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Winners of zenith 13 natural medicine cla

  1. 1. Market Intelligence & Consulting Competitive Landscape Analysis Study of Natural Medicine Industry in the US Team Name - Chaudhary’s Angels IIFT
  2. 2. Table of Contents Objectives Approach Used Industry Analysis Consumer Analysis Opportunities & Threats Research Data2 ZENeSYS Confidential Market Intelligence & Consulting
  3. 3. Study Objectives A positioning report for Gruvolo Botanicals using ZENeSYS Competitive Landscape Analysis to help them get ahead of their competitors.3 ZENeSYS Confidential Market Intelligence & Consulting
  4. 4. ZENeSYS Competitive Landscape AnalysisMethodology Research assorted Natural Medicine Synthesis • Consumer Company sites • Qualitative Preferences observations • Assess Natural • Threats • Natural Medicine • Quantitative Industry Goals Medicine assessments • Opportunities Companies • Using a Goals - Detailed Preference Matrix Secondary Analysis Research A set of Natural Using the Goals and Slides 27 to 64 show By rating the quality of Medicine Industry Preferences, we the observations and activity seen, we Goals and consumer researched Company ratings H, M or L on plotted charts to make Preferences were 1,2,3,4,5 activity on the how each Natural conclusions on relative determined from net and recorded Medicine company is performance and news, blogs, websites, observations meeting its goals along generated insights on social media the dimensions of the threats and conversations etc. consumer preferences opportunities.4 ZENeSYS Confidential Market Intelligence & Consulting
  5. 5. Analysis of Goals5 ZENeSYS Confidential Market Intelligence & Consulting
  6. 6. Company Goals Using R&D and New Product Development for Commercialization Maximize product visibility and brand recall Develop extensive and optimal distribution channels to maximize customer touch-points Recognition by Independent agencies Developing an indigenous or sustainable model for procurement6 ZENeSYS Confidential Market Intelligence & Consulting
  7. 7. Goal 1- Using R&D and New Product Development forcommercializationProblem – The biggest challenge for a company is to increase the credibility of theNatural Medicine it offers.Solution – Utilizing R&D and testing to increase its credibility not only in the mindsof the customers, but also in front of the lawmakers, that will help the industry getaccepted in other states as well. 12 Amazing Grown on a family run farm in Kansas Grass is the Different flavors eg. Chocolate, Vanilla etc., 10 leader available Available in Energy bars, Raw, Meal form 8 6 • Offer different flavours for same category 4 Others • Easily dissolvable in water • Good taste (Testimonials) 2 07 ZENeSYS Confidential Market Intelligence & Consulting
  8. 8. Goal 2- Maximize product visibility and brand recallFinding – People do not like to compromise on their medical treatments, as suchthey tend to prefer a global and higher selling brands over smaller ones, even ifthe composition of the medicines are the same. The Brand of the medicine givesit credibility. Amazing • Amazing grass has own stores as well as 12 Grass, Jarrow easily available in retail stores Formulas are • Educates customers on product features and the leaders comparisons 10 • Both use E-Commerce websites to the fullest 8 6 • Present on all major E-Commerce websites Others 4 • Endorsed by models • Use Twitter/Facebook/Youtube/Pinterest etc • Contests on facebook 2 08 ZENeSYS Confidential Market Intelligence & Consulting
  9. 9. Goal 3- Develop extensive and optimal distributionchannels to maximize customer touch-pointsPoint of Difference – The medicines/products should be available at allmedical stores & E-Commerce websites;Waiting time after ordering should be low. • Testimonials show people shifting from Amazing grass to Jarrow Formulas Green Jarrow Defense because it is shipped within 3 days, Formulas is while waiting time for Amazing Grass is more the leader than a week • Available at retail stores Others • Sales in most major E-Commerce websites • Bundling done to increase off take with complementary products9 ZENeSYS Confidential Market Intelligence & Consulting
  10. 10. Goal 4- Recognition by independent agenciesDeterrent – Treatment from Naturopathy is excluded from the Universal Healthcaresystem.Short Term Solution – Independent agencies certifying the products or itsingredients are a workaround when FDA approval is not given.Long Term Solution – Change in the current Laws, especially in the states wheresale of such medicines is banned and ingredients that are not certified by FDA areneeded. Kyolic Kyo • Jarrow honored by NPA West Green, Jarro • Moved to form independent Trade Union to w Formulas take on FDA’s NDI proposal & was successful are the in getting changes incorporated in the act leaders • Use certifications of USDA Others organic, CCOF, ANMA, AHPA etc., to show credibility of claims10 ZENeSYS Confidential Market Intelligence & Consulting
