Logistics 2.0


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New and improved logistics.

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Logistics 2.0

  1. 1. That‟s Logistics.
  2. 2. Location, location, location.
  3. 3. LOCATION UNO: EL HALL. This is our school hall and its stage. We will be doing our performance element on that stage, if we get permission. Which we need to ask for. We chose it because performance elements are generally in a normal performance area, such as a stage.
  4. 4. LOCATION DOS: Hannah‟s garage. Hannah has a pretty garage conversion. In this location, we will film a scene between Hannah and Ben, watching a film and establishing them as a couple. This was originally going to be filmed in Hannah‟s living room, but Taken from test shots. we had to have a switch up of locations.
  5. 5. LOCATION TRES: Hannah‟s living room.2 Bens ~~~2spooky~~~ We will be using Hannah‟s living room to film the part of our video with me and Ben are arguing over a photo. This was going to be in my kitchen; however, my kitchen is far too small to manoeuvre in. We chose Hannah‟s living room as a plan B because it‟s larger, but also includes a large mirror so we can have a shot of Ben looking at himself in it to portray his „lad‟ stereotype. This is also where I Taken from test shots. make the phone calls.
  6. 6. LOCATION CUATRO: Hannah‟s kitchen. We will use Hannah‟s kitchen as a place for Livvy to be when she gets the „phone call‟ that exposes Ben. We chose the kitchen because it‟s a natural place for her to be whilst she‟s at „home‟. Taken from test shots.
  7. 7. LOCATION CINCO: Hannah‟s conservatory. We will use Hannah‟s conservatory as a place for her to receive the „phone call‟ exposing Ben. We chose it because it has a nice sofa in it, so Hannah can lounge on it and read a book, without reusing any of our other Taken from test shots. locations.
  8. 8. LOCATION SEIS: The Pavilion. This is where we will film the photobooth shots. We chose the photobooth because showing the photos coming out of the tray establishes Ben playing the three girls quickly.Taken from test shots
  9. 9. LOCATION SIETE: An alley. Not a dodgy one. This is where we will film Ben checking out Jess. We chose this location because it is slightly out of the way (so we wouldn‟t have to risk getting members of the public in our video and having to ask to use their face, but not obviously out of the way so it doesn‟t look weird that Ben, Livvy and Taken from test shots Jess are walking down it.
  10. 10. Actors aka our only friends.
  11. 11. The Machine Ate Florence. This is The Machine Ate Florence. We will be in the video. It consists of me, Hannah and Livvy. We chose to use me and Hannah because of practicality, and we basically roped Livvy into it because she‟s one of our best friends.Livvy Me Hannah We chose to have 3 people it is typical of a girl band.
  12. 12. The Guy. Ben is going to be the guy in the video that plays the girls. Me and Hannah have very few male friends that would be willing to do this for us so, thanks Ben. We asked him because he‟s in our class so understands the commitment and because he‟s confident, so he won‟t mind being in front ofThis is Ben. the camera.
  13. 13. JESS. Jess is in our video. We miss her. She walks past Ben when he is with Livvy, and he checks her out. We chose Jess because she was willing to help us, plus she knows Ben so it wouldn‟t be awkward filming their bitTaken from test shots. together.No, I’m kidding. Jess probably wouldn’tapprove of me putting a picture of her hereso here’s Castiel instead, aww.
  14. 14. Technology.
  15. 15. We wanted to use a fog machineto create this effect on the floor;however, probably not as much asthis because we don‟t want tocreate a full on fog-floor. Thiswould happen during the quieter“daddy, I‟ve fallen for a monster”near the end of the song, as wewere going to have me standing inthe hall on my own and it‟s goingto be emotional.
  16. 16. We will definitely, definitely,definitely need a tripod. Wewill obviously still set theshots up, but we will need atripod for the performanceshots especially. Seeing asme and Hannah are in the„band‟, we will needsomething to hold thecamera.
  17. 17. If there are any sparecameras lying about, thatwould be absolutelyfabulous. This would saveus having to refilm theperformance shots lots oftimes, as we would havedifferent angles fromdifferent cameras, andreduce the risk ofcontinuity errors.
  18. 18. I am uncertain if we havea wind machine oranything. If we do, we‟llprobably just put it onlightly (not so over the topthat we fall over) duringthe performance sectionsof the video.
  19. 19. Costumes/clothing.
  20. 20. For our performance element,we are going to conform toconventions and dress up(think Girls Aloud or the actualvideo for Black Heart). I amunnatural at this so it willprobably look terrible and Iapologise in advance for myawkwardness. I can‟t speak forthe other two, but this is thekind of thing I‟ll be wearing forthat part of our video.
  21. 21. The rest of the video is setin everyday situations, sowe‟ll just be wearing casualclothing for this. Here is apicture of some of thecasual things we might bewearing. These are girls‟clothes, but Ben will be incasual clothing as well. I justdon‟t own any guys‟ clothes.
  22. 22. Crew.
  23. 23. • Director – Me.• Producer – Hannah.Me and Hannah decided to swap roles this year to get abetter understanding of the two biggest roles.• Editor – Me & Hannah.• Director of cinematography – Me.• Lighting – Hannah.• Make up – Left to actors involved.• Prop wrangler – Me & Hannah.• Transport manager – We didn’t need one but thanks Jess’s mum for dropping her off, shout out to RiRi.• Continuity editor – Me.• Set dresser – Hannah, as it was her house.