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mechanical engineering drawing

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  1. 1. Introduction There are many different ways of communicating ideas, information, instruction, etc. They can be transmitted by signs or gestures, by words of mouth, in writing, or graphically. Engineering drawing is a graphical language used by those concerned with the constructive arts: in the manufacturing of machinery, structure, ships, aircraft, and so on.
  2. 2. Drawing Office Personnel Job Descriptions Chief Designer Whatever device is to be designed then it will be the responsibility of the Chief Designer to ensure: • Function • Life and reliability • Accuracy • Materials • Methods of manufacture • Quantity Drawing Office Personnel The drafting office is the starting point for all engineering work. Below is the job description of drawing office personnel;
  3. 3. Draftsman The work include, changing a design sketch into a clear accurate working drawing, from which blueprints are made for the craftsman to work from when making the components. Checker The completed working drawing is passed on to the checker who scrutinizes the drawing for completeness and accuracy. Tracer The completed working drawing may have to be produced in large quantities for various stages of manufacture. The copies need to be clear and robust. The finalized drawing is traced onto a suitable material from which prints are made for distribution. Drawing Office Personnel Continuations....
  4. 4. Drafting/Drawing Equipments Set Square: 45°-45°-90° Set Square: 30°-60°-90° Pencils Scale Rule Erasers Tape (masking tape) Protractor T-Rule Wooden Drawing Board French curve The following are essential, and should be purchased by all students of graphical communication before commencement of study and drawing practices:
  5. 5. Drawing Presentations
  6. 6. Drawing Presentations Continuations....
  7. 7. Types of Drawing Papers In Engineering Drawing, it is a compulsory for students to know the drawing paper sizes:
  8. 8. Application of the types of Lines