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Sohail Ahmed
SAP Consultant ‘ABAP development / SD,MM,WM, PP functional
7 Davenport Drive, Princeton Junction, NJ 08550
Dec 2009 – Current:
ACS Inc.
Currently involved in SAP R/3 4.7 / ECC 6.0 / NetWeaver platform based solutions.
Data migr...

   •   Designed an Interface between 3rd party accounts payable system to SAP . Loading
       payment data into SAP vi...
   •   Ecometry back order report program
   •   In active Purchase requisition program. Checking all PRs and Purchase o...
data dictionary objects, data base interaction, Correction and transport issues, user training,
debug, modifications and...
Experience in IBM technologies, Mainframe and UNIX Workstations. Chip Design and testing
Several IBM internal courses

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Sohail resume


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Sohail resume

  1. 1. 1 Sohail Ahmed SAP Consultant ‘ABAP development / SD,MM,WM, PP functional 7 Davenport Drive, Princeton Junction, NJ 08550 Telephone: cell (609) 577-3081, E-mail SUMMARY A dependable SAP R/3 consultant with 15+ years experience in Application Development and SAP Functional modules expertise. (SAP ECC 6.0, R/3 4.7, 4.6C, 3.1) Eligibility clearance of ADP II duties (Department of Defense Security program eligibility) Taught ABAP and functional training courses. Experienced in SAP and other Legacy systems integration. Previously worked at IBM for 12 years in Computer Consulting Services division. Experienced in ABAP development, interfaces, IDOCS, BAPIs. SAP interfaces to other platforms using SeeBeyond, Webmethod and other vendor software. Production support, user exits and enhancements, Reports, Dialog(screen) programming, interactive reports, BDC programs, Functional modules, RFCs, background jobs, data conversion and LSMW. Data dictionary SAPScripts, Smartforms, security issues and SAP workbench. Debug and defect analysis expertise, performance improvement. Experienced in BASIS. Correction and Transport issues. Unix commands and scripting. SAP authorizations. Experienced in SD, MM, WM, PP configuration: Experienced in SAP master and transaction data. Customer master, Material master, Pricing, Sales documents, Sales orders, delivery and transport issues, billing and accounting documents. Purchasing documents, purchase orders and inventory management, Goods movement. Production orders, Production master data, work centers, operations, routings, BOM materials, Batches assigned to materials, serial numbers, WBS elements. FI documents, Asset management customization. Interfaces with COPA and BW. Writing functional specs, config changes and implementing with the IT development team. Experienced with all important tables related to these processes. Output determination procedure Implementation experience in multiple computer operating systems and hardware. A dedicated, dependable and versatile SAP R/3 project team player. Customers worked with: CSC - US Army (Logistics Modernization program, SAP version 4.7) CBP – DHS (Customs Modernization program) Lockheed Martin (Modernization program, SAP 4.7) Coach Factory (Retail and Distribution) DLA Defense Logistics Agency (Modernization program, SAP 4.6) GoodRich Aero Structures (Aerospace and Defense, version 4.6C2) Bristol- Myers Squibb (Pharmaceutical , version 4.6C, 3.1H) Random House (publishing firm, 3.1) American Standard (Manufacturing, 3.1) ; Eastman Chemical (Chemical industry, 3.1) Stanley Works (Tools manufacturer, 3..0); Unisource Distribution industry, 3.0, 2.2) EXPERIENCE
  2. 2. 2 Dec 2009 – Current: ACS Inc. Currently involved in SAP R/3 4.7 / ECC 6.0 / NetWeaver platform based solutions. Data migration from 3rd party system to SAP using BAPI’s and LSMW Implementation of multiple user exits in SD, MM, WM area to customize functional requirement Extensive use of IDOCS and BAPIs for customization and interfaces Changed programs for performance improvements. Interoperability of SAP NetWeaver with Microsoft .NET Nov 2007 – Nov 2009: United States Army (LMP project of CSC) . • Custom design of MIGO transaction process. New Screens and customer specific process. Designed and developed ZIGO and ZMMBE process to replace SAP MIGO and MMBE process. This was an extensive effort and covered all areas of Inventory management, Sales orders, Purchase orders and Warehouse process. • Data migration of master data and Transactions in MM and PP area. Trial load program development and data loads in Acquisition and IBO areas. CCSS, MILSTRIP PRs and POs. Developed PR validation program. IBO – BOM master, router and work center master data extract programs. Operations and Production order load programs. Also worked on Kits • Inventory management / Warehouse management (IM/WM) development • Full understanding of LMP development process. Worked on phase 1 and phase 2 both. July 2006 – Nov 2007: DHS / Customs SAP implementation • Design and implement customs manifest system in SAP • Design and implement customs goods entry system in SAP • Design and implement functional modules to retrieve data from SAP to Web portal • Analyze and recommend changes of customs business processes • SAP Interfaces to EIS enterprise integration services middleware to IBM websphere portal Feb 2006 – June 2006: Lockheed Martin, project, NY • Designed a custom enhancement to allow Mass Production order changes using a custom transaction. Customer use s a selection screen to gets multiple orders in a control table. A further selection of orders will change Assign times, operations, work centers, control key, Text, production resource tools and other items as described in the functional spec. The design used complex dialog programming using multiple screens and call transactions and BDC for processing. • Designed a functional specification of a FI Bank reconciliation custom report. Report reading a file from a 3rd party accounts payable system. Report reading data from a custom table and SAP Bank payment transactions and comparing the results of the two systems.
