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Panaji muncipal market – goa casestudy


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Panaji muncipal market – goa casestudy

  1. 1. CASE STUDY PANAJI MUNCIPAL MARKET - GOA Goa is a small state on the western coast of India. Though the smallest Indian state, Goa has played an influential role in Indian history. Goa was one of the major trade centers in India, thus it had always been attracting the influential dynasties, seafarers, merchants, traders, monks and| missionaries since its earliest known history. Throughout its history Goa has undergone continual transformation, leaving an indelible impression on various aspects of its cultural and socio-economic development. Goa is one of the youngest . The city Panaji is the capital of the state of Goa, and it is the headquarters of the north Goa district. Panaji is a tiny city that packs a large punch, built around a church facing a prominent square and lies on the bank of the Mondovi estuary in the district of north Goa.
  2. 2. CONNECTIVITY Panaji is the travel and transit hub of Goa. The city is well connected by roadways, airways, waten/ vays and railway network to the urban centers in the state, national capital and important cities in the neighboring states. | Kadamba bus terminal 3 KMs Carambolim Railway station 14 KMs
  3. 3. TIMELINE It was largely a marshy land with few fishermen with temporary hutments, Yusuf Adil Shah Builds Castle and 1510 Harem on the river bank as the summer palace in 1500 1631 Goa Captured by Portuguese Viceroy, count de Linhares, Dom Miguel de noronha built the 3.2 km causeway linking Panjim to Ribandar village it exists even today and is known as ‘Pointe de Linhares' and at a time it was constructed, was the longest bridge in existence 1780 TIME Panjim became the pital of Goa and was called ‘Nova Goa‘ by a royal decree on 22”“ march 1843 and its status 1843 was elevated to a city. Planned Development activities are stressed constructed 1909 of new roads and sguare taken place. New settlements Altinho, Campa| [1930] developed and expansion of city slowly took place. The Goa then 1961 incorporated into the Union of India in December 1961 1961 and 1987, The City Panaji was the capital of the union territory f Goa, Damen and Diu. The City Panaji became a 198., state capital on Goa's elevation to statehood in May 1987
  4. 4. LOCATION MAP s TWAIN Iw. - ' Vs-""", 'l AI‘t‘nI''il . AlHmwFur s cums . _ _ ‘ ’ _ _. _l__’_ , GOA an. .. m “"‘*’ ' - '4-1| ill I - -: uu~; .4p' I r- :1’-n; . ‘ -L-_, ,', '3.‘; t". _f, ,a i| rYnlI.1Vllill| lr I‘ ‘V 1 . 1. _ . .<. m u. IrV J INDIA /3 . ~.«. : . l; ..wT'. §“”‘ - "4-rm: Isl-Ila Goa - "‘ [:1 Bevaurrn ' ”“"7'“ ' t ‘ l . m an. , . L‘. ‘Vl(L)llVlI S. flnydauvu ~ ‘g am, . A: -no-n " . = *°"‘“° ' Cznaccrr. :‘ ' 92,1:-rr‘ I-Jim . rm M‘ ‘ ’»~ "‘ — Iznzzru ' sum ma Pulem ' I jI"| >I'. Ill. Iiulrlil; .. ‘V, -p_ int ll. llIlil" 1 '§'; ’._'§Y'. ‘cff'. ".”: "[i. ‘l5‘. ACCESSIBILITY Accessible from the 2 sides along the Bemoda Guedes road and the Brazil road (Near the river) Bernado Geudes road is a two way road with an effective width of 12m excluding the on street parking area. Brazil road is also two way road with a width of 10m
  5. 5. LAND USE MAP
  6. 6. DESIGN The plot area of existed market was 8665sqm which was increased to 13778sqm for providing additional facilities about 1377 vendors were accommodated in the project perishable and non-perishable items segregated to two different floors and basement provided for parking MICRO CLIMATE : Warm and Humid climate TOPOGRAPHY : Corrparatively flat with gradual slope towards north SKYLINE : The area is mostly dominated by two storied buildings matching the height of the market building thus maintaining the skyline. CONTEXT : The Adjacent Buildings in the vicinity have a mixed architectural character. (Goan contemporary)
  7. 7. CIRCULATION Efficient one way vehicular path has been provided on the three sides of the market thus minimizing vehicular conflicts. The Loading/ Unloading area has been made on the rear side so that these vehicle use the Brazil road. This access is also used by customers who park their car at the basement Customer Service Vehicle
  8. 8. ENTRY - Main entries are provided through North and South. Secondary entries are provided in east and west side. - Basement parking entry is through south side. - Each side are having 2M wide narrow entry - Each wing is having security at 2 -3 points. 2m wdn rarr-mu advance with inlet rum K-own: it
  9. 9. GROUND FLOOR PLAN . C|. M‘4S <rir: o>. 'L. h~. ‘:. -1-. 'r. . _ an . . . rurxficnolr nu. -1 r --(A . —. 'A'Type 'C'TVDe . , _, -, _ . - , . . . 'A'1'TYPe 'D'TYD€ ‘ . ".. ‘:" i 7*" ‘B’ Type ‘D-1'Type : « A - ~ -4 f—‘ . ‘I A’ . _. .———: -L- _I—I—r-*1
  10. 10. VERTICAL ZONING TOTAL AREA 1 1 3778SQM PLINTH AREA 2 7286SQM TOTAL BUILT UP AREA 2 21830SQM COVERAGE I 5296 FAR : 1 CENTRAL COURTYARD The Central portion Is completely lighted by the roof light provided. Have tried to use natural lighting. But there are also sorne narrow passages where the natural light can't reach and the have provided the artificial lighting facilities. Two 2.5 m wide stairs are provided from the central covered courtyard to the first floor. LOADlNGI UNLOADING The Plinth Level increased to cater to direct unloading and loading of commodities COM POSTING The waste is collected and segregated and it is converted to manure which is collected by the agricultural departrnent. About 20 tons of waste is collected each week
  11. 11. ELECTRICAL ROOM A I 3 Cubicles of varied temperature in Cold storage. Municipality office (15sqm room for manager who checks the laborer's entry) Generator room, Electrical rooms & Telephone department PARKING BASEMENT PARKING _ I , . '_. ‘.‘. ri‘-:1‘ ‘ F’ “Ii on Street Parking 2 wheeler parking: 7ONos Car Parking: 40Nos provided so as to favor people in hurry.