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  1. 1. Site: ________SAMPLE _________________Recruitment/Selection/Retention Questionnaire (note, data collected from the Baseline Questionnaire and repeated every six months) BaselineSummer04Time 1February05Time 2August05Time 3February06Time 4August06Time 5February07Time 6August07Recruitment1. Techniques your agency uses to recruit new employees? (yes/no)a. NewspaperadvertisementsNo No Nob.School/collegeplacement jobfairsYes Yes Yesc. City-wide jobfairsYes Yes Yesd. Websiteadvertising onagency siteYes Yes Yese. Websiteadvertising onother job sites(e.g., No Nof. Realistic jobpreviewsNo No Nog. RecruitmentbonusesNo No Noa. Trade journals No No Nob. OthernewslettersNo No Noc. Other No No No2. Agency has apartnership witha universitysocial workprogramYes Yes Yes3. Processes are in place for recruiting staff from social work programs (yes/no)a. Internships Yes Yes Yesb. Liaisons Yes Yes Yes53
  2. 2. BaselineSummer04Time 1February05Time 2August05Time 3February06Time 4August06Time 5February07Time 6August07c. StipendprogramsNo No Nod. FieldplacementsYes Yes Yese. TuitionReimbursementNo Yes Yes4. Assistance agency gives to help staff obtain an advanced social work degree (yes/no)a. Paid worktime to attendclass orinternshipsNo No Nob. Paid worktime to attend tocourseworkNo No Noc. Other (pleasedescribe)YesFlex timeto attendcoursesYesFlex timeYesFlex timeProvidedunpaidleave(sabbatical)Selection5. Average number of applications received and the number of applicants interviewed for at leastthe last 5 position opening for each of the following positions (if data available, please average allopen positions)a. Supervisoraverage # ofapplicationsreceived8 20 25b. Supervisoraverage # ofapplicantsinterviewed8 4 4c. Caseworkeraverage # ofapplicationsreceived58 34 29d. Caseworkeraverage # ofapplicantsinterviewed6 7 7e. Case Aideaverage # of62 47 7054
  3. 3. BaselineSummer04Time 1February05Time 2August05Time 3February06Time 4August06Time 5February07Time 6August07applicationsreceivedf. Case Aide 8 8 unknownaverage # ofapplicantsinterviewedg. Supervisor: Not Not .75 moAverage length collected collectedof time betweenposition vacancyand filledposition.h. Caseworker: Not Not 1.1 monthAverage length collected Collectedof time betweenposition vacancyand filledposition.i. Case Aide: Not Not 2 monthsAverage length Collected Collectedof time betweenposition vacancyand filledposition.j. Supervisor:Internal/External# of hiresNotcollectedNotcollected1 internal0 externalk. Caseworker:Internal/External# of hiresNotcollectedNotcollected8 internal12 external1 re-hirel. Case Aide: Not Not 2 externalInternal/External collected collected# of hires6. Selection techniques used (yes/no)a. Writtenknowledge testNo No Nob. Writtenpersonality testNo No Noc. Written skills- Yes Yes Yesbased test (e.g.,what would youdo if…)55
  4. 4. BaselineSummer04Time 1February05Time 2August05Time 3February06Time 4August06Time 5February07Time 6August07d. Self-assessmentquestionnairesNo No Noe. Individualinterviews withHR personnelNo Yes Yesf. Groupinterviews withsocial work staffYes Yes Yesg. Pre-selected,structuredinterviewquestionsYes Yes Yesh. Use of roleplay during theinterviewprocessNo No Yes(do ascreeningrole play)i. Other (pleasedescribe)No No No7. Background Checks used (yes/no)a. Criminalbackgroundchecks (yes/no)Yes Yes Yesb. Child AbuseRegistryYes Yes Yesc. PreviousemployersYes Yes Yesd. PersonalreferencesYes Yes Yese. Checking allor selectedreferencesYes Yes Yesf. SchoolreferenceNo No Nog. Child WelfareRecordsYes Yes Yesh. Other (driverlicense,fingerprinting)Yes Yes Yes8. Orientation techniques mandated for new staff (yes/no)56
  5. 5. BaselineSummer04Time 1February05Time 2August05Time 3February06Time 4August06Time 5February07Time 6August07a. Job previewvideotapeNo No Nob. Classroom Yes Yes YesTraining fornew staffc. JobshadowingYes Yes Yesd. Computer- Yes Yes Yesbased trainingmoduleRetention9. Positions/terminations –a. Supervisor 15 16 18 19positionscurrentlyavailableb. Supervisorpositionscurrently filled14 16 18 19c. Caseworker 108 106 110positions (2currentlyavailableprevacancypositions)d. Caseworker 106 NA 101 106positionscurrentlyFillede. Case aide 8 8 9 9positionscurrentlyavailablef. Case Aide 8 NA 8 9positionscurrentlyfilledg. Supervisorstotal positions2 2 3 257
  6. 6. BaselineSummer04Time 1February05Time 2August05Time 3February06Time 4August06Time 5February07Time 6August07terminated inpast 6 monthperiodh. Supervisorpositionsvoluntarilyterminated inpast 6 monthperiod1 2 3 1i. Supervisorpositionsinvoluntarilyterminated1 0 0 1j. Caseworkertotal positionsterminated inpast six months22 9 17 16k. Caseworkerpositionsvoluntarilyterminated inpast 6 months16 7 15 13l. Caseworkerpositionsinvoluntarilyterminated6 2 2 3m. Case Aidetotal positionsterminated inpast six months3 1 3 2n. Case Aidepositionsvoluntarilyterminated inpast six months3 1 3 2o. Case Aidepositionsinvoluntarily0 0 0 058
  7. 7. BaselineSummer04Time 1February05Time 2August05Time 3February06Time 4August06Time 5February07Time 6August07terminated inpast six months10. ExitInterviewsconducted(yes/no) (pleaseprovide every 6months;Compile reasonsfor workerleaving andsubmit onTerminationsLog)No No No YesAugust 2005Reasons for TerminationVoluntary - Other Position Voluntary - Performance/Probation - asked her to resign Voluntary - moved out of state Voluntary - had some issues about work enviornment (hostile). Voluntary - FamilyInvoluntaryVoluntary - Resigned in lieu ofterminationVoluntary - took another position withformer employerVoluntary - relocated to Gunnison andtook a job with DHSVoluntary - Take care of foster childVoluntary – UnknownTerminations February 06Supervisor59
  8. 8. 1 took new job 1 fired for causeCaseworker2 Promotions4 Terminated with cause2 voluntarily left for family reasons1 retirement1 Moving2 Found new jobsCase Aide1 promotion1 moved60