  3. 3. 3 • Designed an Interface between 3rd party accounts payable system to SAP . Loading payment data into SAP via a file sent by the external system. Sep 2005 – Dec 2005: United States Army, CSC partner, SAP version 4.6C2. • Interface SAP data to 3rd party software via Seebeyond. Data extracted included Purchase requisitions, Purchase orders, Project Inventory, Un-restricted inventory, Production orders with WBS elements and Project system information. Interface design included input from customer, various SAP functional teams and interface teams. Design required understanding of customer legacy data via meetings and workshops and then mapping legacy data to SAP fields. • Interface SAP data to a common Oracle database for a common data repository for non SAP systems. Data extracted included Purchase orders, Sales orders, Material master, Customer master, Production orders, Project system. Several SAP custom fields.. The design required a workshop involving customer, common database owners, SAP functional teams. Legacy data first analyzed and compared to SAP for proper mapping agreed by all teams. • In transaction MB31 (Goods receipt for order ) introduced a pop up screen using user exits. This will allow selection of parameters determining a correct batch of a material for the production order. Process involved, create production order CO10, goods issue, goods receipt against the order • Fixed an existing user exit forcing fixed qty of BOM components for a production orders • Designed and developed a process to release and reset serial numbers used in Production order. Created a new project and customer exit for this process. This allows a serial number to be re used for production KIT process. Feb 2004 – July 2005: Coach Factory: • SAP to Logility Planning application. Interface updating vendor data from SAP to Logility and Logility to SAP using custom screens and custom tables (dialog programming). • SAP Planning Application Design and Development using RFC calls. Application integrated to Excel spreadsheet utilizing VBA and SAP function calls. • Retail shipping data interface to third party software. • Design and development of Assets early retirement application using dialog programming. Application also included early Depreciation report • Special ledger user exit to invoke profit center change • Vendor invoice automation interface design and development • Billing and corresponding accounting document user exit to match goods issue docs • Material price per variant(PPV) analysis report dealing with material cost components • FI COGS (cost of goods sold report). • COEP table (CO line items) data interface to Essbase and Comshare systems. • Design and development of queries using multiple tables and different functional areas. • Interface design and development for SAP to CAPS data warehouse system.