  11. 11. Goal 5- Developing indigenous or sustainableprocurement modelWhat helps – Indigenous development of such plants increases credibility of suchmedicine (as seen in the case of Natural Medicine in Australia) and also woulddecrease sourcing costs 12 • Amazing grass is grown in a family farm in Kansas state Amazing • Model in place since decades 10 Grass is the • Helps achieve lower cost of production and Leader maintain quality 8 6 • Try to show that their ingredients are grown 4 Others following the best industry practices • Are 100% vegan etc. 2 011 ZENeSYS Confidential Market Intelligence & Consulting
  12. 12. Analysis of Consumer Preferences12 ZENeSYS Confidential Market Intelligence & Consulting
  13. 13. Consumer Preferences Competitive Pricing Effectiveness & no/less side effects Recognition/Verification Wide usage/popularity amongst peer groups Availability13 ZENeSYS Confidential Market Intelligence & Consulting
  14. 14. Preference 1: Competitive pricingCompanies in the natural medicine domain need to follow acompetitive pricing strategy as these medicines are not coveredunder insurance • Availability of innovative packet sizes and variety to suit all consumer segmentAmazing • Self owned farms in Kansas reduces sourcingGrass is and logistics cost • Various discount and coupon offersthe leader • Others follow bundling model to sell in bulk • Sachets available for travellers and first time usersOthers • Leveraging on the parent company’s distribution channels • Price comparison available vis-a-vis other products14 ZENeSYS Confidential Market Intelligence & Consulting
  15. 15. Preference 2: EffectivenessRecord proven effectiveness of the product is essential. Also thereshould not be any side effects or allergies while using in the productAmazing • Special treatment on the proprietary processGrass & Kyo- to ensure perfect blend • Explicit mention of the products in healthGreen are the magazines and journalsleaders • Good customer feedback on its benefits • 90 days money back guarantee scheme to prove effectivenessOthers • Expert review about the product on its own websites • Third party blogs and testimonials highlighting its effectiveness15 ZENeSYS Confidential Market Intelligence & Consulting
  16. 16. Preference 3: Recognition and CertificationThe effects of Natural Medicines have not yet been scientificallyproven and are banned from practice/sale in over 30 states in the US • Award for best practices by Natural productJarrow association in the natural medicine categoryformulas isthe leader • Approval for its major products by USDA Organic, CCOF, AHPA • Products verified by independent labs • Awards for innovative and effectiveOthers supplements by various authorities • References to studies contacted in the field with direct implication and benefits of the product In 2011, Food and Drug Administration came out with The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (the act) that requires manufacturers and distributors who wish to market dietary supplements that contain "new dietary ingredients" notify FDA about these ingredients. Source: ZENeSYS Confidential Market Intelligence & Consulting
  17. 17. Preference 4: Wide usage and popularity in peer groupThe effects of Natural Medicine are relatively unproven and theconcept is new. As such a customer will look for word ofmouth/referrals before trying Natural medicine. Hence, ‘ProductEndorsement’ is essential • Taste and solubility are major factor for popularity of the product • Range of variety available for different consumers Best • Good customer feedback on common e- practices portals • Anecdotes by various users giving complete detail benefits of the products • Endorsements by celebrities and health practitioners 17 ZENeSYS Confidential Market Intelligence & Consulting
  18. 18. Preference 5: Easy availability The medicine should be delivered at the shortest time possible when ordered online. Wide availability also gives credibility to the brand as well as medicineAmazingGrass & • Tie-ups with physical retail chain storeJarrow • Own store locators option available • Effectively utilising search engine optimizationformulas are (SEO)the leaders • Over the counter availabilityOthers • Easily found in common e-commerce websites • SKUs differentiators cover wide spectrum of consumer • Links and pages on social networks Some reviews on e-commerce websites show that customers have switched their brand of Natural Green Supplements only because it takes a lot of time to be delivered 18 ZENeSYS Confidential Market Intelligence & Consulting
  19. 19. Summary of Opportunities and Threats using a Synthesis Matrix19 ZENeSYS Confidential Market Intelligence & Consulting
