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Capacity Building, ClimaAdapt Project
Water and Land Management Training and Research Institute [WALAMTARI]
Himayatsagar, ...
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Capacity building climaadapt poster mssrf 3


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Draft Poster on ClimaAdapt Project Capacity Building, WALAMTARI

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Capacity building climaadapt poster mssrf 3

  1. 1. Capacity Building, ClimaAdapt Project Water and Land Management Training and Research Institute [WALAMTARI] Himayatsagar, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad, Telangana State CAPACITY BUILDING SOIL FERTILITY MNGT CROP PRODUCTION INCREASE WATER USE EFFICIENCY EMISSIONS REDUCTION POLICY / ADVOCACY Challenges of irrigation systems • Low water use efficiency • Distribution losses • Poor operational maintenance and • Soil salinity, water logging and tail end problems. Awareness and Celebration of AP water week in 2013, 2014 and India water week 2013 CLIMAADAPT: ADAPTATION TO CLIMATE CHANGE PROJECT An integrated science-stakeholder-policy approach to develop Adaptation framework for Water and Agriculture sectors in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu states of India Supported by: River levels and flows Canal Levels at nodes Storage elevations, volumes and discharges Salinity, temperature and turbidity Bore water levels. Determine water availability, water allocations and water releases Develop & Evaluate the performance of water sharing plans Predict flood levels to protect people and property Gauge the health of rivers and floodplains Improve our understanding of climate change management Manage surface and groundwater resources throughout the State. CANAL NETWORK FLOW MONITORING SYSTEM (CNFMS) HARDWARE • Open source – Arduino micro processors and sensors SOFTWARE • JAVA, SCADA, PID & Open Source Software DECISION SUPPORT • Analysis and Monitoring • Information visualization and graphics MANAGEMENT • Canal Automation • Control systems PRIMARY STAKEHOLDERS FARMERS (Men & Women) CHILDREN SELF HELP GROUPS SECONDARY STAKEHOLDERS IRRIGATION DEPARTMENT LINE DEPARTMENTS ORGANIZATIONS / INSTITUTIONS / AGENCIES APPROACHES FOR CB VILLAGE CAMPAIGN VILLAGE MEETINGS TRAININGS AWARNESS MEETINGS WORKSHOPS FIELD DAYS SEMINARS EXPOSURE VISITS FIELD DEMOS METHODS PAMPHLATES POSTERS MODULES BANNERS PPTs LECTURES SHARING OF EXPERIENCES PICTURES VIDEOS/ ICTs TRANSECT WALK HAND BILLS HANDS ON EXPERIENCE MONITORING FEEDBACKS FROM PARTICIPANTS FEEDBACK ANALYSIS FIELD MONITORINGS THIRD PARTY EVALUATIONS IMPACT ASSESMENTS STATE LEVEL SUPERVISORY MEETINGS Research & Student Internship Technology Development Capacity Building Sensors