SocialBio - The Last About Me Page You Will Ever Need to Fill Out


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In this presentation, we will explore SocialBios from and show you how to implement this powerful About Me page into your online arsenal. Expect step-by-step instructions to set up your SocialBios “About Me” Page plus tips and tricks along the way. Final steps will include sharing your page and getting recommendations.

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  • Your SocialBio can be the LAST about me page you ever have to fill out. Include your basic bio, links and business photo to build an online profile that will showcase YOU, your recommendations, updates (if you wish) and allow others to see how they might know you.
  • You will need your MLS ID and your NRDS # to connect your Social Bios with! This will tie in nicely if you are using the FREE mobile app
  • You will need your MLS ID and your NRDS # to connect your Social Bios with! This will tie in nicely if you are using the FREE mobile app
  • There are LOTS of options here. Chose links that best represent YOU.
  • The networks determine your social graph and reveal mutual connections and shared interests – by layering your information over that of your consumers.
  • They keep adding more of these so if yours is not there – check back soon!
  • Here is an iFrame example – I use my SocialBios profile as my About Me page on my real estate website. When someone goes to and clicks on About – this is what they see.
  • I also use the Overlay on my homepage. When someone clicks the text, “for more about me” – this will drop-down (almost like a blind) over my website. All of the functionality is still there and the consumer can close this (yellow arrow, top right) to close the blind and return to my site (still in the background).
  • When someone recommends you from your SocialBios profile, you will receive an email telling you that you have one in and you will need to approve it (if you wish to display the recommendation).
  • You have the option to blast the recommendation you received out to your connected social networks (all from the Recommendations tab)
  • Finally, has a FREE agent=branded app that you can use > scan the QR code or go to the link for more information.
  • SocialBio - The Last About Me Page You Will Ever Need to Fill Out