  20. 20. Performance of Natural medicine manufacturers in meeting their goals and delivering on consumer expectations Develop Use R&D and NPD Maximize product Increase Get recognition by Competitive Landscapecustomer touch sustainable Goals for visibility and brand Synthesis Matrix independent procurement commercialization recall points agencies modelCustomer Preference G1 G2 G3 G4 G5 Competitive Pricing P1 AG,KKG,jf,g,gn AG,kkg,JF,G,gn gb,AG,KKG,JF,g,gn AG,JF Effectiveness of P2 gb,AG,kkg,JF,g,GN ag,kkg,jf,g,gn ag,KKG,g,gn gb,AG,KKG,g,gn product Recognition by P3 AG,kkg,jf,g ag,jf,g ag,kkg,JF,gn jfindependent authorityWide usage/popularity P4 gb,AG,KKG,JF,G AG,kkg,JF,G,gn ag,KKG,JF,gn,g gb,ag,KKG,JF,gn,g ag,GN,g in peer group Easy Availability P5 AG,kkg,JF,G,gn AG,KKG,JF,g,gn AG,KKG,JF,g,gn ag,JF,gn AG,KKG,jf,g,gn High Medium Insufficient X No Correlation Information GB = Gruvolo, KKG=Kyolic Kyo green, G= Greenergy, JF=Jarrow Formulas Green defence, AG= Amazing Grass, GN=Gary Null Note: Entry as caps indicate stronger correlation. See slide 28 to 82 for more information. ( U – Underwriter , C- Customer)20 ZENeSYS Confidential Market Intelligence & Consulting
  21. 21. Summary of Opportunities (gaps seen) Independent Authority Affiliation – Recognition – Approvals – Local Procurement – Price Competitiveness Cell Ref Opportunities Recommendation Show studies to prove beneficial effects of Getting recognized by independent product. Eg: Few companies like Kyolic Kyo Green G2 x P3 authorities to enhance their brand and Gary Null’s Green Stuff have independent and recall/visibility. sponsored books and studies backing their claims. Can work to get recognized by independent authorities to certify their products to be purely Getting approvals from recognized G4 x P5 organic. Eg: Amazing Grass has recognitions from bodies to promote their products. USDA Organic, Green America, Natural Products Association, CCOF & Kosher. Localized sourcing will help reduce product cost. Working for sustainable and Economies of Scale will further decrease prices. Eg: G5 x P1 indigenous procurement models to Amazing Grass has a self – owned farm in Kansas remain price competitive. which it uses to procure wheat grass directly without relying on suppliers.21 ZENeSYS Confidential Market Intelligence & Consulting
  22. 22. Summary of Opportunities (contd..) Cell Ref Opportunities Recommendation Only one company working on Use indigenous substitutes of Chinese botanicals to recognition from independent G5 x P3 get FDA approval. Eg: Jarrow’s takes NDI approvals authorities to certify their procured for all its ingredients. ingredients from outside. Develop plans to source all ingredients locally if Some of the companies claim not done already. Promote procured and made in G5 x P4 ingredients sourced and produced in USA tag to attract customers. Eg: Amazing Grass USA to be their USP. and Gary Null’s Green Stuff proudly proclaim of their US only sourcing.22 ZENeSYS Confidential Market Intelligence & Consulting
  23. 23. Summary of Threats (best practices seen) Competitive Pricing – High degrees of promotion – Innovative Product Developments – Recognition – Wide availability – Optimal Supply Chain – Sustainable Procurement Cell Ref Best Practices Recommendation Come up with different products, flavors & Utilizing R&D and New Product package sizes. Eg: Companies like Amazing G1 x P1 Development to remain price Grass, Kyolic Kyo Green etc. have different competitive. pack sizes and flavors priced differently. Get recognized by independent labs or Having one’s Manufacturing Process authorities for organic certification, product G1 x P3 and Product Ingredients recognized by safety recognition. Eg: Amazing Grass has its Independent Authorities products certified organic by organizations like USDA Organic, Kosher, CCOF etc. Ensure adequate commercialization and that all new products in different package sizes are Most products are available easily available across all available retail formats. Eg: G1 x P5 across a multitude of online/physical Amazing Grass is found on Amazon, iHerb, retail stores DrugStore and a lot of other brick and mortar stores.23 ZENeSYS Confidential Market Intelligence & Consulting
  24. 24. Contd. Summary of Threats (best practicesseen) Cell Ref Best Practices Recommendation Ensure products are available at competitive prices. Discount coupon codes may be given to Focusing extensively on pricing products attract customers. Eg: Amazing Grass products G2 x P1 competitively to enhance the visibility of are available at competitive prices on Amazon, their brands and brand recall. iHerb, DrugStore etc. Also discount coupons for the same available on RetailMeNot. Try to get featured in health magazines. If need be sponsor studies to prove effectiveness. Can Working towards getting recognized as also get celebrity endorsements. Eg: In the April G2 x P2 potent alternatives to conventional 2012 edition of the Marie Claire magazine, health supplements. Australian supermodel Abbey Lee Kershaw included Amazing Grass on her list of beauty and style obsessions. Try to get favorable customer feedbacks on public Increase their brand recall and initiate forums like Facebook etc. Initiate discussions on G2 x P4 product comparisons to attract more comparisons. Eg: Amazing Grass maintains a customers. regularly updated FaceBook/Twitter page to educate customers and initiate discussions.24 ZENeSYS Confidential Market Intelligence & Consulting
