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DreamWorks Pictures


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DreamWorks Pictures

  1. 1. DreamWorks Pictures Sarah Byard.
  2. 2. • DreamWorks Pictures is a company which develops, produces and distributes films, video games and TV shows. This means they are a vertically integrated company, and involved in every stage.• DreamWorks was founded in 1994 (it’s the same age as me, this is more interesting to me than it should be) by Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenburg and David Geffen. They wanted to make a Hollywood studio in which they own 72% (as if Spielberg doesn’t get enough money for being an overrated director).• DreamWorks Animation SKG was formed in 2004.• A whole load of business deals that I don’t understand at all occurred. I think it means that Paramount distribute the animation films, but Spielberg has his own studio which is half owned by Reliance.
  3. 3. Merges and other business like things I don’t understand.• In 2009, DreamWorks entered a distribution deal with Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, meaning the films would be released under the Touchstone banner for five years. This is a 30-picture distribution deal. This is probably because they’ve been close to bankruptcy many times, so needed the Disney/Touchstone banner to give them credibility.• This does not include Indian films, which are handled by Reliance Films. Also not included are sequels to live-action films released before the Paramount merger, or those released by Paramount themselves – Paramount retains the rights to these franchises, and one such sequel, Little Fockers, was released by Paramount internationally in December 2010.• In South Korea, CJ Entertainment has the rights to release all DreamWorks‘s films, except some co-productions (for example, Minority Report was distributed by Fox, and The Island by Warner Brothers, due to these studios having owned the international rights to these films).• Television distribution rights are mainly owned by Disney-ABC International, who Katzenberg fell out with.
  4. 4. Companies involved in the DreamWorks umbrella.• DreamWorks Picture SKG• DreamWorks Animation SKG• DreamWorks Television• DreamWorks Records, however, this was sold to Universal in 2005. It no longer exists now, though, as the main artist cut off to make his own label.• EA Los Angeles
  5. 5. • They make a load of big films.• They’ve always made big films, because it was founded by at least three famous industry workers: Steven Spielberg (the director), Jeffrey Katzenberg (the producer) and David Geffen (the record producer/film producer). Their first film/distribution was The Peacemaker, which grossed $110,463,140, over double its budget.
  6. 6. Films they’ve done:• American Beauty• Chicken Run• Meet The Parents• Catch Me If You Can• Anchorman• Red Eye• Blades Of Glory (under the Paramount deal)• The Kite Runner (ALL THE FEELS) (under the Paramount deal)