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SAHARA INDIA PARIWAR presention with proof

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  • So pls tell me this project on finance topic or not.

    Dheeraj Garg
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  • so pls tell me this project on finance topic or not

    Dheeraj Garg
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  • if anyone who is passionate about network marketing then he/she can contact me(9555715617)....only passionate persons are allowed
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  • I want my Form 16 for current financial year. So, pls help me for how to get my form 16. My agent code no is 125811364. My name is Dinesh Kumar. Sehore Sector. M.P. My contact no is 9584348707
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  1. 1. Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications
  2. 2. Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications
  3. 3. In business profit earnings and overall growth of business get the highest priority and are certainly creditable, but ultimate credibility of business enterprise, particularly of larger ones is in the utilisation of profit, be it for best possible upliftment of its workforce and for espousing Social, National Development causes or for rendering services to mankind as a whole. Fulfilling the Qualitative aspect of utilisation of profit, the world's largest family ‘Sahara India Pariwar' is proud to have reached today new horizons of growth and development. On the basis of our philosophy of Collective Materialism we have always given importance to the fact that profit earning is the Quantitative aspect whereas the proper utilisation of profit is the Qualitative aspect. Ironically, we only recognise and get recognised by the Quantitative aspect. I, therefore earnestly appeal to one and all in Politics, Media, Business etc. that every action, reaction, selection, appreciation or criticism should be oriented strictly towards the Qualitative aspect. I appeal to anybody and everybody to accord top priority to Qualitative aspect in anything and everything for peaceful, prosperous and progressive co-existence of mankind anywhere and everywhere. Today, I feel proud of the fact that I am the Guardian of the World's largest family. Perhaps, I am the world's only person whose family is so vast, so disciplined, so dedicated and so committed. Such a vast family as Sahara India Pariwar has a grand and infinite future and I am sure that we will sustain our duty, consciousness, discipline and dutifulness with a sense of dedication, as we have always done in the past, so that together we could build an India full of energy and radiance. "Saharasri" Subrata Roy Sahara Managing Worker & Chairman Sahara India Pariwar My Biggest Achievement of Life "I'm very proud to be the Guardian of The World's Largest Family"
  4. 4. SAHARA INDIA PARIWAR'S PHILOSOPHY "Collective Materialism" In any human relationship, it becomes imperative to take into consideration the materialistic aspect of life -we do so but by giving it second priority. The first priority is given to emotional aspect and with perfect blending of materialism with emotionalism results in continuous collective growth for collective sharing and caring, that gives an impetus to our philosophy - " COLLECTIVE MATERIALISM ". Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications
  5. 5. Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications
  6. 6. No Trade Union In this emotionally integrated family, " Nobody has ever felt the need for a Trade Union and it does not exist.“ Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications
  7. 7. Emotion Discipline Duty No Discrimination Quality Give Respect Self Respect Truth Collective Materialism Religion Absolute Honesty Emotion is in Performance of genuine duties towards the loved ones primarily in their benefit, from their point of view. EMOTION is THE KEY that generates the required energy and enthusiasm for desired quality performance. The enthusiastic obedience of laws and orders, which are given by the rightful authority.v The enthusiastic obedience of laws and orders, which are given by our CONSCIENCE. Never should we discriminate in any of our actions, reactions, attitudes, decisions, conclusions, in any of our expressions while caring for the six healths of other human beings, namely physical, material, mental, emotional, social and professional healths. Results from honouring Rules, Regulations, Commitments, Values, Fairness, Performance of Duties by honestly balancing one's own and others' reasonable point of view in the matters of Material & Emotional aspects. To definitely make others feel important and respected by giving sincere regard to others' feelings, reasonable wishes & thoughts with an open and receptive mind and warmth. To develop a sense of respect for oneself in others' mind, i.e. to generate genuine & warm feelings for oneself among others on a continuous basis. Means total transparency in action, reaction, attitude and all other expressions and the conviction to follow the right course. Means to progress and prosper together for collective sharing and caring and not individually or for a select group. There is a religion higher than religion itself - it is NATIONALITY. We may practise our religions in the confines of our homes, but outside, we should be Indians and only Indians. ‘Bharatiyata' or Nationalism thus becomes our supreme religion. People generally manipulate and deceive for achieving their unreasonable desires and greed if others do not or cannot see, hear or understand. But we firmly believe that our mind inside knows the truth and we should be absolute honest to our mind inside and accordingly our actions, reactions, directions, decisions and all our expressions should be present in all human dealings. Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications WE CHASE QUALITY, QUANTITY CHASES US Core Commitments - Our Strength