  25. 25. Contd. Summary of Threats (best practices seen) Cell Ref Best Practices Recommendation Get more store presence and increased customer Going for an optimized supply chain and touch-points to ensure wider usage of products. G3 x P4 distribution which helps in wider user Can also work along the lines of the Affiliate acceptance. Program launched by Amazing Grass. Optimum supply chain ensures greater and easier availability of products in physical retail Focusing on easy availability across a chains and major e – commerce portals. Eg: G3 x P5 multitude of online/physical retail stores Amazing Grass is available on Amazon, iHerb, DrugStore etc. apart from physical stores and its own website. Promote organic content by associating with Going for Independent recognition to organizations such as USDA Organic, Green G4 x P2 prove product effectiveness. America, Natural Products Asso., CCOF etc which provide certifications to Amazing Grass. Try to get ingredients procured locally or self grow them to develop a sustainable supply chain model Companies are favoring Indigenous and G5x P5 to ensure reliable product availability. Eg: local procurement Amazing Grass and Gary Null’s Green Stuff procure from their own farms.25 ZENeSYS Confidential Market Intelligence & Consulting
  26. 26. Untapped Opportunities Complementary avenues which needs to be explored:  Doctors specializing in preventive medicines  Approval and recognition from USDA organic, CCOF, American Natural Medicine Association (ANMA) and American Herbal Product Association (AHPA)  External reviews and feedback for the product  Efficient use of Search engine optimization (SEO) for top of the mind awareness26 ZENeSYS Confidential Market Intelligence & Consulting
  27. 27. Synthesis & Findings Detailed log of research findings for each Company Goal by Customer Preference27 ZENeSYS Confidential Market Intelligence & Consulting
  28. 28. Ranking of the Natural medicine manufacturersthrough Synthesis Matrix considering the preferencesof consumers and company goals» Amazing Grass» Jarrow formulas Green Defense» Kyolic Kyo-Green» Greenergy» Gary Nulls’ Greenstuff» Gruvolo botanicals28 ZENeSYS Confidential Market Intelligence & Consulting
  29. 29. Findings on Co. 1 Gruvolo Botanicals29 ZENeSYS Confidential Market Intelligence & Consulting
  30. 30. For Goal 1 (Spending on R&D and New ProductDevelopment) – Gruvolo Botanicals Goal 1- Spending on R&D and Preferences New Product Development Score References Green-Defense-Servings/dp/B0013OUKM0 Superfood-8-5-Ounce-Container/dp/B00112ILZM los-premium-greens Not covered under insurance. Priced higher than major s/67.htm competitors ( Jarrow, Amazing Grass, Kyolic Kyo- for dietary #.UTswwFd5o0w supplements; H2Ocean & Tattoo - Competitive pricing Goo- for Tattoo care products) L vity-extended-care Less/No side effects. But, spending on R&D and NPD notP2 - Effectiveness & no/less side effects shown. M No. No tests done on animals etc. - Recognition/verification FDA has not evaluated. L er Some testimonials given. Blog/Twitter/Youtube not - Usage/popularity in peer groups maintained M nials Online availability only on shopify. Only tatto care products available in variable content packs. Different SKUs of Premium greens and alkaP5 - Availability drops not available. L http://www.gruvolobotanicals.com30 ZENeSYS Confidential Market Intelligence & Consulting
  31. 31. For Goal 2 (Maximize product visibility and brandrecall) – Gruvolo Botanicals Goal 2- Maximize product visibility and Preferences brand recall Score References Competition very extensive. Available - Competitive pricing for purchase on own webite and shopify L icals Branding efforts not undertaken. No sponsored/unsponsored studiesP2 - Effectiveness & no/less side effects available. L - Recognition/verification Not done. FDA approval not done. L - Usage/popularity in peer groups Not many testimonials/advertising done. L Not available on any other e-commerce websites apart from shopify. High- icalsP5 - Availability placed yet has less sellers L31 ZENeSYS Confidential Market Intelligence & Consulting
  32. 32. For Goal 3 (Develop extensive and optimaldistribution channels) – Gruvolo Botanicals Goal 3- Develop extensive and Preferences Score References optimal distribution channels Prices can be reduced if sales are increased. Currently sold online only on shopify. No sales on o+BotanicalsP1 - Competitive pricing Amazon/eBay etc. MP2 - Effectiveness & no/less side effects --P3 - Recognition/verification -- behind-top-10-dietary-supplements supplements .htm - Usage/popularity in peer groups Availability Low. So usage is low. L 05/11/the-truth-about-tattoo-aftercare/ Only available on 2 websites. OTC - Availability data not available. L o+Botanicals32 ZENeSYS Confidential Market Intelligence & Consulting
