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saidWot gourmet gallivant celebrity dinner

  1. 1. The ZoneGourmet Gallivant Celebrity Dinner Party Case study Reporting period: 17 April – 26 April 2012 Author- Aanisah Peck
  2. 2. Formalities All data within this report was gathered via saidWot. It is based on the English comments and comments from South Africa only. This case study was not compiled for a specific brand, but purely out of curiosity and a burning passion to showcase the impact of Online Reputation Management
  3. 3. The story Twelve celebs and media personalities participated in a challenge on hosting the best dinner party at various restaurants at The Zone @ Rosebank, all in contribution to donating to charity. The celeb whoreceives the most votes from Facebook and re-tweets from Twitter will be the winner of a R5000 donation to their favorite charity.
  4. 4. Where did the conversation take place Conversation of the event took place mostly on social media Mentions were posted Mentions were posted
  5. 5. Brand Reach• Overall, about 2 344 189 people in the country saw comments about the event during the reporting period• The number of positive mentions alone reached 5 859 people in total.
  6. 6. Reputation Overall reputation 3.11 Event took place which caused a high (Good from a reputation influx of positive mentions perspective)
  7. 7. Comments received Positive: 157 | Neutral:345 Negative: 0 Majority of the positive mentions that came in were about the celebrities supporting the charities .
  8. 8. Who was talking @Bonang_M was the top Tweeter and reached 191,668 people. @Kuliroberts tweeted 8 times but reached a smaller audience @leratommoloi tweeted 49 times and reached 7659 people
  9. 9. Social Media Influencers Majority of the individuals speaking about the brand have a low number of followers and fans. 48% of fans had more than 500 followers ,in a South African context, this is quite high and thus great for the brand
  10. 10. What was said
  11. 11. What was said
  12. 12. The Audience
  13. 13. Restaurants Restaurant that participated in hosting the event:
  14. 14. Restaurants mentioned Restaurants mentioned in relation to the event on social media: Twitter profiles that were used to mention the event: @LiquidChefs_SA & @MikeKitchenSA
  15. 15. StatisticsThe keywords tracked during the reporting period:•#GourmetZone•The Zone Gourmet GallivantHashtag used for the event :•#GourmetZoneVoting polls used to determine the winner :•Facebook polls•Twitter retweets with the celeb name and hashtag used during the event
  16. 16. So What?•With 506 comments posted in just 9 days and a large number of individuals reached, the event and brand’s social media presence and reputation improved.• A high number of positive and neutral mentions proved that the event was popular as well.•Social media profiles were updated regularly. The Hastag #GourmetZone also became a trending topic on twitter the night of the event, further proving the power of social media in generating awareness.•The online communication however should have placed more emphasis on the charities,as few individuals realised the purpose of the event. Only 11.4% of the tweets mentioned the various charities.
  17. 17. More information All information for Gourmet Gallivant was gathered via our own ORM tool, saidWot. For more information, please visit For more case studies, please visit We are also eager to monitor and manage your online presence. Please contact us to set up a demo account for you. South Africa: United States: Tel: +27 11 021 8740 Tel: +00 (1) 704 450 2403 Email: Email: Web: saidWot Online saidWot Online @saidwotORM Reputation Reputation saidWot Management Tool Management