  8. 8. Corporate Social Responsibility Sahara India Pariwar is committed to make determined efforts to help India emerge as a developed nation. It has always acted as a catalyst in the developmental projects of the country. The amount spent for various Social, Developmental, Cultural & Sports Programmes by Sahara India Pariwar by June, 2010 is ` 1085 crore approx . Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications
  9. 9. There is a religion higher than religion itself - it is the INDIAN NATIONALITY. The swirl of the Tricolour never fails to move a Sahara Worker. For we believe, it is the great feeling that transcends all castes, creed and sects. Bharat Parva is celebrated on every 26th of January and 15th of August with a spirit and gaiety rarely seen. It comes from our heart. Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications
  10. 10. Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications
  11. 11. Sahara Utsav Yatra (Year 2002) was the journey with "Bharat Mata" to catalyse the feeling of nationalism within every Indian, a tribute to the supreme religion of all Indians- "Bharatiyata". It was also conceived as a platform to generate awareness amongst the masses for the five issues that are crucial for the nation's development today - Population Explosion, Education, Religion, Role of Media and Elections and to bring about peace, harmony, amity and brotherhood across the nation. The Yatra encompassed more than 24,000 km., covering over 400 destinations across India in two phases. Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications
  12. 12. Sahara Utsav Yatra Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications
  13. 13. Sahara Welfare Foundation, the social development unit of Sahara India Pariwar, is engaged in social welfare projects, alleviating people's sufferings and bringing to them new rays of hope and a brighter tomorrow. The projects of Sahara Welfare Foundation focus on women and disabled who are socially and economically marginalised and deprived people and communities irrespective of age, caste, class, gender or race are able to participate actively in the process of their development so that they may lead a life of dignity and respect. Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications
  14. 14. "I Thank Sahara India Pariwar for taking up the responsibility of 300 Kargil martyrs' families. I believe more such institutions and families will come forward to fulfill their duty towards the nation. " Former Prime Minister of India, Mr. Atal Behari Vajpayee Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications
  15. 15. Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications
  16. 16. Sporting activities are among the most spirited, healthy and energetic facets of our society. Sahara India Pariwar's strong commitment to this is reflected in its close association with different sports. In commitment to this belief, Sahara India Pariwar has been the official sponsor of Indian Cricket Team from the year 2001 onwards, Asia’s oldest football league, Calcutta Football League, official sponsor of Indian Hockey Team since 2003 and patrinozed ‘sheeshmahal’ cricket tournament which is one of the oldest summer cricket tournaments of India. Sahara bagged the much coveted Indian Premier League franchise and its team, Sahara Pune Warriors is now a part of this very prestigious cricket league. It has also been the official partner to the Indian Contingent for the Athens Olympics, 2004. Sahara has adopted 13 leading boxers and 17 leading wrestlers as well as 27 leading archers and shooters till London Olympics 2012 and is committed to provide them with better infrastructure to enable them to achieve glories in international sporting events. Sahara is the title sponsor of the Senior National Boxing and Wrestling Championships for the next 4 years. The Pariwar inaugurated India's biggest sports awards, Sahara India Sports Awards in 2009 to accord recognition and encouragement to India's finest sporting talent. Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications
  17. 17. Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications
  18. 18. What A commitment of Sahara India Pariwar to the genuine needs and rights of anybody & everybody-Be it to a depositor, newspaper reader, consumer .... all business associates and Sahara India Family Members. Need India needs effective consumer protection and protection of workers' genuine rights. There are various agencies, promising protection & action. But no external body can provide justice unless the company becomes ‘QUALITY CONSCIOUS’ WITH STRICTLY NO DISCRIMINATION POLICY AND JUSTICE CONSCIOUSNESS as its very dominating nature. Motto We not only believe but practise NO DISCRIMINATION, JUSTICE & HIGH QUALITY - means enthusiastic, productive performance of duty ‘KARTAVYA’ towards the consumers', workers' genuine satisfaction. Aim To provide justice - Be it a matter of tiniest imperfection or injustice in our COMMITMENT- products or services, direct or indirect, short term or long term. Where Kindly rush your grievances/suggestions or any queries related to Sahara India Pariwar to the nearest Sahara establishment and/or to : 'SAHARA INDIA PARIWAR KARTAVYA COUNCIL' Sahara Shaher, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow - 226010 Website : e-mail : [email_address] Fax : +91-522 - 2301895 Toll Free Number : 1800-180-5205 POSTAGE AND OTHER GENUINE EXPENSES WILL BE REIMURSED BY THE COMPANY Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications
