Evaluation Question 4.


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Evaluation Question 4.

  1. 1. How did you use new mediatechnologies in the construction andresearch, planning and evaluationstages?Sarah Byard.
  2. 2. Physical Technologies
  3. 3. Bloggie.Our bloggie, Ralph, was used to record ourminute extracts (research and planning) andout music video (construction).The Bloggies record in 1080p HD which isfabulous; however, it does have its setbacks.We didn’t use the zoom very much last year,and so this year we discovered that the zoomis not very good on the Bloggie. This was a bitof a problem, but we managed to get past thatby only using one, brief one.
  4. 4. Camera.This is a Samsung S850. It has a5x optical zoom and I’m not surewhat that means. I used this totake the photos for my digipakand advertising campaign poster.Many thanks to my mum forletting me borrow it.
  5. 5. Apple Mac.We had a Mac which we namedMacintosh last year, and this year wehave a different Mac. He has noname because he has been nothingbut trouble for us. However, this Macwas important in all stages of thisprocess.Research/planning: used to get ontoFCP, use of Powerpoint, researching.Construction: FCP.Evaluation: FCP, Powerpoint,Google.
  6. 6. Software/websites.
  7. 7. Final Cut Pro.Integral to the construction of ourmusic video, as this is where all theclips were put together and edited. Itwas also helpful in our research andplanning stages, as we editedtogether our prelims on FCP,including our one minute extract‘Wuthering Heights’• In/out tool: allowed us to choosewhere on each clip we wanted itto begin/end.• Crop tool: allowed us to createthe split screen effect for thephone call scene.• Fade in/fade out tool: allowed atransition which wasn’t as harsh as aregular cut.• Text tool: allowed me to put text in myanimatic ‘Fish’.
  8. 8. Photoshop.I used Adobe Photoshop CS6 inthe construction of my digipakand my advertising campaign.We learned to use Photoshop inlessons, and took a few weeksto master.• Filter tool: use of a violet filter to slightly change the colour and feel ofthe digipak. This made it more aesthetically pleasing and less harsh.• Polygonal/magnetic lasso tool: used to cut things out of one picture toenable them to be dragged into another one. This was quite fiddly and Ihad to keep zooming to make sure I had it right.• Pen tool: used to achieve the ‘doodle’ effect on the digipak/poster.
  9. 9. PowerpointAnyone who knows me or has seen my blog will know I adore Powerpoint.I used it in research and planning and evaluation to present my workclearly and efficiently.
  10. 10. Fontmeme.comThis is where I got the fonts for use of the construction of my digipak &poster from. The two used were called ‘Frankenweenie’ and ‘SuckerPunch’. This site is easy to use; you just type in your text and it generatesit in your selected font, ready for you to save to your computer and usehowever you want.
  11. 11. Surveymonkey.comThis website is how I collected responses for various surveys throughout theprocess, especially in the research process. This site was also easy to use, asyou just told it what questions you wanted and it gave you a link to send topeople with those questions in a survey. You can then see all the resultstogether, so they are easy to analyse.
  12. 12. Blogspot.comBlogspot is fabulous. This is how I’ve been keeping track of all my workthis year; by posting it onto my own personal blog. This has beenextremely useful in organising my work into one place, and allows MrNichola to see it all easily so he can mark it. I’ve used it to post all threeaspects of work.
  13. 13. Social Media/Web 2.0
  14. 14. Facebook.I used Facebook to collect audience feedback. Facebook is a good wayof doing this because you can post links, pictures etc. and they just comeup on peoples’ timelines, thus making it easier for them to reply.
  15. 15. Tumblr.Also used for audiencefeedback. I have lovely followerswho replied and gave me goodfeedback. Tumblr allows a ‘reply’option, so you can post a pictureor video etc., and people canreply telling you their opinion.There is also an ‘ask box’ option,where people can post to youanonymously or otherwise. Thiswas invaluable for audienceresearch.
  16. 16. YouTube.This is the CatsInSpace YouTube channel. We used this to display ourvideos, making it easier to show to people and to put them onto our blogs.There’s a function for people to leave comments; however, this was notour main source of audience feedback as many people left us Facebookor Tumblr messages instead.