  33. 33. For Goal 4 (Recognition by law & insuranceagencies) – Gruvolo Botanicals Goal 4- Recognition by law &Preferences References insurance agencies Green-Defense-Servings/dp/B0013OUKM0 Stakes lesses than competitors as Superfood-8-5-Ounce-Container/dp/B00112ILZM products sold are mostly application based herbal products. los-premium-greens But data not available for efforts made to get it covered under s/67.htm insurance etc. Pricing very high when compared #.UTswwFd5o0w with other dietary supplements and - Competitive pricing natural tattoo care products L vity-extended-care A perception has been developed of no side effects from natural medicines esp. for medicines for los-premium-greens treatment of common cold. Not - Effectiveness & no/less side effects widely accepted/unknown brand. L mon-cold-formula More spending on R&D and testing/certifications will increase acceptance. Not done yet.P3 - Recognition/verification Not compliant to FDAs NDI L Efforts to brand the product very less. Youtube/Twitter/Blog account are - Usage/popularity in peer groups dormant M - Availability Sold online only on Shopify L o+Botanicals33 ZENeSYS Confidential Market Intelligence & Consulting
  34. 34. For Goal 5 (Developing an indigenous orsustainable model for procurement) – GruvoloBotanicals Goal 5- Developing an indigenous or sustainable model for Preferences Score References procurement Pricing bound to come down with local sourcing. Data not available where the chinese herbs areP1 - Competitive pricing souced from. L No side effects. Acceptability will increase if herbs are locally - Effectiveness & no/less side effects sourced M los-premium-greens Not done. Not certified by FDA under the - Recognition/verification current NDI regulation L erP4 - Usage/popularity in peer groups -- Supply chain will develop withP5 - Availability localisation. Not done yet. L34 ZENeSYS Confidential Market Intelligence & Consulting
  35. 35. Findings on Co. 2 Amazing Grass35 ZENeSYS Confidential Market Intelligence & Consulting
  36. 36. For Goal 1 Focused spending on R&D & NPD– Amazing grass Goal 1- Spending on R&D and New Product Preferences Development Score References Production costs higher since they take longer to produce. Still maintains a very competitive price vis a vis Greens.html, H other similar companies. Available in different and review, - Competitive pricing innovative packet sizes, targeting all groups. alias%3Dgrocery&field-keywords=amazing+grass Better than tray grown grass and harvested once in 200 Process.html, days during its nutritional peak. Their POD is their Greens-to-Other-Greens.html, proprietary process. Right from growth to harvesting, capturing and locking nutrition value. Extreme care Tray-Grown-Grass.html, taken under a closely controlled process and packaging H, is done in highest quality Pharma grade containers. R&D in Commercialization - They sell it in a powder form you 9F9EE/1?accountid=33465,P2 - Effectiveness & no/less mix with water or juice, pills and energy bars & have a well defined product line.side effects Business-Executive-Summer-Issue.html The product performances and comparison with tray Tray-Grown-Grass.html, grown grass were verified by independent labs . Has also H been awarded for its innovative and effective Delicious-Living-Magazine-.html, supplements. - Recognition/verification for-Life-2012-Essentials-Award-Winner-Best-Supplement.html Amazing grass was well accepted and its popularity has grown significantly ever since its inception. Its wide HP4 - Usage/popularity in peer range of products are eagerly sought after. It has also Business-Executive-Summer-Issue.html gone for NPDs to improve the taste of the products.groups alias%3Dgrocery&field-keywords=amazing+grass,, Varied product designs and SKUs have helped in their H availability to all customer categories with varied needs. atchallpartial&Ntk=All&srchtree=1&Ntt=amazing+grass&Go.x=-827&Go.y=- 105&CSRFToken=8zkLF%2BGrwv%2FvxZjeWrTrI97YMh5w5Y74qd36kvDwBCwP5 - Availability %3D36 ZENeSYS Confidential Market Intelligence & Consulting
  37. 37. For Goal 2 Maximizing Product Visibility– Amazing grass Preferences Goal 2- Maximize product visibility and brand recall Score References Customers are willing to pay higher for a green organic keywords=energy+drinks&rh=n%3A16310101%2Ck%3Aenergy+drinks, product like Amazing Grass in the broad energy drinkP1 - Competitive pricing H, segment. At the same time, brand visibility enhanced by, attracting customers with discount offers and coupons. Has been stated to be more effective than conventional medicines which may be cumbersome. Also some of these,P2 - Effectiveness & no/less are said to contain nutrients unavailable in conventional M,side effects foods and are claimed to be gluten free. However, a definite, comparison study remains to be done. Certified by the Orthodox Jewish Congregation of America. To be Kosher certified requires stringent control of raw, materials. Not FDA Approved. However, it does haveP3 - Recognition/verification certifications from USDA Organic, Green America, Natural M, Products