    1. 1. The Last About Me Page You Will Have to Fill Out … SocialBios + © Stefanie Hahn | | October 2012
    2. 2. What is SocialBios?A Little Background Info … © Stefanie Hahn | | October 2012
    3. 3. + has launched two new tools on theSocialBios platform:- HyperSocial™ Agent Profile Pages- HyperSocial™ Agent RecommendationsRealtors can sign up now with an MLS ID &valid NRDS number at agent search tools will initially spanFacebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google andFourSquare. © Stefanie Hahn | | October 2012
    4. 4. © Stefanie Hahn | | October 2012
    5. 5. What IS a SocialBio? © Stefanie Hahn | | October 2012
    6. 6. Where Do I Start? © Stefanie Hahn | | October 2012
    7. 7. © Stefanie Hahn | | October 2012
    8. 8. Create Your Account & Connect © Stefanie Hahn | | October 2012
    9. 9. Creating Your SocialBioBuilding Your Profile © Stefanie Hahn | | October 2012
    10. 10. My Profile TabBuilding your profile is fast and fairly simple. Starton the My Profile tab. © Stefanie Hahn | | October 2012
    11. 11. Build Your Profile Upload a photo, chose your profile colors and type in your title and bio information. Don’t forget to click SAVE. © Stefanie Hahn | | October 2012
    12. 12. Adding LinksClick Add a LinkUse the Type drop-down to selectType in the URL and click Save © Stefanie Hahn | | October 2012
    13. 13. Networks TabThe Networks tab will help you create matches andconnections. © Stefanie Hahn | | October 2012
    14. 14. Networks Give MatchesClick Add a Network to set up another opportunityto create matches. © Stefanie Hahn | | October 2012
    15. 15. Certifications TabYou’ve earned them – now share them here onyour SocialBios profile! © Stefanie Hahn | | October 2012
    16. 16. Certifications When you publish your SocialBios on – your certifications will automatically be added to your profile.© Stefanie Hahn | | October 2012
    17. 17. TabIf you did not connect your profile to in thevery beginning, you can always connect later on tab. © Stefanie Hahn | | October 2012
    18. 18. Publishing on Realtor.comObviously, they want you to publish your profile – it’s as easy and selecting your state, MLSname and typing in your MLS Agent ID. Click Verify MLSand you will soon be published! © Stefanie Hahn | | October 2012
    19. 19. Grab the Code © Stefanie Hahn | | October 2012
    20. 20. Adding to Your Website Now that you have taken the time to complete the profile, begin sharing it with the world. 1. Select what to share 2. Chose type 3. Copy the HTML © Stefanie Hahn | | October 2012
    21. 21. iFrame Example © Stefanie Hahn | | October 2012
    22. 22. Overlay Example © Stefanie Hahn | | October 2012
    23. 23. Adding to Your FB Biz PageIf you have a Facebook business page, you can add yourSocialBios profile until the About Us tab on your page. Ifyou already connected FB, your page should be listed.Check it off and then click Add Page Tab to complete … © Stefanie Hahn | | October 2012
    24. 24. Share Your Page AnywhereYou can share yourSocialBios ANYTIME byclicking on SHARE mypage. Select yournetworks, refine yourmessage and click Share. © Stefanie Hahn | | October 2012
    25. 25. Anywhere? Yes.Where? ANYWHERE you can type a link!So what is my SocialBio address? Once youconnect with, it will be:>>>> set your username during set-up. © Stefanie Hahn | | October 2012
    26. 26. Adding to Your Email Signature To add your SocialBio profile to Gmail: Click on the gear (within Gmail) Click on Settings © Stefanie Hahn | | October 2012
    27. 27. Adding to Your Email SignatureOn the 1st tab,called General,scroll down to theSignature section.Type in yourSocialBio link andencourage peopleto click! © Stefanie Hahn | | October 2012
    28. 28. Online Recommendations Are ImportantGet Recommended © Stefanie Hahn | | October 2012
    29. 29. Recommendations TabYou may have to skip the recommendations tab atfirst, but consider going back and addingrecommendations you received in cards or emailshere as well. © Stefanie Hahn | | October 2012
    30. 30. Ask for RecommendationsSo the idea here is that you give out the URL >mine is and ASK forrecommendations. People can recommend youwithout having to sign-in or register anywhere.Recommendations are reviewed and approvedfor display by each agent, and can be manually orautomatically broadcasted to the agent’s onlinenetwork from one central hub with one easyclick. © Stefanie Hahn | | October 2012
    31. 31. Manage Recommendations You can Approve the recommendation right from your email OR Manage Your Recommendations (just under the text of the rec). © Stefanie Hahn | | October 2012
    32. 32. Manage RecommendationsSelect Automatic to blast once you approve to all sitesselected or Manual to control which sites and when … Youcan also Add Details and Share Again for eachrecommendation. © Stefanie Hahn | | October 2012
    33. 33. Add Them Yourself Even cooler than the fact that consumers do not have to sign in or sign up to leave you a recommendation is the fact that you can add recommendations yourself. Additionally, add a photo from the transaction or even a video recommendation. © Stefanie Hahn | | October 2012
    34. 34. Check Your History to View Your MatchesSite Analytics © Stefanie Hahn | | October 2012
    35. 35. History TabOnce you have shared your profile with the world,you will build history and be able to see yourmatches. Additionally, the Stats page under Historywill give you a bit of information on your socialnetwork and SocialBio activity. © Stefanie Hahn | | October 2012
    36. 36. Our Shared HistoryWhen someone has matched my profile, I will see it here.The goal of matching is to inspire the consumer to connectwith you for their real estate needs. © Stefanie Hahn | | October 2012
    37. 37. Have I Convinced You Yet?Fast – Free – Portable –Recommendation-tastic Profiles © Stefanie Hahn | | October 2012
    38. 38. End Result …An “About Me” that is made to help you connectwith your consumers, a page packed with yourinformation, recommendations, your socialupdates and potential matches that you can takewith you anywhere you can put a link OR a bit ofcode. Awesome. No more recreating About Mepages with SocialBios!So what are you waiting for? Start here: © Stefanie Hahn | | October 2012
    39. 39. © Stefanie Hahn | | October 2012
    40. 40. Agent App (c) Stefanie Hahn | | October 2012
    41. 41. Thank You T a k e s o me t i me a n d c h e c k o u t t h e So c i a l Bi o s p r o f i l e s ! I t h i n k y o u wi l l l o v e t h e m. T h e L A S T A b o u t MeStefanie p a g e y o u wi l e v e r h a v e t o f i l l o u t ! I t ’s f r e e , i t ’s © Stefanie Hahn | | October 2012