Evaluation question 6


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Evaluation question 6

  1. 1. By Sahir Ahmed
  2. 2. During the production of our film, we used many new, and differenttechnologies which gave us and familiarised us with key skills in the mediafield, and ones that we could use in the future.Some of the new technologies we used: •Scribd •High Tech Cameras •Blogger •Tri – Pod •YouTube •Mac book •Microsoft Office •Slide Share
  3. 3. The High Definition cameras we becamefamiliar with are one of the most, if not themost important piece of technology that isassociated with media projects nowadays.During our preliminary, I made sure thebattery for the camera was fully charged inorder to allow us to film, within the leastamount of time so that not time was wastedon our part. I was assigned the role of thecameraman in my production group as wellwhich meant that I had to be the mostfamiliar with the camera as I would be the oneinvolved with it the most. The camera we usedwas top of the range which meant that thepicture quality recorded was HD (1080p), thebest and highest quality of film available atthis moment in time.
  4. 4. The tripod was a very important piece oftechnology we used. Although the tripod maynot be seen as technological as other things,it is just as important as the camera is tomedia production groups. The tripod enablesthe cameramen to hold the camera in a stableposition, stopping the camera from beingdropped and damaged, preventing thousandsof pounds worth of damage. Before thisoccasion, I had never used a tripod before,which meant that I had to get used to it, andbecome familiar with the skills needed towork the tripod properly. I found this ratherdifficult, however I was able to eventuallylearn the ways in working a tripod, and I wasable to secure and transport the camera safelywith the use of the tripod.
  5. 5. Although I was very familiar with this sort oftechnology, and use a Laptop almost everyday, Ihad never used a Mac Book before. This meantthat, initially, I found it rather difficult when itcame to working on the Mac Book, after a coupleof weeks, I eventually became fluent in the useof a Mac Book, and was able to use it effectively.I found that although the Mac Book was muchharder to use, it was much more suited to theneeds of media production groups, and had a lotof software already installed on the hard drivethat would be extremely useful to mediaproduction groups in the production of theirmedia products.
  6. 6. Scribd was a vital piece oftechnology we used to help importour work onto our group andprivate blogs. Scribd allowed us toimport many files that werecomposed on our Pc/Mac Book,and embed them onto our blogpage with the use of an embedcode.However, we encountered some problems with the use of Scribd. We foundthat, sometimes, when uploading a file onto Scribd, it would alter the file, andmake it invalid. In this case, I uploaded a word file onto Scribd, and found thatit ended up reshuffling and deleting some of the words contained in thatparticular document. After a while of trying to fix this error, I found that bysaving the document as a ‘PDF’ file, and re-uploading it onto Scribd, all theerrors were eliminated and it had been uploaded perfectly.
  7. 7. Slide Share was an extremely useful piece oftechnology for me. It enabled me to upload the workI did on Microsoft PowerPoint onto my group blog,and allowed me to have an alternative way ofuploading my work, rather than using the usualScribd. One of the pieces of work we used to uploadwith Slide Share was the equipment list as it enabledus to give the blog viewer a clear method of analysingour work.
  8. 8. Blogger, I think, was probably the most importantpiece of technology we used. It allowed us to have aninteractive online platform, on which we couldupload our work and meant that there was much lesspaperwork involved, as you would get with othertypes of coursework. This was the first time I hadused blogger, however I got used to it very quicklyand found it very easy to use.Being proficient in the use of Blogger, applied to me more than any othermember of my production team as I was in charge of maintaining the groupblog, which meant I had to update, clean and continuously monitor the blog,and without being familiar with Blogger it would have meant that I wouldntnot have been able to do this as well as I could have.
  9. 9. YouTube was the main tool we used toupload the video of our finalproduction. There were many reasonswhy we chose YouTube. Firstly, it isknown worldwide, therefore there is ahigher chance of us getting a widerrange of viewers on YouTube comparedto any other site.Secondly, watching videos on YouTube is fast, easy and extremely reliable.This meant that more people could watch our production video without anyhassle and hardly having to wait for the video to buffer. One thing that wecame across was that the uploading time for a video was rather long, so thistook us a while to get done. After that however, everything else was fine.
  10. 10. Microsoft office was used intensivelythroughout our production. Whether it wasMicrosoft Word or Microsoft PowerPoint,Microsoft Office allowed us to get our workdone in a very reasonable amount of time andallowed us to lay our work out in a appropriateway so it could be read easily.