  19. 19. A 33-year old Sahara India Pariwar is full of youthful energies, undying passion and relentless dedication. A powerhouse of confidence and determination to achieve quantitative success through qualitative performance. All set to move ahead toward an unbelievably great and glorious golden jubilee. Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications
  20. 20. RESIDUARY NON-BANKING COMPANY India's Largest Residuary Non-Banking Company and other Financial/Non Financial Scheme Promotions Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications FINANCE
  21. 21. SAHARA INDIA LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED : The first wholly Indian Owned Private Life Insurance Company with presence in most parts of the country. It has a team of well trained and committed professional advisors with special focus on rural areas and the less affluent segments of the Indian society. The company offers an exhaustive range of competitive products that caters to individuals of all ages and segments along with prompt and quality customer services and support. Mutual Fund SAHARA ASSET MANAGEMENT COMPANY PRIVATE LIMITED : A disciplined and professional Fund House bringing World Class performances in Mutual Fund Management. Housing Finance SAHARA HOUSINGFINA CORPORATION LIMITED : A National Housing Bank regulated & BSE listed company. In India, housing finance market is around ` 1,20,000 crore (USD 25,580 million) with a growth rate of around 20%. Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications Life Insurance FINANCE
  22. 22. INFRASTRUCTURE & HOUSING Aamby Valley City is planned as an exclusive City nestled across 10,600 acres of the majestic Sahayadris in the pristine Western Ghats. The project envisages development of a premium, self-contained City with a well laid out world class infrastructure and facilities for premium living, leisure and entertainment, sports and adventure, knowledge and education, hospitality and fine dining, advanced healthcare, meetings and conferences etc. in a highly secured environment. Aamby Valley City's accomplishments include some exclusive lifestyle products, like – a CAT – III ILS equipped All-Weather Airport, a PGA approved 18 Whole day-and-night Championship Golf course and an International School (IB & IGCSE). The first fully integrated Hill City with well-laid infrastructure and captive utilities has plans for creating an ensemble of approx. 13,000 exquisite high-end Villas, Chalets and other residential properties in distinctive architectural styles. Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications ONE OF INDIA’S BEST AND THE LARGEST INFRASTRUCTURE & HOUSING COMPANY
  23. 23. Mega Quality Townships SAHARA CITY HOMES: The world's largest chain of integrated townships ranging from approx. 80-300 acres offering amenities superbly matched to international standards being developed in number of Tier I, Tier II & Tier III cities across India. A Sahara City Homes Integrated township shall typically consist of a gated community with residential units in the form of apartment towers, townhouses and individual houses together with the following facilities and amenities :- Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications Cont…
  24. 24. Mega Quality Townships Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications
  25. 25. Sahara Grace Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications The premium residential complexes typically designed on 10-30 acres, comprising solely of residential units like apartments, villas and penthouses.
  26. 26. Hotel Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications A world-class 5-Star Hotel spread over 7.42 acres and located adjacent to the Mumbai domestic airport, it is the flagship hotel project of Sahara India Pariwar. Currently, it has 210 guest rooms, 13 suites and 9 restaurants which is expandable to 412 rooms and 13 restaurants. It contains some of the best modern features like World's largest pillarless clear-to-sky dome of its kind, World's first Hemisphere-shaped Glass Elevators, Marine Aquarium, Lagoon area, Inward and Outward facing rooms, Glass Roof rooms, Spacious Parking and shall have amenities like Sahara Health and Wellness Centre, Multi-cuisine restaurants and Preview theatre.
  27. 27. GROSVENOR HOUSE, LONDON Frequented by royalty,celebrities and business leaders leaders since its opening in 1929, the historic and iconic hotel, Grosvenor House was acquired by Sahara India Pariwar in December 2010. The plans are to make Grosvenor House a most sought after destination of London with its time-honoured tradition of exceptional style, service and facilities.
  28. 28. SAHARA HOSPITAL, LUCKNOW : A state-of-the-art, multi-speciality, tertiary care hospital providing world class facilities with more than 50 super specialities and latest generation equipments under one roof. This hospital got operational in February 2009 and is currently operating with approximately 350 beds, including 120 bed Critical Care Infrastructure and expandable to 554 beds. It is spread on 31 acres and contains ultra-modern centre for preventive and alternative medicines like Ayurveda, Homoeopathy, Naturopathy and Yoga for Holistic approach. Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications Hospital
  29. 29. Residential & Commercial Building Projects Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications Major housing & commercial building projects in India including malls & premium apartments.
