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The State of the Nation Address


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A case study pertaining to online conversation experienced concerning the State of the Nation Address 2013

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The State of the Nation Address

  1. 1. Online Reputation Management
  2. 2. The Hard Truth Companies are no longer exclusively in control of their brand messages.Consumers control how your brands are being perceived online. They’re not sold on one-way advertising messages anymore.
  3. 3. Digital Gives Us  Google Analytics.  Facebook Insights.  Twitter & Facebook growth.
  4. 4. We give you But do you know:  What trends are influencing consumers?  What do they really want?  What are their complaints?  Are your campaigns reaching them?  Are you speaking their language?  Are your products and services meeting their needs?  Who is your ACTUAL audience?  How are your messages being perceived?  Who are your brand ambassadors?
  5. 5. Resource Management Developers Digital Are offline touch PR Agency points aligning. Staff, etc. Content Manager Brand Ad Agency Objective Other media. Social Media e.g. outdoor Policy Is everything working/working together Marketing Schedule as it should? Do you need to allocate more of your attention/budget to something?
  6. 6. Real Life Examples We mine insights from your audience. Not tracking what they’re saying, just seems silly….Consumers discuss purchase decisions with eachother, they recommend products and discourage friends from making decisions they had bad experiences with.Some insights we picked up on:
  7. 7. SONA 2013Reporting and analysis
  8. 8. Online buzz President Jacob Zuma delivered his fifth State of the Nation Address (SONA), in which he restated government’s broadband goal. 3 597 comments were posted about SONA online before the event. Q: you looking forward to the state of the nation address: 26.19% said yes, of course 71.42% said not really 2.38% said “what is the state of the nation address. 6 528 comments were posted about SONA online after the speech. Overall, 10 125 people spoke about SONA.
  9. 9. Brand ReachR463.69 R2 810 027 140 501 35brand reach earned media impressions generated
  10. 10. Reputation Score Conversations took place on the most of days of the 2.16/5.0 reporting period. Majority of the coverage was about the president rather than the speech “If I had 10 wives Id also avoid valentines day with a state of the nation address.” And mostly people posted a remind “President Jacob Zuma will present theaverage reputation State of the Nation Address.” Reputation Score: How well the brand is perceived online (sentiment + credibility)
  11. 11. Social Media Presence Twitter was the most popular platform used to discuss the state of the nation address. Thisbecause Twitter gives an immediate pulse on news and events, and what people are talking about, often before any news outlet.8 301 comments were posted on Twitter followed by Facebook with 1 824 comments.
  12. 12. TrendingTrending topics: President Zuma invites u 2 send comments on the State of the Nation Address #SONA. State of the Nation address to cost R6.8 million rand. State of the Nation should tackle rape. Help Zuma with his State of the Nation speech. Off Topic: Our President is a Mafia, Msholozi has 4 wives and somehow State of the Nation Address ended up being on Valentines Day. The State of the Nation Address is at 7pm on Valentines Day. President Zumas State of the Nation ignores South Africas electricity crisis. We all know what is the state of the nation. We are spending R7m for our Jacob of Nkandla to insult our intelligence. Majority of the coverage focused more on Zuma that the actual speech.
  13. 13. TrendingPopular Hash tags:#SONA2013#SONA#Zuma#TipsforZuma#RoadtoSona#Msholozi#crime#state of nation#StopRape#TNZBizBrief#wellplayedMrPresident#presidency#AneneBooysen#stopViolence#HappyValetine#Iblameapartheidfor
  14. 14. Some of the comments
  15. 15. TrendingWhat was on peoples minds: Employment Crime & Corruption Education Valentines Day
  16. 16. Volume and Sentiment The Positive The Neutral The Negative“State of the nation build up... Speech was boring. The method was skillfuly What did everyone think of excellent.” the State of the nation ‘I think for Zumas State of the address? Nation Address, he can start by “Aneles show State of the apologizing for the state of ourNation on SABC 1 kinda brings Already looking forward to nation.’ back joyful memories of next weeks Debate on the actually being inside the State of the Nation Address & Zuma speech low on details.Parliament in Cape Town last the Reply thereof. year.” “How can you deliver a state of the nation Address if half t The one question that is on State of the nation: South country is Homeless. Its like everybodys mind, aboutAfrica, through the eyes of its enviting me to yr party but not tonights State Of The Nation citizens. saying were it is.” Address, is "Who will Helen Zille be wearing?" “so looking forward to the State of the Nation address to#state of the nation address.” cost R6.8 million Majority of the comments was mockery about “Zuma intentionally planned for the State of The Nation Address to be on Valentines Day just so that he can avoid taking his wives out for dinner.”
  17. 17. Top Tweeters@Anele, was one of the top tweeters with 16 tweets generating a brand reach ofR20 328.@TheOnion tweet generated a brand reach of R919 646.2.