Association, CCOF etc certifying it to be organic & natural,, Executive-Summer-Issue.html, Wide recognition of brand among customers, celebrities and - Usage/popularity in peer health practitioners. Many health magazines have H Magazine.html, recommended Amazing Grass. Amazing Grass publicises its alias%3Dhpc&field- direct to customer model. Good reviews in general. keywords=amazing+grass&rh=n%3A3760901%2Ck%3Aamazing+grass, Friends-Share-Their-Favorite-Cold-Remedies.html,, The brand enjoys high visibility across different websites. Not only the brand is sold by many well known physical store keywords=amazing+grass, - Availability chains, but it enjoys price and product feature comparability H 803&y=-154#none, options on third party websites and enjoys very good reviews. partial&Ntk=All&srchtree=1&Ntt=amazing+grass&Go.x=-827&Go.y=- 105&CSRFToken=8zkLF%2BGrwv%2FvxZjeWrTrI97YMh5w5Y74qd36kvDwBCw%3D 37 ZENeSYS Confidential Market Intelligence & Consulting
  38. 38. For Goal 3 Develop extensive Product channels–Amazing grass Goal 3- Develop extensive and Preferences Score References optimal distribution channels keywords=amazing+grass&rh=n%3A16310101%2Ck%3Aamazing+grass, The products are sold across various, online portals and heavy discounts 803&y=-154#none, are available in some of them. Products are competitively priced at H htree=1&Ntt=amazing+grass&Go.x=-827&Go.y=- source as well as by retailers to 105&CSRFToken=8zkLF%2BGrwv%2FvxZjeWrTrI97YMh5w5Y74qd36kvDwBCw%3D, boost sales. They also sell through brick and mortar stores. &D=amazing%20grass&Ntx=mode+matchallpartial&Dx=mode+matchall&cm_sp=typeahead-_- P1 - Competitive pricing 0|amazing%20grass-_-n| No correlation No Correlation P2 - Effectiveness & no/less side effects No correlation No Correlation P3 - Recognition/verification Amazing grass has expanded both nationally and internationally. M P4 - Usage/popularity in peer Ventured into Canada by tying up groups with various store chains. keywords=amazing+grass&rh=n%3A16310101%2Ck%3Aamazing+grass, The products are very easily, available. Can be purchased directly 803&y=-154#none, either from their websites or many of the e - commerce portals at good H htree=1&Ntt=amazing+grass&Go.x=-827&Go.y=- discounts. Even available in US, 105&CSRFToken=8zkLF%2BGrwv%2FvxZjeWrTrI97YMh5w5Y74qd36kvDwBCw%3D, Australia and Canada through certified distributors. &D=amazing%20grass&Ntx=mode+matchallpartial&Dx=mode+matchall&cm_sp=typeahead-_- P5 - Availability 0|amazing%20grass-_-n| 38 ZENeSYS Confidential Market Intelligence & Consulting
  39. 39. For Goal 4- Work with other players to get Naturalmedicines covered under insurance– Amazing grass Goal 4- Recognition by law & Preferences insurance agencies Score References Is not working together with other players to get keywords=energy+drinks, naturopathy and natural medicines get recognized by L law or insurers or HMOs. In fact, even the pricing is allpartial&Ntk=All&srchtree=1&Ntt=energy+drinks&Go.x=-827&Go.y=- higher than conventional health supplements. 105&CSRFToken=8zkLF%2BGrwv%2FvxZjeWrTrI97YMh5w5Y74qd36kvDwBCw%3DP1 - Competitive pricing Wheatgrass products as a whole are being recognized as important health supplements comparable to or better than conventional health supplements. This is M benefits/,,P2 - Effectiveness & no/less expected to translate to greater sales. Though a effects combined effort from the industry is missing. Wheat grasss major components - Phytonutrients and Carotenoids are recognized by the USFDA to protect against Cancer, Cardiovascular Diseases and Cellular, Damage. Also FDA subscribes to the importance of M Folic Acid & Vitamin C, other chief ingredients of Amazing Grass. However, Amazing Grass plays littleP3 - Recognition/verification role in this. Wheat grass in any form is widely recognized to be extremely useful for the body for a variety of reasons, ranging from combating cancer to avoiding M cardiovascular diseases etc. Wheat grass is supported alternativemedicine/dietandnutrition/wheatgrass,P4 - Usage/popularity in by both consumers as well as practitioners. However, groups its use as a natural madicine remains contested. Wheat grass products are widely available on a variety keywords=wheat+grass, of platforms. However, their sales can be further 803&y=-154#none, increased if the industry players come together to M propogate the use or there is some kind of a allpartial&Ntk=All&srchtree=1&Ntt=wheat+grass&Go.x=-827&Go.y=- body/association.P5 - Availability 105&CSRFToken=8zkLF%2BGrwv%2FvxZjeWrTrI97YMh5w5Y74qd36kvDwBCw%3D39 ZENeSYS Confidential Market Intelligence & Consulting
