Storyboard Part Two.


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Part two of the storyboard. I told you it was long. Think how long this took us. FIVE-EVER.

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Storyboard Part Two.

  1. 1. Cut to another wide shot of Jess on the bed. “How do you think I am? Ijust killed my best friend for you!” She looks down and tries to ignoreHannah. “You promised you wouldn‟t tell her” is heard from Hannah.Jess looks up and replied. 14-15 seconds.
  2. 2. Cut back to another mid shot of Hannah. She says “we can‟t affordaccidents! Do you want to get caught?” Lighting is the same asbefore. 7 seconds.
  3. 3. Cut back to another wide shot of Jess. She replies “no” and puts herhead down, and she can be heard crying. Hannah tries to comforther but Jess shouts, throws Hannah out and slams her door shut. Shelays down and the camera moves towards her. 20-25 seconds.
  4. 4. High key or unnatural lighting/ highly saturated long shot of Jessand Sarah climbing along a tree trunk. A voice over from Sarah canbe heard. The music begins. 5 seconds.
  5. 5. Highly saturated/high key or unnatural lighting. Two shot of Sarah andJess, sitting on a bed and playing with a guitar, being normal. The musiccontinues. 5 seconds.
  6. 6. Cut to a close up shot of an overly lit daisy. 1 second.
  7. 7. Cut to another close up of the daisy, this time with a bad TV effect onit. It is still overly lit, although slightly dimmer. <1 second.
  8. 8. Cut back to a close up of the normal daisy, overly lit. <1 second.
  9. 9. Mid shot of Hannah sitting in a tree in a forest with natural lightingcoming in through the other trees. She says “hi, I‟m Esther” whilst avoiceover does the same to give it a creepy effect. 3 seconds.
  10. 10. Panning/tracking shot of a forest/field area. The lighting is naturaland quite bright. 5 seconds.
  11. 11. Cut to two shot of Hannah and Jess sitting on Jess‟s bed. Thebackground is white. They turn their head in unison. Motion blureffect. The music progresses into a distorted tune. 3-5 seconds.
  12. 12. High key lighting/unnatural lighting/high saturation. Tracking shot ofa butterfly amongst flowers. Voiceover “promise you won‟t tellanyone” by Hannah can be heard. Music continues. 2-4 seconds.
  13. 13. Cut again to a two shot of Hannah and Jess sitting on Jess‟s bed.They mimic each other again with a stop motion blue effect.Hannah voice over: “I need you to do this for me”. Music continues.3-5 seconds
  14. 14. Long shot which zooms in to a close up of a twisted tree, tangled inweeds. Bright, natural lighting. 3 seconds.
  15. 15. Close up on a „danger sign‟ surrounded by fencing. Bright, naturallighting. Music continues. 1 second.
  16. 16. Dither dissolve. High key lighting/unnatural lighting/high saturation.Close up of a wilted daisy, covered in a blood like substance. Musiccontinues. 1 second.
  17. 17. Natural bright lighting. Close up/mid shot of a broken/ruined/crumbling brick wall. Zoom in effect.
  18. 18. Cut to mid shot of Jess tossing and turning in bed with a blurredeffect to it. The camera pans to the left to reveal Hannah standingover her. 10-15 seconds.
  19. 19. Close up/mid shot of a well. The lighting is natural and quite bright.The music continues. 1 second.
  20. 20. Close up of Hannah next to a well, looking blank. The music continues.The lighting is natural and quite bright. <1 second.
  21. 21. Close up/mid shot of a well. The lighting is natural and quitebright. The music continues. 1 second.
  22. 22. Close up/mid shot of Hannah standing next to the well with ablank expression. The lighting is natural and quite bright. Themusic continues. <1 second.
  23. 23. Close up/mid shot of a well. The lighting is natural and quitebright. The music continues. 1 second.
  24. 24. Long shot of Jess running down a path, through a forest. There is anarch which the camera looks through to watch her. The lighting isnatural, with light pouring in through holes in the trees. 4 seconds.
  25. 25. Mid shot of Jess standing against a white background. Natural lighting.She looks distressed. The camera pans downwards to show her hands,covered in blood. Music continues. 5-6 seconds.
  26. 26. Long shot of Jess running along the same path. The lighting is natural.Hannah stands in the arch, blocking Jess‟s exit. Jess screams andcontinues to run down the path. 5 seconds.
  27. 27. Music stops. Mid shot of Jess waking up. She is still wearingwhat she fell asleep in. The camera pans to the empty wallopposite her. She reaches up and turns off the light. 10seconds.
  28. 28. Fade to black.