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Evaluation question 1 part 1 (digipak and poster)

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Evaluation Question 1

  1. 1. In what ways does your mediaproduct use, develop or challengeforms and conventions of real mediaproducts?Sarah Byard.
  2. 2. • The same font(s) are used throughout thedigipak.• Features photo of the artist.• Features a logo or motif.• Features the artist’s name.• Pop digipaks tend to be bright and colourful.Conventions of a Digipak.
  3. 3. Same fonts used throughout.I used two major fonts in my digipak; one for the title and lyrics, linking the two.The same font here shows that these lyrics are in the album, as they are the samefont as the album title. I used a different font for the artist name, as I thought thatcould be the font they use in every album for their name, like their logo.
  4. 4. Features photo of the artist.I used two photos of the band in the digipak, because it was the band’s first album andso they would want to get their faces out their. Having two long shot pictures of the bandmakes them more memorable, as the audience sees them more. The use of a picture isespecially useful for newer bands; however, it can still be used for more experiencedbands, such as Maroon 5.
  5. 5. Features a logo or motif.I used the recurring motif of doodlings in my digipak, because I felt it added a morepersonal touch to the digipak (I’ve gone into this in detail in a previous post – see myanalysis of the Sisters Of Mercy digipak). The use of logo or motif is useful as it makes thedigipak more recognisable to the target audience, as they will associate it with the band.As my band is relatively new, I did not include a logo; however, the different font used forthe band name could be used in later releases as their logo.This logo of the man is used throughout the marketingcampaign and music videos for the album.
  6. 6. Features the artist’s/album name.(these two pictures put together absolutely cracks me up)The use of artist’s and album name is obviously important, otherwise the target audiencewouldn’t know what they were buying. I used the artist name twice in the albumbecause it is their first album and so they want their name to be repeated, in the hopethat the target audience will remember it more easily.
  7. 7. Bright and colourful.I used bright colours in my costumes, background and fonts to make it stand out, so mytarget audience would be more likely to see it in a shop and want to buy it. I used thebright colours as well to appeal to my younger target audience, as they likebright, colourful things and are drawn towards them.
  8. 8. Conventions of an Advertising Campaign.• Features the name of the artist & album.• Links to the CD/digipak and/or lead singlemusic video.• Features date of release.• Similar fonts throughout.• Advertising campaigns in the pop genre tendto be bright and colourful.
  9. 9. Name of artist/album.The name of artist and album are obviously very important because otherwise the targetaudience wouldn’t know what they were buying. There are bands who don’t have theirname or the name of the album on the poster; however these are usually wellestablished bands (such as Muse or REM). I included the name of the band and album onmy advertising poster because the band is new and so they would need to get their nameand the name of the album out there so that people will know what to buy.
  10. 10. Links to CD/digipak.Including a link between advertisingcampaign and digipak isimportant, as if they are similar, thetarget audience will see theposter, then see the digipak andremember it. The target audiencewill also know what to look for if thetwo are similar, which is why I havedone it. The same fonts and similarbackground and pictures help to dothis. The green on the poster isslightly brighter, as I wanted theposter to stand out more and catchpeople’s eye so that they wouldwant to buy the digipak.
  11. 11. Date of release.The date of release is a good thing to have if you are a relatively new band. This isbecause they will not have a massive fanbase who will be looking out for theirreleases and so having the date will in theory gain more sales for the band. I includedthe date of release for our band because I felt that because we were a new band wewould need to make sure our target audience knew when they could buy the album.
  12. 12. Similar fonts throughout.The use of similar fonts throughout ismore of an aesthetic thing thananything, because it looks cluttered andugly if too many fonts are used. I chosethis font for both digipak and posterbecause it looks like the kind of fontyou would see in a horror film or amonster film.
  13. 13. Bright and colourful.Bright, colourful posters are a convention of pop for two reasons. The first is that itappeals to the young target audience; the second being that it stands out and makes itmore noticeable amongst all the other posters out there. I made mine colourful and brightfor both these reasons, and also to link it to my digipak.
  14. 14. Posters/albums referenced:• Tape Deck Heart – Frank Turner (poster)• Out Of Control – Girls Aloud (poster)• Infinity On High – Fall Out Boy (poster)• Accelerate – REM (poster and album)• Overexposed – Maroon 5 (album)• Love Ire & Song – Frank Turner (album)• Right Here Right Now – Olly Murs (album)• Won’t Be Soon Before Long – Maroon 5 (album)• The Black Parade – My Chemical Romance(album)