  40. 40. For Goal 5- Sustainable model for procurement–Amazing grass Goal 5- Developing an indigenous/sustainable Preferences procurement model Score References 2012---US-Business-Executive-Summer-Issue.html, Grower direct model allows the company to H, price its products more competitively superfood-drink-mix-features-organic-chocolateP1 - Competitive pricing Grown in nutritionally superior, fertile midwest soil, best known for growing cereal Greens-to-Other-Greens.html, HP2 - Effectiveness & no/less grasses. Family owned farm in Kansas, US.,-Kansas,-side effects Sustainable procurement. USA.html Less Information L Less InformationP3 - Recognition/verification Retailers mention Amazing Grasss US origin in Antioxidant-Berry-Drink-Powder-7-4-oz-210-g/35730, the passing. Company also emphasizes the MP4 - Usage/popularity in peer Produced & Made in America tag.groups trio.html, Prompt delivery of medicines close to the area H - Availability of procurement (US)40 ZENeSYS Confidential Market Intelligence & Consulting
  41. 41. Findings on Co.3 Kyolic Kyo Green41 ZENeSYS Confidential Market Intelligence & Consulting
  42. 42. For Goal 1 Spending on R&D & NPD– Kyolic Kyo-Green Goal 1- Spending on R&D and New Product Preference Development Score References Various e-portals selling the product with different drink-mix-10-oz varieties and offers. Variety of packages are - Competitive pricing available. H foods?filter:manufacturer=wakunaga Good reviews mentioning the product benefits from customers as well as experts. However, - Effectiveness & no/less side some article says that there is no actual benefit of Blend-Powdered-Drink-Mix-6-oz-172-5-g/4588effects the product M No FDA approval.. Flagship product is USDA rganic+kyolic+garlic+supplements organic approved but mention about the kyo - - Recognition/verification green approval M Guide.aspx?li=34277 Powdered-Drink/dp/B000ZMIKGY Lot many testimonials given. Individual feedbacks drink-mix-10-oz from customers are positive with good - Usage/popularity in peer groups recommendations across channels H feeling-great-greens Store locators option available on website. EasilyP5 - Availability available on other e-commerce websites as well H ZENeSYS Confidential Market Intelligence & Consulting
  43. 43. For Goal 2 Maximizing Product Visibility–Kyolic Kyo Green Goal 2- Maximize product visibility and Preference brand recall Score References Drink/dp/B000ZMIKGY Better visibility, leveraging on parent - Competitive pricing brand. Various discount offers available. H /250829529268?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3a669ae0b4 Studies to prove effectives done Powdered-Drink-Mix-6-oz-172-5-g/4588P2 - Effectiveness & no/less side However side effects are mentioned on website M greens No FDA approval. Clearly mentioned onP3 - Recognition/verification website L Drink/dp/B000ZMIKGY Advertising done. Good Customer pg=PA18&dq=kyolic+kyo+green&ots=EBqMvLRF01&sig=uyHMSddUMh-P4 - Usage/popularity in peer feedback. ayKamvtpfqFNJwYc#v=onepage&q=kyolic%20kyo%20green&f=falsegroups No clear mention of its benefits M Better availability on e-commerce websites along with their own store locator. Comparison among various - Availability product on third party websites H ZENeSYS Confidential Market Intelligence & Consulting
  44. 44. For Goal 3 Develop extensive and optimaldistribution channels– Kyolic Kyo Green Goal 3- Develop extensive and optimal Preference Score References distribution channels Effective use of internet to increase touch points. Variety of schemes also available on these e- html commerce websites - Competitive pricing M prices/4649937.html --P2 - Effectiveness & no/less side effects --P3 - Recognition/verification Good customer feedback on various portals which Harvest-Blend-Powdered-Drink-Mix-6-oz-172-5- acts as source for selling of the product g/4588P4 - Usage/popularity in peer groups H Green-Drink-%E2%80%93-Green-Powder-~- Superfood Extensive channel employed for easy availability. html green_energy_(powder).htm - Availability H prices/4649937.html44 ZENeSYS Confidential Market Intelligence & Consulting
  45. 45. For Goal 4- Recognition by law & insuranceagencies– Kyolic Kyo Green Goal 4- Recognition by law & Preference Score References insurance agencies Low significance found in reduction in prices due to any acknowledgment or recognition by independentP1 - Competitive pricing authorities L pg=PP3&dq=kyolic+kyo+green&ots=T- 4v_AGwiI&sig=vWIsSNaq__9izmfdcCyLY2I-A_c great-greens A577&dq=kyo+green+competitors&source=bl&ots=cS42xSNbw_&sig= o9mHtqF_iiAtlJhtb-Xvudfcw2k&hl=en&sa=X&ei=9z47UavZKcz- Clear mention of benefits of rAeo4IHgCA&ved=0CEgQ6AEwBTgU#v=onepage&q=kyo%20green% using the product in health 20competitors&f=falseP2 - Effectiveness & no/less side effects journals, magazine and books. H Direct references to product in research materials. No extensive recognition on - Recognition/verification the benefit of the product M Clear references of the product in health magazines nd&pg=PA18&dq=kyolic+kyo+green&ots=EBqMvLRF01&sig=uyHMSd by customers using the dUMh-P4 - Usage/popularity in peer groups product H ayKamvtpfqFNJwYc#v=onepage&q=kyolic%20kyo%20green&f=false Low involvement by otherP5 - Availability parties for ease of availability L ZENeSYS Confidential Market Intelligence & Consulting
