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Vulnerability Adaptation Dr Reddy 31_aug06


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Vulnerability Adaptation Dr Reddy 31_aug06

  1. 1. 131st August ‘06 VULNERABILITY ASSESSMENT AND ENHANCING ADAPTIVE CAPACITY TO CLIMATE CHANGE IN SEMI-ARID AREAS OF INDIA Dr. N. Sai Bhaskar Reddy, Lead Consultant V&A PROGRAMMEV&A PROGRAMME Andhra PradeshAndhra Pradesh Steering Committee MeetingSteering Committee Meeting 31st August 2006, New Delhi Mahabubnagar
  2. 2. V & A Programme 231st August ‘06 Programme Implementation Area Mahabubnagar District, Andhra Pradesh Kondurg Midjil Srirangapur Village Kothur Village
  3. 3. V & A Programme 331st August ‘06 PROGRAMME ACTIVITIES 1. Situational Analysis 2. Capacity Building 3. Activities Done 4. Research and Innovations 5. Process Documentation 6. Liaison with the District Level Officers 7. State Advisory Council 8. Proposed Activities YPO 2006-07 FACILITATIONFACILITATION RESEARCHRESEARCH ACTIVITYACTIVITY CAPACITYCAPACITY BUILDINGBUILDING
  4. 4. V & A Programme 431st August ‘06 1. Situational Analysis Situational Analysis - SA-I (District level) and SA-II (Mandal and Village level) • Selection of Mahabubnagar District & Project Villages – Assessing the project area with respect to the following parameters General information; socio-economic aspects; biophysical indicators, village level institutions; rural energy; and climatic aspects. – Identification of progressive farmers and community leaders in the project villages. • Best Practices / Story lines documented • Identification of activities through community participation. Methodology adopted: Field visits, Structured format, PRA tools, Focused group discussions, community level meetings and case studies documentation.
  5. 5. V & A Programme 531st August ‘06 2. Capacity Building Village Level Village level Awareness Campaigns - about the V & A Programme, Impacts of Climate variability on Agriculture, Water and Energy. Methodology / Tools • Street Plays, folk songs, Puppetry, • Film shows, • Wall writings, Wall Paintings, V & A Programme awareness structures • Participatory Rural Appraisal exercises • Village level workshops with community • Meetings with Farmers and SHGs in the village • Focused groups Discussions • Interaction of International and National Consortium Members with the villagers Awareness, Exposure, Trainings and Sensitization
  6. 6. V & A Programme 631st August ‘06 …Capacity Building Men, Women and youth participated, the learning's are on : Sustainable Agricultural Practices, ‘System of Rice Intensification Practice, Horticulture crops, Vegetables Cultivation, Floriculture, Dry-land farming, use of appropriate technology, Kitchen gardens Farm animals – Poultry, Small ruminants, Cattle and Dairy Agri-business, agri-clinics, input cost reduction Soil testing Agro-Meteorology Food Processing technology Non-farm based livelihood options Outside the District Facilitating Institutions • KVK, Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture; Hyderabad • KVK, Gaddipally, Nalgonda District; • Extension Education Institute (EEI) and Agriculture University, Hyderabad • MANAGE, Hyderabad Awareness, Exposure, Trainings and Sensitization
  7. 7. V & A Programme 731st August ‘06 3. Activities Done Agriculture / Water • Advise on agricultural practices and effective utilization of Water resources. • Sample Soils of the farmers was tested by trained village youth • Guidance on treating the alkaline soils in Kothur village • Facilitated farmers in procuring Foundation seeds (Paddy, Castor and Redgram) of suitable varieties. • Encouraged System of Rice Intensification • Advise given on crops to be grown during the drought period, • A Water Management action plan is made with community participation, the activities are in incorporated into YPO. • Drinking water sources in both the villages has fluoride. To demonstrate one roof top rainwater harvesting structure was completed in each village and awareness was created.
  8. 8. V & A Programme 831st August ‘06 . . .Activities Done Energy 275 ‘Good stoves’ are adopted by the community in the project villages. One Good Stove (large size) was constructed for the school for cooking mid-day meals for ~50 children in Kothur village.
  9. 9. V & A Programme 931st August ‘06 . . .Activities Done Village Knowledge Center • A community building was dedicated by the Gram Panchayat, Srirangapur Village for the establishment of Village Knowledge Center. • Information on the sustainable agriculture practices is displayed. • Farmers regular interactive meetings with the specialists are being held in this center. • Basic infrastructure is provided – Electricity connection and furniture.
  10. 10. V & A Programme 1031st August ‘06 4. Research and Innovations A Rural Energy Lab was established in AFPRO, Hyderabad After studying the existing stoves, which are primitive and less efficient, the following efficient stoves (prototypes) were designed: 1. ‘Good Stove’ – Fuel wood 2. ‘Best Stove’ (Wood-gas stove) – Chips of wood as Fuel 3. ‘Srushti’ – Biogas plant, kitchen waste and green matter as feed 1 & 2 stoves were demonstrated in village level workshops, with the active participation of the community further improvement in the design is being made. These stove’s designs are reviewed by International experts on stoves
  11. 11. V & A Programme 1131st August ‘06 5. Process Documentation Programme :Process Documentation covers the following aspects: Gram Sabhas, meetings / workshops and decisions taken, Field visits and observations, activities and work done. Gram Panchayat : The respective Gram Panchayat’s have passed resolution’s regarding participation, contribution, and protection and sustenance of assets created. Audio-Visuals : ~1000 photographs and video footage is taken covering important events and activities. Four short duration documentary video films (draft versions) were made.
