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Kolkata’s most visited places


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For me kolkata is the most beautyful city

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Kolkata’s most visited places

  1. 1. Kolkata the city of joy situated besides the bang of Ganges. Kolkata has been nick named the city of palaces ,this comes from numerous palatial mansions built all over the city. The buildings were designed and inspired by the tastes of the English gentleman around and the aspiring Bengali Babu .Not only the buildings it also has some visiting places which shows the culture and the nature of Bengali people. Few of those are -Victoria memorial; Dakshinersw temple; town hall; museum; Eden gardens; Kumartooly; science city etc.
  2. 2. Dakshineswer Kali mondir is aHindu temple locate inDakshineswer near Kolkata.Situated on the eastern bank ofthe Hooghly river, the presidingdeity of the temple is Bhavatarini,an aspect of Kali, literallymeaning, ‘She who takes Herdevotes across the ocean ofexistence’. The temple was built byRani Rasmoni, a philanthropistand a devotee of Kali in 1855. Thetemple is famous for its associationwith Ramakrishna a mysti8c of 19thCentury Bengal. Now its not only areligious place of Hindu, its also aplace of visit to the traveler or anewcomer of Kolkata.
  3. 3. The Indian Museum is the largest museum in Asia. TheMuseum Situated on Chowringhee Avenue, it housesperhaps the greatest collection of Indian natural historyand an Indian Art collection to rival the SmithsonianInstitution and the British Museum. Of specific note arethe meteorite hall and dinosaur hall in the NaturalHistory and Geology section, the numismatics sectionand the collections of Gandhara Art, Burmesewoodwork, Mughal miniatures and Tibetan bannersections in the Indian Art section. The AnthropologicalSurvey of India headquarters and the GovernmentCollege of Art and Craft are housed in the same building.The Geological Survey of India headquarters movedfrom the museum to Bidhan Nagar recently. The IndianMuseum has a library of excellent historical value, it haslots of historical things to see, not only the things relatedto Indian history there is also few things which is relatedto the foreign countries like mummy etc. The travelerwho comes to visit Kolkata are also visit the museum.
  4. 4. The Victoria Memorial, officially the VictoriaMemorial Hall, is a memorial building dedicated toVictoria, Queen of the United Kingdom and Empressof India, which is located in Kolkata, India- thecapital of West Bengal and a former capital of BritishIndia. It currently serves as a museum and a touristattraction. It is an autonomous organization withinthe Government of India’s Ministry of Culture.The memorial was designed by Sir William Emersonusing Indo-Saracenic style, incorporating Mughalelements in the structure. Lord Redesdale and SirDavid Prain designed the gardens. The foundationstone of the memorial was laid down in the year 1906.The monument was intended to serve as a tribute tothe success of the British Empire in India.
  5. 5. Calcutta Museum (Town Hall), Kolkata is one of the finestmuseums located in the City of Joy. Founded by the AsiaticSociety in the year of 1814.Also known as Kolkata Panorama, this ancient building unfoldsthe cultural richness of the city. It upholds the history ofKolkata and is known to unravel its rich heritage. The CalcuttaMuseum is separated in to 19 enclaves and the museum givesus an insight about the social, tumultuous freedom movement,political and socio-economic history, and the domains ofliterature, education, performing art, music, science andtechnology of Kolkata. The visitors are sure to enjoy the richpast of the city. It is the perfect place to enrich your self aboutthe past history of Asia.The most interesting and exciting thing about Town Hall, is thatit conveys the rich history of Kolkata with the aid of animatedlight and sound shows. Visitors of all ages enjoy this show. It isespecially interesting for the children, who will find interest ifthe Kolkata history is shown to them via this medium.The museum is huge and spacious and covers about 1200square meters. When you are within this museum, you will findvarious information about the Bengal Renaissance, battle ofPlassey and the music of Kolkata. The history of FreedomStruggle is fully depicted in this museum.
  6. 6. Eden GardensEden Gardens is a cricket ground in Established in 1864, Eden GardensKOLKATA . It is the home of the currently holds 90,000 peopleBengal cricket team and the Indian following renovations for thePremier League’s Kolkata Knight Cricket World Cup 2011; a capacityRiders, as well as being a Test and down from an estimated 100,000one day international ground. It is before the upgrade. Eden Gardensthe largest cricket stadium in India is also the second largest stadium inby seating capacity. It is widely India behind the Salt Lake Stadiumacknowledged to be the most iconic also situated in Kolkata. Thecricket stadium in the country and stadium is located in the Binoyone of the most iconic stadiums in Badal Dinesh Bag(BBD Bag) areathe world. Eden Gardens has hosted of the city, near the State35 Test matches in India. Secretariat and the High Court
  7. 7. Place of Clay Modeling Kumartooly is the place of clay modeling.This place is as old as the city. Durga puja isthe main festival of this city. Only thejaminders were do this puja in there mahal.For this reason they called the clay artist fromKrishnanagar to create the goddess image.They came here and started living there.During the partition of the country some of theclay artist of Bangladesh came here andstarted there work. Hundred of the foreigntourist came here to see the art, and theimage of the god and goddess.
  8. 8. Thank you for Paying your Attention!