  46. 46. For Goal 5- Sustainable model for procurement–Kyolic Kyo Green Goal 5- Developing an indigenous or sustainable model for Preference References procurement No clear efforts to reduce prices through ingredients mix Kyo-Green-Harvest-Blend-Powdered-P1 - Competitive pricing L Drink-Mix-6-oz-172-5-g/4588 2-what-are-the-benefits-of-kyo-green/ Mention of benefits of the ingredients used in the product by - Effectiveness & no/less side effects experts H pills/kyo-green-energy/ - Recognition/verification Not approved under FDA’s NDI regime. Contains Lead. L kyo-green/ Barley Grass and Wheat Grass used for the product are sourced - Usage/popularity in peer groups from Japan. L green-10/kyo-green.html kyo-green_energy_(powder).htm green-10/kyo-green.html Lot of third party websites mentioning its proprietary blend. kyo-green-10-oz-pwdr Explicit details of the benefit of the ingredients used in the - Availability product H kyo-green-powdered-drink-mix.aspx46 ZENeSYS Confidential Market Intelligence & Consulting
  47. 47. Findings on Co. 4 Jarrow Formula’s Green Defense47 ZENeSYS Confidential Market Intelligence & Consulting
  48. 48. For Goal 1 (Spending on R&D and NewProduct Development) – Jarrow FormulasGreen Defense Goal 1- Spending on R&D and New Product Preferences Development Score References A tad bit expensive as compared to a few Servings/dp/B0013OUKM0 competitors - Competitive pricing Cheaper than Gruvolos Premium Greens M Ounce-Container/dp/B00112ILZMP2 - Effectiveness & no/less sideeffects Effective. No proven side effects. H Not FDA approved - Recognition/verification Honoured by NPA West M formulas-honored-natural-products-association-west Better formula & better taste than Defense-with-Resveratrol-Powder-6-35-oz-180-g/128/ competitors has made it popular; - Usage/popularity in peer groups Easily dissolves in water H defense-super-green-foods-180-grams-pwdr defense/qxp271014 Easily available online on Amazon, Defense-with-Resveratrol-Powder-6-35-oz-180-g/128/ drugstore, iHerb etc. OTC availability-good - Availability Less number of SKUs H defense#nutritionFacts48 ZENeSYS Confidential Market Intelligence & Consulting
  49. 49. For Goal 2 (Maximize product visibility andbrand recall) – Jarrow Formulas GreenDefense Goal 2- Maximize product visibility and Preferences brand recall Score References Customers are willing to pay a little extra for Defense-with-Resveratrol-Powder-6-35-oz-180-g/128/ the taste & easy solubility of the product - Competitive pricing Such features of the product are advertised H defense-super-green-foods-180-grams-pwdrP2 - Effectiveness & no/less side Honoured by NPA West M formulas-honored-natural-products-association-west Run-in with FDA over NDI guidance; product formulas-honored-natural-products-association-west not FDA evaluated - Recognition/verification Honoured by NPA West M ndi-guidance-is-new-rule-in-disguise.aspx Defense-with-Resveratrol-Powder-6-35-oz-180-g/128/ - Usage/popularity in peer groups Customer reviews are favorable H defense-super-green-foods-180-grams-pwdr Not so much a higher placed brand, but easily available in stores and online. - Availability Sponsered studies available H extract-shows-cancer-promise-Mouse-study49 ZENeSYS Confidential Market Intelligence & Consulting
  50. 50. For Goal 3 (Develop extensive and optimaldistribution channels) – Jarrow Formulas GreenDefense Goal 3- Develop extensive and optimal Preferences Score References distribution channels Defense-Servings/dp/B0013OUKM0 Ounce-Container/dp/B00112ILZM Prices almost half as that of Gruvolo, as P1 - Competitive pricing product sales are much higher H premium-greens P2 - Effectiveness & no/less side effects -- P3 - Recognition/verification -- t_Recommendations_for_Men_and_Women.html Green-Defense-with-Resveratrol-Powder-6-35-oz-180- g/128/ P4 - Usage/popularity in peer Yes, product is popular. Both amongst green-defense-super-green-foods-180-grams-pwdr groups reviewers and researchers. H defense/qxp271014 Green-Defense-with-Resveratrol-Powder-6-35-oz-180- User reviews suggest that the product is g/128/ delivered within a week. Also brings down cost therefore defense#nutritionFacts P5 - Availability increasing its appeal H50 ZENeSYS Confidential Market Intelligence & Consulting
  51. 51. For Goal 4 (Recognition by law & insuranceagencies) – Jarrow Formulas Green Defense Goal 4- Recognition by law & insurance Preferences agencies Score References Not FDA evaluated because of non NDIP1 - Competitive pricing appliance. LP2 - Effectiveness & no/less sideeffects does not comply to FDAs NDI L Proposed new Supplement Trade Rogovin-proposes-new-supplement-trade-association-There-s-P3 - Recognition/verification Association after NDI H no-need-say-existing-associations Though not evaluated by FDA, still sells in - Usage/popularity in peer groups large numbers M commendations_for_Men_and_Women.html Rogovin-proposes-new-supplement-trade-association-There-s- no-need-say-existing-associations Proposed new Supplement Trade - Availability Association after NDI H revising-ndi-draft-thanks-to-jarrow.html51 ZENeSYS Confidential Market Intelligence & Consulting