How to make promotions go VIRAL


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Presentation on the Art and Science of Making Ads, Promotions and Campaigns go Viral. It explains the key characteristics of the content and the process for an effective execution.
Discussed Examples - Smart Water, Nike Hyperdunk, Dark Kight and Memes.

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How to make promotions go VIRAL

  1. 1. How to Make an Ad orPromotion go Viral?By: Gautam Chawla and Sahaj CheemaMBA Students at Shulich School of BusinessSocial Media Enthusiasts
  2. 2. “A guide for creating a successful viralcampaign is as effective as a tutorial onhow to win the lottery” Christian Haas (Designer & Entrepreneur) 3,000,000,000 Videos viewed on YouTube everyday 1,000,000 Links shared on Facebook every 20 mins 250,000,000 Photos uploaded on Facebook everyday 300,000,000 Tweets on Twitter every day
  3. 3. Jenifer Aniston’s Smart Water Ad
  4. 4. What is Virality?Word viral means continuously duplicatingContent which gains widespread popularitythrough the process of Internet sharing. Virality = Compelling Content + Effective Execution
  5. 5. What Content?
  6. 6. Examples of Viral ContentNETNOGRAP HY
  7. 7. What gets attention? Hilarious: Amateur videos, Parodies, Remixes, Memes, Bad dancers, Baby reactions, Expressive pets. Unbelievable: Stunts ,Gimmicks, SupernaturalEmotional: Awe! Touching confessions, Parentingmoments, Proposals, Drama, Anger, Motivation.
  8. 8. What makes stuff go viral? Offbeat: Honest, Original, Creative – Sony Bravia, Samsung LED, Johnny Cash Project, Best Job in the world. Embarrassing: Bimboes, Celebrity Goof Ups!, Wardrobe Malfunctions, Falls and Mistakes!Provocative: Attractive people doing Anything!
  9. 9. Viral MarketingAny strategy that encourages individuals to pass on amarketing message to others, creating the potential forexponential growth in the messages exposure and influenceWhy it makes sense? Low cost promotions that can garner high visibility Can be used for testing and experiments If successful can have reach a widespread audience Great way of getting back customer feedback
  10. 10. Return on Investment Network Effect: Value of each potential sharer is proportional to the number, N, of other individuals he or she can connect to. Viral marketing is a way to get value beyond the cost. Content that passes CMC sees benefit of Network effect.
  11. 11. Tactics for Viral MarketingMake it short: Break down long stories into bite-sized clipsDesign for Remixing: Create content that can be remixed over and over again.Don’t make an Ad: if a video feels like an ad, viewers won’t shareUse fake headlines: make the viewer say, “Holy shit, did that actually happen”Appeal to sex: if all else fails, hire the most attractive women to be in the video.Optimise the title: frame at the very middle is interestingStrategic Tagging: three or four unique tags, control over “Related Videos.”
  12. 12. Process behind the promotion Reach out to influential bloggers, gain access to readership Pay them to post your content Post in relevant blogs with option to comment on content Start new threads and embed videos or photos Kickstart conversations by setting up multiple accounts Person of authority tweets content to gain visibility. Ensure the content gets retweeted and shared by viewers Share Share Share. Create event to announce video launch share with network. Tagging the video
  14. 14. Kobe Bryant Nike Jump Campaign
  15. 15. The Jump VideoAttracted over 5 million viewsCreated a buzz whether the stunt wasfakeCreatively leveraged all brandsCampaign was a success
  16. 16. The Dark Knight
  17. 17. The Dark Knight Viral Marketing Largest viral marketing campaign in Hollywood history Fans participated to uncover more information about the movie “Real live recruiting into Joker’s army via cellphones hidden in cakes” Carefully planned and executed over a period of 6 months to maximize the buzz at launch
  18. 18. Dark Knight’s Promotional Campaign!
  19. 19. Our Attempt at Virality:“Sh*t We Say”
  20. 20. Thank You and Keep Sharing