Selinah: A story by the Topsy Foundation


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A look at the success of the Selinah advertisement by the Topsy Foundation and Ogilvy.

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Selinah: A story by the Topsy Foundation

  1. 1. SelinahA saidWot Case Studyfor the TopsyFoundationJune 2011 – February 2012 Compiled by @saidwotORM and @Etta_Howell for @topsynonprofit
  2. 2. The Formalities This Case Study is based on all comments received from June 2011 until February 2012. It is based on English comments from around the world. This case study was compiled as part of saidWot’s social initiatives for the Topsy Foundation, and was shared with their permission. If you would like more information about saidWot, please contact us: For more information regarding the Topsy Foundation, visit their website:
  3. 3. Where did the conversation take place? 67 comments posted on Social Media Platforms 25 articles posted on Websites 3 articles posted on News sites 2 Blog posts
  4. 4. Said What?
  5. 5. Sentiment All comments made about the advertisement were either of neutral or positive sentiment.
  6. 6. Who was listening? Majority of the audience was male and also between the ages of 18 and 34.
  7. 7. Where on earth are they? The advertisement was discussed worldwide, with comments and shares originating from South Africa, the USA, Germany, Japan and Egypt to name but a few.
  8. 8. Where did they leave a mark? The audience preferred to share their comments on social media sites, such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.
  9. 9. What did they say?
  10. 10. What did they say?
  11. 11. The success of the advertisement The advertisement was created by Ogilvy Johannesburg in 2009. However, 3 years later, the advertisement is still being shared worldwide and still has the same impact on people as it had in 2009. It shows that advertisements can live on for a long time online.
  12. 12. How much was it worth? Each article or comment about the advertisement was worth R1 461.18 Overall, about 632 223 people worldwide saw comments about the ad.
  13. 13. More Information We have all the data and analysis available that went into writing this case study. If you are interested in receiving this, please contact us on the details below. If you want to know what is being said online about your brand, then contact us on the details below and we will gladly set up a demo account for you. South Africa: United States: Tel: +27 11 021 8740 Tel: +00 (1) 704 450 2403 Email: Email: Web: