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JustDial E-mails into Impel CRM!


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Impel CRM customers who use the JustDial™ local search service for generating leads can now have
those leads appear correctly
organized inside Impel CRM.

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JustDial E-mails into Impel CRM!

  1. 1. PK4 Software Technologies For Details, Contact: Sahana Bose#31, Kempapura, Hebbal Phone +91-80-3008-0000Bangalore 560024, INDIA sahana@impelcrm.inPhone +91-80-3008-0000Fax Impel Press Release JustDial emails into Impel CRM! JustDial™ Email leads integrated with Impel CRM. Bangalore, India, July 11th , 2011 -- Bangalore-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) CRM company, PK4 Software Technologies, today announced the integration of JustDial™ email leads into its flagship product, Impel CRM. Impel CRM customers who use the JustDial™ local search service for generating leads can now have those leads appear correctly organized inside Impel CRM. JustDial™ is India’s leading local search engine and caters to over 240 million unique visitors across 240 cities in India. Unlike in the West, consumers in India are more comfortable using a voice-based system for search compared to using the Internet. Now, when a consumer calls JustDial™ enquiring for a specific service and that query is forwarded to an Impel customer, Impel uses it’s PATTON (Pattern Recognition Online) technology to intelligently analyze the incoming message, ties it to the right Contact and shows it up as a recent Lead. Last year, Impel CRM had integrated Just Dial’s SMS based leads into Impel CRM – this takes that integration to other models including email. Narasimhan (Kishore) Mandyam, CEO of PK4 Software said “Bringing Leads into Impel is easy, much like any good CRM.” “But that’s nowhere enough, though.” he added. “The problem JustDial customers have is that there’s a huge inflow that demands near-instantaneous response. If a salesperson has to read through every JustDial email, figure out the name and number of the caller and so on, someone
  2. 2. Just Dial into Impel CRM Page 2else will have gotten the deal by the time s/he picks up the phone. Our configurable PATTONtechnology cuts all that down, working in real-time to make sales happen for our customers.”An Impel CRM Web Service picks up emails from JustDial and uses PATTON to not only identify theright details but also ensure that there’s no duplication of things like Contact info. Additionally, Impel’sWorkflow Engine can be configured to automatically send email or SMS responses back to the personwho originally called JustDial, making for a truly effective prospect experience.About PK4.PK4 is the SaaS CRM leader in India. Our flagship product, Impel CRM, helps companies put theircustomers at the center of their business. Impel CRM helps sales and support executives spend moretime with customers and less on administrative work. Impel CRM helps companies increase revenuesand maximize profits by improving sales productivity, marketing efficiency and customer service. ImpelCRM is used by sales, marketing and customer service teams across a variety of industries rangingfrom SMBs to large enterprises. PK4 offers a free 15 day trial of Impel. All you need to do is click onthe Free Trial button on and start using Impel – now!JustDial is the Trade Mark of Just Dial Private Limited. Just Dial Pvt. Ltd and PK4 Software Technologies are un-related companies. *****