  4. 4. 4 • Ecometry back order report program • In active Purchase requisition program. Checking all PRs and Purchase orders and capturing mismatches and idle PRs then allowing them to change or delete. • Purchase order query turned into a program for custom changes and Unix file transfer. • Existing Coach PR create program changed to separate Foot ware PRs create by Style. • Changed programs for performance improvements. • Load programs to update Logility Planning data. July 2003 – Jan 2004: Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) SAP implementation: Procurement Source Logic custom development (Long term Contracts Vendor Selection) User Exit development PO delivery dates Development and Configuration work in SD. MM , FI and Fund Management (IDE team) October 2002 – March 2003: United States Army, (LMP) Logistics Modernization Program, SAP version 4.6C2. - Extensively customized SAP SD Sales process to fit Army sales and logistics requirement. - Extensively customized SAP Purchasing returns process to fit Army, Navy and Air Force - Extensive use of IDOCS, BAPIs for interfaces with legacy systems through SeeBeyond. - Implementation of multiple user exits in SD, MM area to customize functional requirement - ABAP interface to COPA (Controlling and Profitability Analysis) and SD module (sales orders) May 2001 – February 2002: (GoodRich) Synergy Consulting / Goodrich Aero structures. New Implementation SAP version 4.6C2, - Data conversion from legacy to SAP (LSMW). - Customization using user exits and SAP Enhancements. (CMOD, SMOD) - Extensive use of IDOCS and BAPIs for customization and interfaces. - Writing and Reviewing Technical and functional specifications on SD, MM, PP. - ABAP interface programs between SD/MM and BW infoObjects, cubes. Feb-April 2001: (Bristol- Myers Squibb) Bristol- Myers Squibb (Pharmaceutical , version 4.6C, 3.1H) - SD, MM re-configuration to accommodate organization changes. - Revisiting and designing SD,MM business processes changes. - Custom programs, user exits, custom modules changes to fill the new requirement. - Enhancing and updating interfaces with 3rd party applications. 4/99 – 12/00, Random House, NY Sales information system (SIS) structures, tables, programs analysis and activation. Existing tables were extended, custom tables created. Programs were modified to use custom data and SAP data for SIS reporting. SAP sales and distribution Customer / Service reporting custom module. Designed ,developed, tested and promoted to Production system a custom module that is used in day to day reporting activities and decision making for Random house publishing firm. Custom module required configuration, screens, functional modules, interfaces,
  5. 5. 5 data dictionary objects, data base interaction, Correction and transport issues, user training, debug, modifications and enhancements based on user feed back. Designed and implemented security objects to secure the SAP module to be used by desired users. Worked closely with security authorization administrators to implement security changes. 11/97 – 3/99 American Standard - Custom Interface module development to facilitate automated transferring of data from SAP to a third party production-planning software. This custom interface module acts as an added functionality for each SAP installation with configuration screens provided for each site to configure their own interface module. The design required development of custom screens and menus for job scheduling and error corrections. Development of functional modules, Userexits, SAP enhancements and modifications. Security objects and data archiving scheme and design. - Configuration of SD,MM,PP functional modules were required to finish the interface design. - R/3 Basis system installation, maintenance, administration, security issues. 4/97 – 12/97, Random House, NY - Mass order maint, module pool program to change range of sales orders by Custom screens. - Utility to change shipping point and storage location of sales orders using BDC sessions. - Sales order cancellation program for sales that are open for the past 66 days. - Loading group report, Back order or open order report, Top title report, Wrong Invoice report, Un filled items report, partial orders report, Goods issue report. - A tool / utility to correct open orders with errors though line selection of an on line sales order list. User provides specific criteria for the list as input. 12/96 - 4/97 Eastman Chemical, TN & Stanley Works, CT - Functional modules development to automate Production Planning for Eastman Chemical - Data conversion from legacy system to SAP, audit and quality check through customized comparison utility programs for Stanley Works. 11/94 - 11/96 UniSource, PA - Account Receivable report on deduction amounts on customer payments for Unisource - Customized pricing screen for sales order entry screen, modification to SAP program SAPMV61A - Sales Representatives daily sales activity report (Sales, Pricing, Invoices, Billing) - Special pricing report for customers - Sales order entry screen of SAPMV45A modification and customization for the customer - Data conversion program loading UNIX / PC file data to SAP tables. - R/3 system administration, Network administration. Technical Services: Provided SAP Development Environment to programmers. Technical end user support. Implemented Remote access services using DIALS software on LAP top computers for remote SAP connection and other remote services Other experience: Unix / AIX , Shell Scripts. DB2 utilities to analyze large data. Supporting LAN Servers. Technology Applications Solutions to Personal Computers.
  6. 6. 6 Experience in IBM technologies, Mainframe and UNIX Workstations. Chip Design and testing Several IBM internal courses Operating systems: DOS, Windows, UNIX / AIX, VM , MVS Application Software: MS Office, Project, Access, outlook, Front Page, Vi, shell scripts Unix. EDUCATION / TRAINING MS Electrical Engineering, Syracuse University, NY, (Strength Distributed Computing) BS Electrical Engineering From SAP training centers: SAP Detail Sales and Distribution SAP R/3 Logistics Introduction ABAP/4 Programming Introduction and Advance On-line Programming SAP System Administration SAP R/3 ABAP/4 Data Interfaces Windows NT implementation ABT Project Workbench ABAP/4 Development Workbench Delta Several IBM internal courses. Achievement Recipient of IBM "BEST OF THE BEST" quality teams Other activities Learning Application software, Networking (LAN), Internet