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Impel CRM Overview


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Impel CRM Overview

Published in: Technology, Business
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Impel CRM Overview

  1. 1. Easy, Effective and Economical CRM Solution
  2. 2. A comprehensive CRM system covers the following areas: Sales force Automation Marketing Automation Customer Service Automation Partner Management
  3. 3.  Flexible Configuration Value for money India centric Simple to use interface geared for the novice user Accessible anytime, anywhere on any device Faster ROI
  4. 4.  Sales functions Customer Support Sales Management Business functions Products User Security
  5. 5.  Make quicker sales Improved field effectiveness Forecast revenue Market better Improved customer satisfaction Web based system A hosted solution without any hassles
  6. 6. “ We wanted a system that was easy touse, quick to implement and at Indianprices. With Impel CRM, we got all thatand more. ” Alok Modi Managing Director, Modi Tyres.