ORM and the role of celebrities


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As presented by Carla Jones at the 3 Cs Marketing Mix Conference.

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ORM and the role of celebrities

  1. 1. Online reputation management and the role of celebritiesPresentation by: Carla Jones20 March 2012@saidWotORM@CarlaJones1000
  2. 2. Just a quick introductionCarla Jones – GM & Chief Strategist for saidWot South Africa. @carlajones1000 za.linkedin.com/in/carlajones1000 plus.google.com/105788718313293278117
  3. 3. Outline• A Quick Introduction to Online Reputation Management• The role of celebrities.• Can brands match brand values with celebrity idiosyncrasies?• Strictly short term or can it be long term?• Who are the big names right now?• Crisis management!
  4. 4. From Springbok Captain to Chip advertiser
  5. 5. Why? ORM (Online Reputation Management) Explained
  6. 6. Online Reputation ManagementThe process of monitoring your brand online, knowing how to deal with any negative and positive commentary and understanding how you can pro-actively protect your brand via conversation.
  7. 7. Why? So that you know • What is being said, • Who is saying it, • Where they are saying it, • How they feel about you, • How often they talk about you…
  8. 8. How?
  9. 9. Celebrities? Brands & Celebrities The Relationship
  10. 10. Celebrities are used by brands to• Generate brand awareness and raise their profile• Highlight a certain attribute of the brand, product or service• Extend an offline campaign online• Increase attendance to an event• Promote a competition• Promote a specific product• Attract a new audience• Launch a new product• Refresh an existing product
  11. 11. Why do brands use celebrities? The celebrity reaches a much larger audience than the brand would. People rather hear from a celebrity than a brand.
  12. 12. Why do brands use celebrities? Highlight certain attributes – It is much easier to get an strength, endurance, leadership attribute across to an audience if you translate this into a human being. Highlight certain attributes – style, class, status
  13. 13. Why do brands use celebrities? A celebrity can add a new dimension to an existing product that a brand cannot.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owGykVbfgUE&feature=list_related&playnext=1&list=SPB9F260CE56D04E73
  14. 14. Why do brands use celebrities? Consumers feel the product will deliver what the celebrity stands for (the lifestyle, beauty, wealth)
  15. 15. Why? Brands & CelebritiesThe unwanted connection
  16. 16. Celebrities can damage a brand just as easily• General misbehaviour• Display of norms and values that are not in line with the brand’s values.• Supporting too many different brands.• A dislike from the audience towards the celebrity• Overuse of the celebrity.• Celebrity making use of competing products
  17. 17. Celebrities misbehaving A celebrity’s misbehaviour online and offline will immediately be linked back to the brand. Note: Celebrities in ads are seen as brand ambassadors as well.
  18. 18. Celebrities’ Norms & Values A celebrity’s norms and values in his personal life will have an impact on the brands he represents in his professional life.
  19. 19. Dislike of celebrities Not everybody will like the celebrity chosen by the brand. This could lead to disassociation with the brand. Celebrities do not always live by the rules.
  20. 20. Overuse of the celebrity Overuse of the ambassador in all marketing campaigns can lead to frustration. Consumers know you are paying them to promote the brand.
  21. 21. Celebrities with too many supporting brands People don’t like celebrities that are associated with too many different brands.
  22. 22. Why? So should or shouldn’t you use celebrities for you brand?
  23. 23. It all depends… • Is your brand difficult to sell without a famous face to it?• Does it need a celebrity to stand out from the crowd • Do you have the money to pay a celebrity? • Is there no other way to get the same message across to the audience?
  24. 24. Why? Which celebrity fits your brand?
  25. 25. It all depends… There is no quick list of celebrities to consider, it all depends on your brand. One size doesn’t fit all
  26. 26. Do the research• Monitor your brand to see who speaks about you regularly• Monitor these loyal or influential people to see what else they speak about.• Make a list of the shortlisted candidates • What other brands are they linked to? • How do they behave online? • How influential are they online and offline? • What channels do they have to engage on? • Are they mainly liked / disliked? • Does their personal profile suit the brand?
  27. 27. Ask the Audience• Monitor your target audience to see how they engage with your shortlisted ambassadors.• Monitor how your own brand is perceived online and what issues may come up in the future.• Check what other topics the audience discusses.• Monitor the crisis mentions that could come up around the ambassador and the product.
  28. 28. Check that the celebrity fits the brand• Make sure the personal life of the celebrity fits the brand.• Make sure that the message they put out there fits the brand.
  29. 29. Set up goals and KPIs• Set up clear KPIs for the brand ambassador that are monitored on a monthly basis.• Make sure the celebrity is briefed thoroughly on the brand, the brand attributes, and the brand values.• Put a crisis management plan in place that caters for all foreseeable crisis areas.
  30. 30. Monitor• Monitor how the ambassador represents the brand online.• Monitor how the audience reacts to the ambassador.• Monitor whether the link is made between the brand and ambassador.• Set up crisis alerts to notify you or any crisis taking place online.
  31. 31. AfterwardsThis is not a short term process• Have a plan in place for when the contract ends.• Be prepared to replace them with another celebrity.• Depending on how strong the relationship was, there will always be a link between the ambassador and the brand.
  32. 32. Other Possibilities
  33. 33. Loyal consumers as brand ambassadors• Loyal consumers can be just as influential but at a lower cost.• Pamper and reward your loyal fans to turn them into brand ambassadors.• This can easily be done via vouchers, added value, recognition, unique information, etc.• Assist your disloyal fans and resolve their problems.
  34. 34. Internal stakeholders as brand ambassadors• Make use of the internal stakeholder base already available.• Encourage your employees to be brand ambassadors BUT make sure there are policies in place to explain the dos and don’ts to them.• Appoint key spokespeople for the brand.
  35. 35. Questions
  36. 36. How to get hold of us saidWotORM saidWot Online Reputation Management Tool South Africa: United States: Tel: +27 11 021 8740 Tel: +00 (1) 704 450 2403 Email: infosa@saidwot.com Email: infous@saidwot.com Web: www.saidwot.com