Evaluation Question 7


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Evaluation Question 7

  1. 1. Sarah Byard
  2. 2. • Cameraphone • Internet – Google.We used many more technologies in the final piece than in theprelim, because the prelim was shorter and less detailed. Our filmrequired more attention to detail because it was meant to be a filmopening, so had to be more developed than our prelim, which wasjust an exercise to get used to the camera/FCP etc.
  3. 3. We thought a lot more about mise-en-scene in the final than in theprelim, because in our final we wanted to get meanings across and to makeit feel more authentic. In our prelim, we weren’t aware that it’s easier to editwith controlled, artificial light than with natural light, so in our prelim weused natural but for the final, we controlled the lighting.
  4. 4. Prelim Final The artificial Natural lighting is lighting sets controlled so too many the levels can different be changed tones to edit easier. properly. Appropriate props for the Only prop genre thought thought about and about, but only chosen. decided on the day. Costume thought about to make it appropriate forRandom props not really thought about, they genre.were just there when we came to film.
  5. 5. We used more of a variety of shots in our final piece, because our final piece was longerand made up of shorter clips, whereas our prelim was a simple conversation. We alsouse camerawork to infer meaning and dominance in our final (such as low angled shotof a well to infer Esther’s dominance) because we had learnt more skills by the time wecame to film our final piece.
  6. 6. Prelim Final We used a larger variety of shots in our final, becauseWe broke the 180 degree rule in our weprelim, but we weren’t aware of it then wanted toso we didn’t make sure we didn’t break make itit. more visually Less of a variety interesting of shots used in and to the prelim makes give the it monotonous shots and less visually meaning. appealing.
  7. 7. We took lots more care with the editing in our final coursework piece than with the editingin our prelim, because we knew more about editing techniques and how to create meaningthrough editing. Because we were more skilled in using Final Cut Pro by the time we editedour coursework, we were able to add in more effects and correct the colour of the firstsection.
  8. 8. Prelim Final We were more aware of filters by the time we came to edit our finalWe did not use filters because we coursework piece, so we used the stopweren’t sure about them or how to motion blur to add some surrealism touse them, but we could’ve used one the dream sequence.here to show the surrealism of thesituation, when Hannah asks for mysoul.
  9. 9. We used sound for more than just dialogue in our final piece to give it more depth and toinvolve the viewer more. We did not really think about the sound issue Ralph had in ourprelim, but in our final we turned up the sound levels so that the dialogue could be heard.We also knew how to use Garageband by this point, so we could record voiceovers for ourfinal piece, something we couldn’t do (and probably wouldn’t have gone anyway) in ourprelim. We also used music to create tension, something we didn’t even think about for ourprelim.
  10. 10. Our time management for our prelim was quite poor. We didn’t really think about howlong it would take, so we just picked a random day and filmed. We started off like this forour final piece, but we soon realised that it was going to take a lot longer to film than theprelim, because it was much more detailed, so we had to organise ourselves and make aclear plan of when we were going to film and what we were going to film in that timeperiod.
  11. 11. This is our shooting schedule for our final coursework piece, which can be found here:http://sarahsamazingmediablog.blogspot.co.uk/2011/12/shooting-schedule.htmlThere is no shooting schedule for our prelim to compare it to.
  12. 12. The narrative of our prelim was very simple and thought up on the day. The plot was verysimplistic, which meant that it was clear. However, in our final piece, the narrative wasmore complex and was established using more than just dialogue (flashbacks, voiceovers,editing etc.). The plot in our final was not as clear, as established by our audience feedbackfor our final piece, but that was in keeping with the conventions of a psychological thriller.
  13. 13. Prelim Final Flashbacks establish the friendship betweenNarrative not established at all through mine and Jess’s characters and add somecamerawork or through editing. normality to the piece.