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Females and Social Networks


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Females and Social Networks

  1. 1. Females and GENDER The average visitor is female18-34-Year-Olds MALE 96 FEMALE 103 AGEMost Active She is between 18 and 34 2-17 88 18-34 108Social Networkers 35-49 50-64 104 98 65+ 91Females make up the majority of visitors to social networks and blogs,and people aged 18-34 have the highest concentration of visitors amongall age groups. Americans aged 35-49 are also avid visitors: 4 percent RACE/ETHNICITYmore likely than average to visit social networks and blogs than they do She is likely Asian or Pacific Islanderany other site and 27 percent of these sites’ audience. HISPANIC 100 WHITE 101Who is the average visitor to social networks and blogs? >> AFRICAN AMERICAN 94Unique Audience Composition Index, Home and Work (May 2011) ASIAN/ PACIFIC ISLANDER 103Read as: During May 2011, U.S. Internet users aged 18-34 were 8 AMERICAN INDIAN/ 102percent more likely than average to visit Social Networks and Blogs ALASKA NATIVE OTHER 101LOCATIONShe likely lives in New England NEW ENGLAND 102 EDUCATION MIDDLE ATLANTIC 99 She has obtained a Bachelor’s degree SOUTH ATLANTIC 101EAST SOUTH CENTRAL 101 GRAMMAR SCHOOL OR LESS 89 HOUSEHOLDWEST SOUTH CENTRAL 97 SOME HIGH SCHOOL 102 INCOME HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATE 99EAST NORTH CENTRAL 100 Her household income is less SOME COLLEGE 103 than $50,000 per yearWEST NORTH CENTRAL 100 99 ASSOCIATE DEGREE 101 UNDER $50K 102 MOUNTAIN BACHELOR’S DEGREE 106 $50K - $75K PACIFIC 100 99 POST GRADUATE DEGREE 106 $75K+ 983 Source: Nielsen