Question One - Evaluation


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Question One - Evaluation

  1. 1. Question 1In what way does you media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
  2. 2. Conventions of a Music VideoMusic videos should show There may be a relationshipgenre characteristics to make them between lyrics and visualeasily recognisable The video should show whetherAny sort of intertexutality? it is performance, narrative orsuch as branding concept based There could be a sense of Voyeurism Star image clearly There may be relationship showing who between music and visuals is the main person in the video
  3. 3. Conventions in Indie music videosResident Band – The Deadline Shots of the band Indie music usually consists The Smiths - Panic of bands and generally most videos have a lot of footage of the band Here is an example of relationship between lyrics and visuals, where the singer says „panic on the streets of „London‟ and there is a clear view of an iconic London location. Shiny Toy Guns – Rainy Monday“panic on the streets ofLondon” Star image Most indie music videos also have a lead singer, and they are shown even more than the band to show the audience who the main person is
  4. 4. Conventions of a DigipakArtist/Band name on The album name onfront cover are usually the main things front cover is usually a littlethat are in big writing to stand out smaller than the artist name but still big to stand out Reference to a website is commonthe picture on the front cover so that fans can visit their website foris usually of the artist/band so it exclusive information and tour dates etcis easier to recognise in shopand so that they can promotethemselves at the same time Bonus features which would interest buyers Usually has e.g. DVD and CD Track list on the back 4 panels to let buyers know what other songs are included Barcode on the back Record label logo - Copyright details usually on the back on the back panel
  5. 5. Conventions of Indie genre Digipak (Front covers) None of the arcade fire albums contain images of the band or any other information e.g. album nameThe Arcade Fire albumscommonly don’t feature a band As there are no photosimage mainly because they use artthey have had 15 members in thepast and cannot feature As you can see they use very bold colours that standthem all. out and have creative designs
  6. 6. Conventions of Indie genre Digipak Arcade Fire (Back covers) Album name This album cover uses The same colours and font On both sides for continuity Track list The Shins Record label Copyright information BarcodeBoth covers show the generic details on a back coverSuch as a barcode, record label and track list
  7. 7. Conventions of a Magazine AdvertThe image of the artist/band It will have theis usually related to image used on artist/band name clearly shownthe digipak which makes it easier to so people know who it is byfind in shops and shows continuity Some adverts may have ratings by major magazine Release date information so the buyer companies such as NME is fully aware when they can buy the digipak What‟s included in digipak e.g. song titles or bonus feature Colour theme/design continuity as well as font continuity to make it all relate to each other Website details Album name clearly shown An image of the digipak may be added so buyers know what to look for
  8. 8. Conventions of Indie genre Magazine Advert Band name Image of digipak cover Album name Release date Both images are those of which are used on the digipak coversBonus feature ratings
  9. 9. Examples from my media products Sense of voyeurism Whole band in shot Star Image We have tried to use a lot of the common conventions that you would normally find in a indie video such as star image and using shots of the bandRelationship between Relationship between music and visuals lyrics and visuals
  10. 10. Front and Back Cover Album name Band name Image of bandBarcode Record label Track list These patterns Bonus Feature are used throughout
  11. 11. Inside Panels Recurrent patterns Image of main two artists Lyrics Outline of CD
  12. 12. Magazine Advert Recurrent patterns Band name AlbumExclusives name Release date Website Ratings
  13. 13. Conventions we usedAccording to Goodwins theory there are 3 characteristics We have followed the conventions ofin music videos: the order in which our digipak is designed•Narrative (usually the CD is placed on the left)•Concept This made it look more effective and real.•PerformanceIn our video we have used all 3 types of characteristics:•Concept – the male and female singing•Narrative – the story of the girl being trapped and transformed•Performance – the band performing With an image on the opposite sideThere is a slight sense of Voyeurism in the videowhere the girl has a mysterious look about her We also followed the conventions ofAnd the fact that she is wearing a short dress using the same fonts throughoutBut not as much as you may find in a R&B video We also used the idea that in the videoas we didn‟t want to send any other signals about the chalk writing on the wall would beour video reflected on the image on the advert where the wall has been incorporated. Goodwin also says there should be a link between lyrics and visuals In our video we have tried to do this by using words on the wall for example.This adds emphasis to the lyrics
  14. 14. Conventions we developed We used a lot of patterns in our ancillary texts which isn‟t very common in most digipaks or magazine adverts to make it look more „technical‟ which is the theme we were going for seeing as the album is called CTRL which is based on a computer keyboard Some magazine adverts use the same fonts from the digipak but we had decided to use the same type font that was used in our video instead We used a lot of close-ups which are Very common, this is so the stars become More recognisable, but we also decided to incorporate The band more so they also become more recognisable
  15. 15. Conventions we challengedOn the front and back cover of the digipak we Most magazine adverts l looked at did notused an image of the band rather than a piece include star ratings except the one I haveof shown in the previous slides, and so Iart because we thought it would make it more thought it would make it look moreeffective if the audience were to see the band effective if we added it so the audiencerather than a drawing of something else can see how good the band is, if they are new listeners.Most magazine adverts are portrait but we decided tomake it landscape as it made it look more like a wall. Most magazines also use the sameMost have a specific layout: image used on the digipak but we-Artist name decided to use a whole new image-Image-Album name-Other informationHowever we had decided that we would make it look more naturalif we had words on top thewall rather than around the image which is not very common