Survey -' Pain' and 'Happiness' Points of the Indian automobile consumer


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A survey of the ' Pain " and ' Happiness ' Points of the auto / car consumer in India - Opportunities to identify key consumer needs and differentiate

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Survey -' Pain' and 'Happiness' Points of the Indian automobile consumer

  1. 1. Customer Insights related to automobiles in the context of India – ‘ Pain’ and ‘ Happiness’ Points – a survey conducted by
  2. 2. Reasons for Buying a car – new / pre-ownedReasons for buying a carEnjoying with the family together / Adventure / Long Rides / Holidays at nearby placesElderly Parents /Ailment in the familyControl over ones time - reduced dependence on public transportDecreased time spent in travelling + reduced expenses on taxi fare
  3. 3. Considerations while determining brand/ make/ model / variant of a car – new / pre-owned
  4. 4. Reasons why people are interested in buying a pre-owned carReasons why people are interested in buying a pre-owned carBudget ConstraintsDo not know driving - learn on a pre-owned car and then go for a new carFrom pre-owned car outlets of major car manufacturers : High degree of assuagement of the risk factor
  5. 5. Reasons for selling –off a pre-owned car
  6. 6. Reasons why people are averse to a pre-owned carReasons why people are averse to buying a pre-owned carapprehensive about engine conditions ,Trust factor - no body of knowledge based on researchApprehensions of getting fleeced , cheated . Pre Owned Car Outlets of major automobile manufacturers will go to any extent to sell their carsChanges in pollution control norms coulds saddle you with a car not saleable laterpast owner details often unavailableno details whether the car had an accident earlierno details whether the car was stolenno knowledge of what to check as parameters of the pre-owned carBrokers not upfront with facts - come out little by littleProper documentation is suspect
  7. 7. Dealer Related IssuesDealer related issuesAlways pushes for loan financing of the bank tied up with -not the cheapest rateAfter down -payment dealer is not very prompt in answering queriesArrogance / PushinessNeed to know how far the work-shops are from the residencesWhether w/s closed on Saturdays and Sundays In case of selling a pre-owned car best to deal with dealers - statutory levies taken care ofLook down attitude of Pre- Owned Outlets of major automobile manufacturers - if one does not buy a new carTrust-worthiness of dealers in question - raw deal Pre-Owned Car Outlets of major automobile manufacturers - always try to depress the price in case of buyingNo rationale of detrmining price while selling a pre -owned car - varies from dealer to dealerOnce car is sold dealers tend to take liberties with customers - case of accessories / alloy wheels
  8. 8. Dealer Related Issues
  9. 9. Issues related to accessories
  10. 10. Opportunities / need-gaps
  11. 11. Information could not find anywhere in the portal but wanted it
  12. 12. Possible services for new cars – an array to choose from
  13. 13. Possible services for buying/selling pre-owned cars – an array to choose from
  14. 14. Possible beefing up on content based on customer inputs