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Sahi Principles and Architecture


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This presentation describes the principles behind Sahi, the best automation tool for cross browser testing of complex AJAX applications. The video is available here:

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Sahi Principles and Architecture

  1. 1. Principles and Architecture of Sahi - Web Automation Simplified Narayan Raman
  2. 2. Primary ProblemVerify web application functionality NOTBuild a browser automation tool or library
  3. 3. Browser or No Browser?• At the protocol level – Parse extract and verify – Problem: No Javascript, no AJAX• At the browser – Advantage: • Closer to the real world • Handles Javascript/AJAX etc. BROWSER WINS
  4. 4. Browsers• IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera• Multitude of Versions, often releasing rapidly• No standards around browser automation APIs – No financial motivation for browser vendors to add these APIs and maintain them, especially on older versions
  5. 5. What the Tool needs to do• Access elements on the browser using some API• Simulate events such that they match the real user
  6. 6. Possibilities?• Write wrappers around every browser, past and present• Use something else
  7. 7. Constraints• Developer time and expertise – Knowledge required of various browsers and their architectures – Need too many experts on too many languages – Need to be able to support and reproduce issues across multiple browser/OS combinations• Lack of standards around browser automation APIs
  8. 8. Something Else? Javascript• Running Javascript is one of the core features of every browser.• Javascript can both identify elements (via the DOM) and simulate events.• Small impediments: – Events generated on different browsers are different – The DOM may be different across browsers
  9. 9. Using Javascript• Normalized/Simplified APIs to access DOM• Normalized APIs for event simulation which are tailored for different browsers Let us call it Sahi APIs• Is that it?
  10. 10. Execution?• How does the web page have access to these APIs? – Script src tag may be? <script src=“sahiapis.js”></script> Let us assume that
  11. 11. Execution? Contd.• Where is the script? – Add a js function to read a file (via an intermediate server) and execute it on the page• Consider a 3 line script 1 _setValue(_textbox(“login”), “user me”); 2 _click(_submit(“Login”)); // page refreshes 3 _click(_button(“Compose”));
  12. 12. Execution? Contd.• Page refresh flushes js memory/state• Who remembers that the script is on line 3? – Need a memory space which does not change with each page load – May be in an Iframe or new window?
  13. 13. Problems• Frame busting code• Javascript Security: – Loosely put, page from one domain cannot talk to another
  14. 14. Solution• Proxy injection – All browsers understand proxies and will continue to do so – Proxies let you inject code into web pages which the browser thinks is from the same domain – Can even work across domains, using the same techniques that are used for valid cross domain communication
  15. 15. Design Considerations• Aimed at Developers or Testers? – Testers • Should be simple to learn and use • Should resort to as little code as possible • Helpers like recorders, object spy etc. are necessary• Should the Sahi language be scriptable? – Sahi should read easily like DSL – But also be scriptable for added power
  16. 16. Language choice for Sahi• Javascript is the language of the Web• Users anyway need to know Javascript for success with web projects.• The backend of web apps may vary from J2EE to RoR to PHP, but the front end is always HTML and JS. JS is the ideal choice.• Sahi Script seamlessly interacts with browser javascript and also follows the Javascript syntax
  17. 17. Advantage of Javascript Events• Does not need browser window to be in focus• Can play back multiple browser tests simultaneously on browsers which allow cookie seclusion (Eg. Firefox/chrome profiles)
  18. 18. Sahi Script – Why not pure JS?• Needs of a Web Testing DSL – Should wait for readiness of web page state – Should recover from errors automatically – For simplicity, this waiting and recovery should be internally handled by the DSL rather than by the user – More code = more maintenance
  19. 19. DEMO
  20. 20. Sahi APIs and Parsing• Parsing done to: – Keep js code namespaces separate Eg. _sahi._click – All APIs belong to _sahi object.• Allows for automatic logging, wait handling and error recovery
  21. 21. Simple Architecture Sahi Proxying + js code injection Web AppBrowser Local Processor /_s_/ Recorder + Player Rhino Engine
  22. 22. The APIs• _textbox(“username”) – “username” may be the name, id, className etc. Intelligent defaults used. Can be configured.• APIs automatically recurse across frames and iframes.
  23. 23. Duplicates and Dynamic ids• Duplicates are indexed – BUT, indexes may lead to brittle tests.• Dynamic id patterns – Sahi knows common patterns to ignore. Can be configured. – Sahi will use properties other than id for these.
  24. 24. Contexts and UI Relations• Remove index by passing contexts. – _link(“Edit”, _near(_cell(“Customer 1”)))• All Sahi APIs can take contexts. – We call these UI Relations• Relate dynamic elements with business concepts which are more concrete.
  25. 25. UI Relation APIs• _near/_in – DOM based relations• _under – Positional relation Eg. _link(“Edit”, _near(_cell(“Customer 1”))) Or _image(0, _near(_cell(“Customer 1”)), _under(_cell(“Delete”)))
  26. 26. frames/iframes across domains• Sahi can handle pages which load multiple domains inside iframes. – Eg. Facebook login inside your web app.• Javascript alone cannot go across frames/iframes• But JS + Proxy combination removes the need for it
  27. 27. File Uploads• Bypass the browser• Append file content to request from inside the proxy• Needs some small documented hack to handle browser validation of file fields.
  28. 28. More Goodness• Works on any browser which supports a proxy and javascript. – Android, iOS browsers too• Can modify http headers to simulate other mobile browsers• Can force IE9 to work as IE7 or IE8 by adding relevant meta tags
  29. 29. Sahi• Sahi – Open Source• Sahi Pro – Commercial product Details:
  30. 30. Thank You V Narayan Raman @narayanraman @_sahi Tyto Software Pvt. Ltd.