  30. 30. MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY Entertainment Channel SAHARA ONE : 24 hours digitally encrypted Entertainment Channel spread globally. Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications
  31. 31. MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY Movie Channel FILMY : 24 hours digitally encrypted Movie Channel. Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications
  32. 32. MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY Cinema Production Hindi Cinema Production House in India SAHARA ONE MOTION PICTURES : Has always provided a platform for unique and quality cinema and continues its quest to entertain all kind of audience. It has released over 35 films and won 5 National Awards. Special Effects Studio Geon Studios: Designs, develops and delivers cutting - edge digital visual effects for domestic and international feature film and television projects. Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications
  33. 33. MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY Cinema Halls Developing Largest Chain of Multiplexes in India Developing Largest Chain of Multiplexes in India. Around 230 x 3 screens throughout the country. Film City Developing world-class film city on around 100 acres of land with an investment of ` 180 crores (USD 41.74 million) approximately and with an Academy. Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications
  34. 34. MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY National News Channel SAMAY: Round-the-clock free-to-air National Hindi news channel. Regional News Channel SAHARA SAMAY: Round-the-clock 36 city specific Regional news channels. Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications
  35. 35. MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY Urdu Weekly AALMI SAHARA: 28 pages International Urdu Weekly. Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications Aalmi Sahara English Weekly 1 National Edition – 72 pages English Weekly with Pan India News Network. Sahara Time
  36. 36. MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY Urdu Daily 15 Editions of Urdu Daily Newspaper with 9 Printing Centers. Hindi Daily RASHTRIYA SAHARA : 38 Editions of Hindi Daily Newspaper with 6 Printing Centers. Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications Roznama Rashtriya Sahara Rashtriya Sahara Urdu Monthly BAZM-E-SAHARA: 100 Pages Monthly Magazine.
  37. 37. MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY News Section 50 bureaus, 1000 correspondents across the globe & over 1600 V-SATs for news collection Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications
  38. 38. Consumer Products Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications Offering a range of Consumer Products under three categories - Sahara Select, Sahara Care & Sahara Sports. At present our product division offers a range of products of everyday use as well as objects of desire through a chain of showrooms called 'Unique' in various locations of India. The number of these showrooms is proposed to be increased to 6000. The products offered come under three categories 1. Sahara Select - Fashion & Lifestyle Products 2. Sahara Care - Daily Need Products and 3. Sahara Sports - Fitness & Leisure Products Sahara Select Personal & Beauty Care Home Care Clothing Jewellery & Watches Accessories Home Decor Houseware Home Furnishings Kids Products Furniture Sahara Care Personal & Beauty Care Home Care Food items Sahara Sports Sports Wear Sports Accessories
  39. 39. COMMODITY SALES WITH SERVICES AND RETAIL CHAIN Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications SAHARA COMOSALE - SAHARA COMSERVS - SAHARA CARE - Offering A Wide Range of Commodities & Services India’s largest commodity sales and services company. We shall soon be having our full-fledged working bases with staff at over 2800 offices in India and 16 more countries with 23 offices having 100 franchisees in each country like England, China, Germany, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, West Indies, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, USA, Australia, Japan, Qatar, Dubai, Russia, Nepal, Bangladesh.
  40. 40. Jute Project ARARIA JUTE PROJECT : Is engaged in creating self- employment to bring forth socio-economic development of the people of Araria, through its training-cum-R&D centre and produces eco-friendly, biodegradable top export quality diversified jute products e.g. Blankets, Carpets, Floor covering, Handicrafts, Jute Chappals etc. and successfully creating high demands both in Domestic and International Market. Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications MANUFACTURING
  41. 41. Handicraft Promotion MASTERCRAFT : Top of the line International Retail Store Chain offering luxury lifestyle products, handmade by master crafters to perfection. Catering to high end customers, the product line includes apparel for Women, Home Furnishings, Silk Carpets and Rugs, Fashion Accessories, Jewellery of Gold & Silver, Precious Stones and Artificial Jewellery, Chandeliers, Marble, Wooden, Stone and Art Metalware Masterpieces and Leather Products and much more. Stores to come up in London, New York, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Dubai, Mumbai and Delhi. Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications MANUFACTURING
  42. 42. SAHARA NEXT: Providing IT Services, Outsourcing, Web Media and Mobile Interactivity & Application Solutions. Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications Information Technology
  43. 43. Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications GRATITUDE We are indebted to those nation-builders, nation-lovers, guides, visionaries, eminent personalities, artists, industrialists (whose photographs are exhibited here) and express our profound respect and gratitude to them who have inspired us with their encouraging thoughts in our assemblies and meetings. We have always been encouraged by their proper, valuable and thoughtful reviews. We convey our best withes from the inner most core of our hearts to these renowned personalities for their continuous contribution towards the overall progress of our motherland and human society.
  44. 44. Gratitude ...with Nobel Laureate Late Mother Teresa Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications
  45. 45. Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications Gratitude
  46. 46. Gratitude Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications
  47. 47. Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications