.  I got a certificate for “LINE FOLLOWER” Workshop from Sri Venkateshwara Engineering College, Suryapet.  I got a certificate for “WEB CASTING” from Govt. Election Office.
  2. 2. Page 2 of 2 ACADEMIC PROJECTS: MINI PROJECT: Title: Fire detection and electrical power on/off control in home/industry using GSM. Description: In this project we are going to control the devices, apparatus and machines from remote place. Whenever a fire accident happens in the home or industry the fire sensor senses the fire and sends the information to the microcontroller. We can switch on/off the electrical power whenever it is needed through remote place. For this we need h/w components microcontroller, GSM module, fire sensor and other electrical devices which to be controlled. Organization : IDEAL LABS Technology : GSM TECHNOLOGY Team Size : 4 Role : Worked as a Team leader. MAIN PROJECT: Title: Design and simulation of different 8-bit multipliers using Verilog code. Description: This project presents an efficient simulation of high speed 8-bit multipliers using the VERILOG code. In this project we compare the working of the four 8- bit multipliers like Array multiplier, Wallace tree multiplier, Baugh Wooley multiplier and Vedic multiplier by simulating each of them separately. This is a very important criterion because in the fabrication of chips and high performance system requires components which are as small as possible. Organization : IDEAL LABS Language : VERILOG Team Size : 4 Role : Worked as a Team leader and design code for Vedic multiplier. PERSONALPROFILE: Name : Panjala Saikiran Father’s Name : Panjala Ramulu Date of Birth : 8th, June, 1995 Gender : Male Hobbies : Listening to music and playing games. Languages known : English, Telugu, Hindi. Date: 20-05-2016 Place: Suryapet (P. Saikiran)