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The article appeared in The Hans India New Paper on Biochar and its uses - Dr. N. Sai Bhaskar Reddy

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Biochar for gardens - The Hans India1

  1. 1. HYDERABAD HANS Lifestyle Art & Culture FRIDAY 30 September 2011 Guide Celebrations Citizens at the mercy of autos, private vehicles SRIDHAR K PENNA T he struggle for a separate statehood for Telangana may have evoked mixed re- actions but there are certain sec- tions that are deriving maximum advantage of the Samme that has brought the administrative ma- chinery to a standstill. For instance, auto-rickshaw drivers and private bus opera- tors, including Setwin services, are making a killing, as a conse- quence.Home guard Srinivas Naik who threatened to commit sui- A shot in the arm came whencide by jumping from a tower near AIR office in the city. employees of the state-run RoadPhoto: Hrudayanand Transport Corporation (AP- SRTC) joined the ongoing agita-Suicide threat by sacked tion. To literally strike the iron when it is hot, auto drivershome guard from tower shunned their `regular’ cus- tomers to cash in on the jackpot Passengers are feeling the pinch as autos and private vehicles are demanding exorbitant fares. that waited them at public places taken over by three-wheelers. terminus hoping against hope disorganized manner. The driv- him occupying a seat. He has noOUR SENIOR been removed from serv- like railway and major bus sta- There is no dearth of gullible that bus services would `resume’ ers literally jostle with one an- other go but wait till the auto isCORRESPONDENT ice, had been making the tions. passengers, who are Malkajgiri- at any point of time! other to take the passenger onto overloaded. It’s an altogether dif- rounds of senior officials For instance, the Uppal bus ter- Lalapet-bound. In spite of the It is a mad scene out there, par- his vehicle. ferent matter that the vehicle A sacked home guard seeking reinstatement. minus beside Mother Teresa’s strike by RTC employees belong- ticularly since the time buses For the passenger, who is in a moves ahead even with ten peo-climbed atop a tower at Even as home guards statue near Secunderabad Rail- ing to Telangana region, the com- went off the roads. Auto-rick- hurry to reach his destination, ple (excluding the driver, ofthe AIR office in front of were holding discussions ways Station has literally been muters diligently stand at the shaws are not just parked in a the trauma does not end with (Continued on P II)the State Assembly on with the Home MinisterThursday, threatened to on Thursday, Srinivas Let a thousand flowerscommit suicide by jump- climbed atop the towering, and, after three and threatened to com-hours of high drama, mit suicide if he was notclimbed down, with his reinstated. He called upwife and others implor- one of the sub-inspectorsing him to see reason. of Asifnagar Police Sta- bloom with ‘biochar’ The police said the tion and informed himhome guard, Srinivas about his decision.Naik of Warangal dis- Senior officials rushedtrict, was working at the to the spot and spoke toAsifnagar Police Station him over phone. Later,and lived in the Bo- they arranged for hisjagutta area of Mehdi- wife Vinoda to come to The concrete jungle in which we ‘live’ these days makes everyone aspire for a beautiful garden onpatnam. He was the spot and persuaderemoved from service her husband to come the terrace or balcony with blooming flowers or kitchen gardens that abound in luscious vegetables.last December along down. After three hours,with 825 other home Srinivas came down and Such gardens are no longer a big deal if only people start using ‘biochar’. The Hans India’s corre-guards, following the de- was taken away to thetection of certain irregu- Gandinagar Police Sta- spondent Venu K Kodimela digs deep into this natural soil nutrient.larities in the tion for counseling. Irecruitment process. Later, a case was regis- n a concrete jungle Dr Saibhaskar Reddy using charcoal and ash as shards, fish bones, com-Since then, he, along tered against him for at- everyone aspires for a Nakka, founder of and part of traditional and post etc was added to thewith others who had tempting suicide. beautiful garden with CEO of Geoecology En- cultural practices. less fertile acidic soils in blooming flowers and veg- ergy Organisation (GEO) “The value of Biochar the rain forests to improve etables on terraces and has come up with was known to man for their fertility. balconies. Lack of time to ‘biochar’ for sustainable centuries. The evidence of “Biochar is an excellent water the plants regu- agriculture and allied ac- the use of biochar for im- media for rooftop gardens. larly and application of tivities. proving soil fertility is When added to the soil fertilizers and pesticides Biochar is simply a mix found all over the world. the density of the result- could make one to put off of charcoal, farmyard ma- “Terra Preta was prac- ant soil composition re- their plans indefinitely. nure, soil microbes, ver- ticed for more than 5,000 duces, thereby lessens Biochar is a right solution micompost, mulch, years in the Amazon weight on the rooftop.” for enriching fertility of micro-nutrients, sand, basin even before the ar- The urine could be di- soils and improving pro- gypsum, fertilizers, and rival of Europeans,” Dr luted and added to the ductivity of plants silt are used to enhance Reddy explained. plants for improved fertil- through natural and sus- the fertility of the land. He pointed out that rural ity. The biodegradable tainable process. Farmers have been trash consisting of pottery (Continued on P II) InsideFoldable bicycle Page 2Godrej unveils newsecurity systems Page 3Goddess Durga inmyriad forms Page 4 HANS TUNES Samudrala Scene after a blast at the Anup Metal Factory, an aluminium recycling unit, near Kamatipura on Thursday. 10 injured in boiler blast OUR SENIOR CORRESPONDENT plosion occurred at the alu- peals. The police later quelled the minium recycling unit being run mob. A bout 10 workers of an alu- by one Sunil Kapadia at Chandu- Sources said the unit was being minium recycling unit sus- lal Baradari. The boiler exploded run illegally and safety measures tained injuries, two of them around 5 pm. were not taken at all. The equip- seriously, when a boiler exploded The unit is located in a residen- ment used in the unit was out- on Thursday evening. The injured tial area. Residents gathered at dated and the management wasThey are running buses persons were rushed to a private the unit in huge numbers and playing with the lives of the work- hospital for treatment. staged a protest for not shifting ers. The Kamatipura Police have with full security ! The police said the industrial ex- the unit, despite repeated ap- registered a case.