Topsy Cycle Challenge


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Topsy Cycle Challenge

  1. 1. saidWot presents ORM
  2. 2. The Topsy Foundation: Cycle Challenge ORM ReportReporting Period: 29 September 2011 to 20 November 2011
  3. 3. Executive SummaryAverage Brand Reach: R481.07Cumulative Brand Reach: R18 280.80Reputation Score: 3.21/5Sentiment: ● Positive: 6 ● Neutral: 32 ● Negative: 0
  4. 4. The Online Buzz
  5. 5. What is Online Reputation Management?What is ORM?Online reputation management or ORM, is the process of consistent monitoring of a brand as representedby the content across all types of online media and then using this information to deal with negativity and topro-actively protect ones brand via conversation.Why use ORM?With the growth of consumer-generated media, information can be generated much quicker than everbefore, meaning that companies are no longer exclusively in control of their brand messages. Theconsumer controls how your brands are being perceived online.With the size and viral intricacy of the internet, coupled with the speed at which news travels it’s difficult tocontinuously monitor all that is being said. However for business leaders, it is vitally important to activelylisten to what the buzz is about online and whether it is positive or negative – you need to be aware howyour brand is being perceived so as to act on the consumers perceptions. 5
  6. 6. The Process
  7. 7. What Differentiates saidWot from other ORMtools? saidWot is the online PR, branding and reputation management tool that helps brands analyse their reputation and brand value in the online environment. In addition, saidWot ranks mentions received, in a user friendly manner, according to relevance, credibility, sentiment and the authority of the sites and takes those results and gives them meaning.
  8. 8. Brand Reach explained Brand reach refers to the reach-value of the article or post the brand was mentioned in, in commercial terms.This information illustrates the value of the exposure that the brand is receiving online. That is, the reach and the cost it would take to achieve if the same amount of exposure was purchased in the form of online banner advertising.
  9. 9. Brand ReachAverage Brand Reach: R481.07 (2 405.35 impressions per comment)Cumulative Brand Reach: R18 280.80 (91 404 impressions overall)• Peaks in Brand Reach occurred on the 25 th of October and again on the 14th, 18th and 20th of November. This was mainly due to tweets by the comedians participating.
  10. 10. Reputation Score Explained The reputation score indicates a brand’s health trend in the online environment. It is comprised of the following: • The tone of the paragraph and context in which the keywords have been mentioned i.e. sentiment (positive, neutral, negative). • The credibility of the site or the social influence credibility of the profile posting the mention. • The positioning of the mention within the site (header, homepage, lesser page).
  11. 11. Reputation Score• The average reputation score throughout the measurement period was 3.21.• This reflects a healthy brand online, although both the reputation score and coverage was unstable throughout the reporting period.• Coverage was at its highest on the 20th of November due to the race taking place on this date.
  12. 12. Reputation ScoreThe race against Forrest is 94.7 Momentum Cycle discussed on 94.7. Challenge Chris Forrest speaking about the race against Forrest on 702
  13. 13. Volume & SentimentTotal coverage: 38 mentions ● Positive: 6 ● Neutral: 32 ● Negative: 0Majority of the commentsreceived were motivations to thepublic to vote for either Forrest orthe relay team to win the cyclechallenge and simultaneouslydonate R15.
  14. 14. Media SourceMost Popular Platform: Social Media: 37Other Platforms: • News: 110 comments were tweets regarding theraffle to win the bike.All the comments posted via social media,were posted on Twitter, whilst the Newsarticle was posted on
  15. 15. Top TweetersAlthough Nik Rabinowitz only tweeted 3 times, he generated the highest brand reach due to ahigh amount of followers.
  16. 16. Top Tweeters: Warren RobertsonAverage Brand Reach: R712.32Cumulative Brand Reach: R3 561.60Reputation Score: 5/5Total Coverage: 5 TweetsRetweets: 2He mentioned the raffle to win a bike aswell as his views and experiences whilepreparing for the cycle challenge.
  17. 17. Top Tweeters: Dave LevinsohnAverage Brand Reach: R182.60Cumulative Brand Reach: R547.80Reputation Score: 5/5Total Coverage: 3TweetsRetweets: 1He motivated his followers to donateand take part in the raffle.
  18. 18. Top Tweeters: Nic RabinowitzAverage Brand Reach: R1 267.60Cumulative Brand Reach: R3 802.80Reputation Score: 5/5Total Coverage: 3 TweetsRetweets: 0He only tweeted about donating viaSMS.
  19. 19. Other Tweeters• 5 Tweets mentioned John Vlisman (@fortyshort) speaking on Highveld about the race against Forrest, but he did not tweet himslef.• Chris Forrest, Joey Rasdien, Trevor Gumbi and Ndumiso Lindi only tweeted once, although @ChrisForrestSA was mentioned 4 times and @joeyradien, @trevorgumbi and @roosta27 (Ndumiso Lindi ) were all retweeted twice.• Trevor Gumbi is the only one who posted an image on Twitter.
  20. 20. Statistics• 9% of comments received were related to keywords related to the cycle challenge, whilst other comments were related to general keywords, such as “Topsy foundation”.• All comments received generated awareness for the brand.• Further, @topsynonprofit was retweeted only 4 times and 1 tweet was directed at @topsynonprofit.• The hashtage #topsyheroes was used 9 times.
  21. 21. Some of the Comments
  22. 22. More InformationWe have all the data and analysis available that went into compiling this report. If you are interested in receiving this, please contact us on the details below. If you want to know what is being said online about your brand, thencontact us on the details below and we will gladly set up a demo account for you. South Africa: United States: Tel: +27 11 021 8740 Tel: +00 (1) 704 450 2403 Email: Email: Web: