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Social media timeline 2011


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A timeline of the social media happenings of 2011

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Social media timeline 2011

  1. 1. A Social Media Timeline for 2011by @saidwotORM and @Etta_Howell
  2. 2. Japanese Twitter users set a new record on New Years Twitter launches Eve, sending an all-time high new desktop app of 6,939 tweets per second for Mac immediately after midnightFacebook rolls out Egyptian revolution new profile look is started and YouTube launches spread via social new homepage. media
  3. 3. An Egyptian baby is named LinkedIn introduces“Facebook” to celebrate the LinkedIn Skills forrole that Facebook played in profiles the Egyptian Revolution Earthquake in Christchurch Facebook rolls out measuring 6.3: new photo viewer updates via social media
  4. 4. 572 000 new Twitteraccounts created in a LinkedIn launchessingle day, 12 March LinkedIn Today to deliver news relevant to individual users Charlie Sheen’s twitter meltdown Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan Facebook launches new Questions feature for both profiles and pages
  5. 5. YouTube launches FritoLay set a World tutorials toRecord with 1 575 161 educate users Facebook likes in 24 about copyright hours Protests and Civil Twitter launches war in Lybia new search and continues discovery tools
  6. 6. Twitter launchesNews of Osama bin Laden’s follow button fordeath generated the highest websiteslevel of sustained tweets to date, with an average of 6 440 tweets per second Icelandic volcano erupts, resulting in a flight ban
  7. 7. Foursquare hit 10 million members Google+ launchesFacebook reaches one trillion page views, Twitter launches making it the most automatic linkvisited Web site in the shortener. world
  8. 8. #OccupyWallStreet is first used Facebook launches video calling and group chatfeatures, with Skype as their partner. Google+ becomes the social network to reach 10 mil users fastest (16 days) Facebook reaches more than 800 Twitter makes million active users promoted tweets worldwide more visible
  9. 9. LinkedIn hit 115.8 million registered users Beyonce announces herpregnancy, resulting in 8 869 tweets per second England riots Twitter adds activity searched 15.9 tabs to help users view million times favourites and RTs online easily
  10. 10. Twitter reaches 100 million active users logging in per YouTube adds month and 50 million per editing tools day Twitter adds photos in text tweets Facebook timeline announced at the F8 Google+ introduces conference hangouts
  11. 11. YouTube launches movies feature in the UKGoogle+ updates posts and picture features Google Buzz officially shut down QR codes used to Klout changes its locate lost pets and algorithm that luggage calculates users’ scores
  12. 12. Google+ launchesInstagram reaches 13 company pages million users, 13 months after it launched Facebook adds new insights to pages YouTube replaces Kim Kardashian’s divorce discussed insights with on Twitter and YouTube analytics #ThingsLongerThanKimsMarriage is used
  13. 13. Facebook rolls outTwitter launches timeline to new design everyone YouTube rolls out a Twitter launches new design brand pages
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