Digipak Analysis 4: This Corrosion.


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An analysis of the digipak for This Corrosion by The Sisters Of Mercy.

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Digipak Analysis 4: This Corrosion.

  1. 1. This Corrosion – The Sisters Of Mercy. Digipak Analysis. Sarah Byard.
  2. 2. Colours
  3. 3. Lots of black. The Sisters Of Mercy are a ‘gothic rock’ band, and a convention of this genre is to have a lot of black.The text is all white, which makes it stand outagainst the black background.
  4. 4. The only bit of colour is the orange on the cover. The orange highlights the ‘stormy’ image. It also looks like fire, and everyone loves fire. It could symbolise that, although this single is a mellower one, they still have their ‘fire’..
  5. 5. Fonts
  6. 6. Quite a The bandformal font. wants to be takenQuite a Gothic, seriously, sochurchy/grave they use afont. serious font.
  7. 7. This makes it look like notes the songwriter left there.Quite ahandwriting-y This makes thefont. band seem more human, so people would be more likely to buy their music.
  8. 8. Position and sizeOf Text
  9. 9. The text is at the bottom ofthe album, almost like acaption to the picture.Because the line-up ofSOM changed so often,they’d need to make surethe name was quite big,because their audiencemay not recognise thepeople. It also makes surepeople know who’s in theline up on this single.
  10. 10. Looks like a poem. This style makes it look like the songwriter left it there and, as already stated, makes the band seem more human.
  11. 11. Images
  12. 12. Patricia Morrison was brought into the band for aestheticThere are reasons; shetwo images contributed basicallyof the band. nothing musical. ItImages of makes sense for herthe band is a to be on the digipakconvention because, althoughof digipaks. she is useless music-wise, she is the “pin-up gothic girl” – it suits SOM’s target audience.
  13. 13. Black shirt Big black hair.They’rewearingtypical ‘gothic’or ‘alternative’clothing to Black corsetappeal to theirfanbase. Leather jacket.
  14. 14. The background is a stormy sky.This single has been described as a ‘step away fromguitar-driven rock and towards atmospherickeyboards’, so the storm is a fitting background, asstorms are atmospheric.
  15. 15. Institution Information
  16. 16. ‘Merciful Release’ – AndrewEldritch’s own label – gets morespace on the digipak than the otherinstitutions.This is because it is Andrew Eldritch’sband, so he would want his recordlabel to have more of a mention, eventhough other institutions wereinvolved.
  17. 17. GOODBYE.