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  1. 1. Italy Italian Republic Is located in Southern Europe. To the north of Europe, Italy borders France, Switzerland, Aus tria, and Slovenia
  2. 2. Flag Green: stands for hills and green field. White : stands for the snow that covered alps mountains. Red : stands for the charity.
  3. 3. Currency • The currency of Italy is Euro (€) • One € Equal 5 Saudi Riyal
  4. 4. Population, Language &Religion Last 2012, the population of Italy was around 60 million. They Spoke Italian Language. And majority of the population’s religion is Roman Catholics.
  5. 5. Italy’s Geography Italy has mountains, islands, seas and its almost surrounded by water. There are beautiful mountains in Italy called the Alps. The Alps A Seaside Village The Famous Lake is Grada The Famous mountain is Alps
  6. 6. Because the country is located in Southern Europe, it is hot in the summer from June to August, especially August while the Northern part of the country is cold from November to March especially January . The best time to visit Italy in April, May , September and October and the weather is rainy In this period Italy Climate
  7. 7. Major Cities Venice, Rome, and Milan are major cities and most popular cities in Italy. A lion with wings is the symbol of Venice. A long time ago the city was timeless. And every year the city has a very famous carnival. It is a city surrounded by water and they use Gondola to move inside it. Rome is Italy’s capital and it is also the largest city. Milano is one of Italy’s most popular travel cities so it is called International Fashion Capital . Venice Rome Milano
  8. 8. Famous tourist places
  9. 9. El Duomo Square , Milan
  10. 10. Leaning Tower of Pisa , Tuscany The Tower of Pisa is made by a marble and stone. It wasn’t leaning when the constructing it It’s leaning because the Ground factors and it has stood for hundreds of years. It’ one if the Seven wonders
  11. 11. Trevi fountain, Roma Most people (either Italian or tourist) believe that tossing a coin in a fountain will bring Good Luck
  12. 12. Venice
  13. 13. Some famous italian foods are pizza and pasta.There are many types of pizza (margarita, pepperoni, vegetarian, etc.) as well as pasta ( spaghetti, lasagna, fettuccine, ravioli, tortellini, etc.). Italian Food
  14. 14. Italian desserts The most famous desserts is Tiramisu. And the Italian people like to drink coffee
  15. 15. Italian people like ice cream which is called Gelato. Gelato is made with milk, cream, various sugars, and flavoring such as fresh fruit and nut.
  16. 16. Famous Italians Leonardo di Vinci was a painter, sculptor, architect, musician, math ematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, g eologist, cartographer, botanist, and writer. His famous artwork is the Monalisa Leonardo di Vinci Born: April 15, 1452, Vince, Italy Died: May 2, 1519, Amboise, France
  17. 17. It's good luck for Italian to be married on a Sunday , and it's best luck if it raining . It's also good luck to release white doves during the ceremony and some couples choose to have the dove cage into the cake and released when the cut the cake . Wedding traditions
  18. 18. Best thing about Italy The laid back life style All of beautiful places Amazing Natural The people are friendly Best Shopping Great food , coffee and Ice Cream
  19. 19. Who interested to visit Italy ? To visit Italy you Need : • Schengen Visa . • Travel Ticket . • And A lot of money 