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  1. 1. Doritos Case Study Monitoring period: 14 September – 8 October 2011All data within this report was gathered via saidWot. Doritos is not a current or past client. Author: Hulya Balikci
  2. 2. The Impact 183 mentions were posted about Doritos locally. All derived from Social Media. More specifically, Twitter.
  3. 3. The audience60% 40%
  4. 4. Their feelings 44 Positive reactions | 121 Neutral comments 18 Negative reactionsThis is especially great for a brand like Doritos. New and exciting flavours are what the brand is known for, thus finding out whether people like certain flavours is far easier when conducted through ORM.
  5. 5. What they saidThe creator of Doritos died; Jersey Shore jokes were made; Comfort eating tweets were sent; and most loved Doritos’ flavours were mentioned.
  6. 6. Its reach45 000 people were exposed to a Doritos tweet (free advertising value per tweet: R47)
  7. 7. Its reputation Local coverage onlyOverall reputation of 1.7 (Not bad!) This tweet made its rounds on the 21st
  8. 8. People Doritos, they really do…What people say, how they react tochange, what they feel about a brand, are all saidonline. It’s an unadulteratedenvironment, where freedom ofspeech is exercised to its full extent.
  9. 9. … In particularMost loved flavours can easily be tracked
  10. 10. ConversationsTwitter starts conversations, spreads campaigns & generates brand awareness. If executed properly.
  11. 11. Conversations Huge disconnect in online chatter around Doritos.CPT - GreenRSA - BluePTA - RedJHB - BlackBLO - YellowDBN - BrownRUS - PinkELO – Orange Colours correspond to the locations of where the mentions were received. The size of bubble = Klout score. Bigger bubbles indicate tweets from individuals with high Klout scores.
  12. 12. Suggestions Create more conversations between people . Connect people to the brand. Reward loyalists. Use Twitter and Facebook to communicate campaigns. Respond to tweets/comments about the brand. Interact with brand loyalists. Eliminating negative comments is difficult, but not impossible.
  13. 13. In conclusion Currently there isn’t much conversation around the brand; creating buzzwill counteract that. Taking the brand online and encouraging people to talk about the brand will increasecoverage. More coverage means more people are exposed to a campaign at a fraction of the costof advertising. Online campaigns are awesome because they have the ability to spread like wildfire; if they’regood. Building relationships with loyalists should be a priority. It increases the love onefeels for a brand.
  14. 14. Who we are! AppendixAll information for Doritos was gathered via our own ORM tool, case studies can be found on: South Africa: United States: Tel: +27 11 021 8740 Tel: +00 (1) 704 450 2403 Email: Email: Web: