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These are all the boring logistics of our music video.

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  1. 1. That‟s Logistics.
  2. 2. Location, location, location.
  3. 3. LOCATION UNO: EL HALL. This is our school hall and its stage. We will be doing our performance element on that stage, if we get permission. Which we need to ask for. We chose it because performance elements are generally in a normal performance area, such as a stage.
  4. 4. LOCATION DOS: MI CASA This is my kitchen. This is where we will be filming the argument scene between me and Ben. We chose this location because it is domestic and it would be natural to argue here. There is only one problem I could foresee with this, and that is that my kitchen is quite small. If it doesn‟t work out, we could switch to my living room.
  5. 5. LOCATION TRES: EL CASA DE HANNAHWe will be using Hannah‟s house to film the part of ourvideo with Hannah and Ben watching a film or somethinglike that. Using a house gives the basis of normality.We will also need Hannah‟s house so that Hannah can bethere when she gets the „phonecall‟ from me exposingBen.
  6. 6. LOCATION CUATRO: EL CASA DE LIVVYWe will use Livvy‟s house as a place for her to bewhen she gets the „phonecall‟ that exposes Ben.
  7. 7. LOCATION CINCO: LA PAVILION This is the pavilion close to where we all live. This is where we will film the photobooth shots (there‟s one there) but also where we will film Ben and Livvy walking and Ben checking out every female in sight. It had to be a public place so that it would be natural that other females would be there.
  8. 8. Actors aka our only friends.
  9. 9. The Machine Ate Florence. This is The Machine Ate Florence. We will be in the video. It consists of me, Hannah and Livvy. We chose to use me and Hannah because of practicality, and we basically roped Livvy into it because she‟s one ofLivvy Me Hannah our best friends.
  10. 10. The Guy. Ben is going to be the guy in the video that plays the girls. Me and Hannah have very few male friends that would be willing to do this for us so, thanks Ben. We asked him because he‟s in our class so understands the commitment and because he‟s confident, so he won‟t mind being in front ofThis is Ben. the camera.
  11. 11. Miscellaneous Cast.We will be needing a couple other people to be inour video. We will need one or two females for Bento check out in the pavilion. We may also need otherpeople, but we need to work out everything.
  12. 12. Technology.
  13. 13. We wanted to use a fog machineto create this effect on the floor;however, probably not as much asthis because we don‟t want tocreate a full on fog-floor. Thiswould happen during the quieter“daddy, I‟ve fallen for a monster”near the end of the song, as wewere going to have me standing inthe hall on my own and it‟s goingto be emotional.
  14. 14. We willdefinitely, definitely, definitely need a tripod. We willobviously still set the shotsup, but we will need a tripodfor the performance shotsespecially. Seeing as me andHannah are in the „band‟, wewill need something to holdthe camera.
  15. 15. If there are any sparecameras lying about, thatwould be absolutelyfabulous. This would saveus having to refilm theperformance shots lots oftimes, as we would havedifferent angles fromdifferent cameras, andreduce the risk ofcontinuity errors.
  16. 16. I am uncertain if we havea wind machine oranything. If we do, we‟llprobably just put it onlightly (not so over the topthat we fall over) duringthe performance sectionsof the video.
  17. 17. Costumes/clothing.
  18. 18. For our performanceelement, we are going toconform to conventions anddress up (think Girls Aloud orthe actual video for BlackHeart). I am unnatural at thisso it will probably look terribleand I apologise in advance formy awkwardness. I can‟tspeak for the other two, butthis is the kind of thing I‟ll bewearing for that part of ourvideo.
  19. 19. The rest of the video is setin everyday situations, sowe‟ll just be wearing casualclothing for this. Here is apicture of some of thecasual things we might bewearing. These are girls‟clothes, but Ben will be incasual clothing as well. I justdon‟t own any guys‟ clothes.