  12. 12. V & A Programme 1231st August ‘06 6. Liaison with the District Level Officers Awareness on V & A Programme was created among the District level officers and sought their cooperation and active participation in the successful implementation of the programme. Rapport is established with the District Collector, Chief-planning officer, Joint Director of Agriculture (JDA); Joint Director of Animal Husbandry (JD-AH); Assistant Director of Horticulture (AD-H); Project Director – District Water Management Agency; District Manager, NEDCAP; Head, District Groundwater Department; and other line departments. Mandal level: Established rapport with Mandal Development Officers; Mandal Revenue Officers; Agriculture Officers; and Project Implementing Agencies (PIAs) - DWMA
  13. 13. V & A Programme 1331st August ‘06 7. State Advisory Council A State Advisory Council (SAC) is formed and first meeting was held on 15th May 2006. • Ms. Gayathri Ramachandran, Director General, EPTRI is the Chairperson of SAC. • Seniors specializing or having experience on the focal theme areas from reputed Government Institutions, Organizations and the District Collector are the members of SAC. Important suggestions: • Crop diversity • Fodder Development and improved livestock • Recharging dried-up wells, micro-irrigation technologies, • Importance to rural energy / sustainable energy • Explore new technological options • Convergence – Institutions and Programmes • Flexibility to operate and making choices should remain with the local implementing partners • ToR’s for the SAC
  14. 14. V & A Programme 1431st August ‘06 Proposed Activities - YPO (2006-07) 1. Documentation of process and case studies of selected coping practices in the project villages or areas: • Visual documentation of Sustainable cropping system, waste land use, livestock and fodder management, low cost water harvesting structures / renovation of the existing structure, use of energy efficient chullahs ‘good stove’ and ‘best stove’ and use of biomass as energy. • Assessing the opportunity for post harvest technologies & dairy. • Case studies on coping and adaptability by community to Climate Variability.
  15. 15. V & A Programme 1531st August ‘06 Proposed Activities - YPO (2006-07) 2. Awareness campaign on Climate Change / Variability; • Awareness through Local Theatre / film shows / wall- writings, on climate themes like extreme weather, disaster preparedness, Natural resources management, use of efficient stoves, organizing climate specific programs for school children and youth.
  16. 16. V & A Programme 1631st August ‘06 Proposed Activities - YPO (2006-07) 3. Participatory Facilitation of Best Practices (PFBP) on focus areas (agriculture, water and energy) for selected farmers and groups; • Participatory Facilitation of Best Practices (PFBP) on IPM for Castor and Tomato crops • System of Rice Intensification (SRI) • Replacing rice with irrigated dry crops • Alternate tree component to replace Prosopis Juliflora
  17. 17. V & A Programme 1731st August ‘06 Proposed Activities - YPO (2006-07) 4. Capacity Building of farmers (on specific best practices) and CBOs; • Community mobilisation : Community and SHGs meeting on planning, institution of Smart Farmers Club and strengthening the Water Management Association. • Joint workshops for community and extension service professionals. • Exposure visits for farmers and women groups (technologies and best practices) • Training for community weather managers (one man and a women from each project village) • Exploring possibilities of insurance as a mechanism to cope against affects of climate variability on livelihoods.
  18. 18. V & A Programme 1831st August ‘06 Proposed Activities - YPO (2006-07) 5. Demonstration of location specific best practices: Agriculture: – Facilitating adaptation of refined technologies from PFBP, – Compost pit for waste recycling, – Nursery and biomass plantation of Pongamia, Jatropha and Subabul – Introduction of fruit trees (Amla, Sapota, Pomegranate, etc.,) – Establishment of seed banks, – Fodder development, – Organizing veterinary camps and up gradation of small ruminants.
  19. 19. V & A Programme 1931st August ‘06 Proposed Activities - YPO (2006-07) 5. Demonstration of location specific best practices (…Contd.) Water • Maintenance of existing water harvesting structures constructed under different schemes, water conservation methods, roof top rainwater harvesting, and strengthening tank management committees. • The community is willing to construct another community Roof-top rainwater harvesting structure by self- contribution.
  20. 20. V & A Programme 2031st August ‘06 Proposed Activities - YPO (2006-07) 5. Demonstration of location specific best practices (… Contd.) Energy • Energy from biomass : – ‘Good Stove’ designed will be improved with feedback from community, – Field level demonstration on renovation and repair of different existing small scale biogas plants, • Familiarization of bio-fuel briquettes.
  21. 21. V & A Programme 2131st August ‘06 Thank you