Conventions of a rock video


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Conventions of a rock video

  1. 1. Conventions of a rock video.
  2. 2. Videos referenced:• November Rain – Guns N’ Roses.• Paradise City – Guns N’ Roses.• Sweet Child O’ Mine – Guns N’ Roses.• Don’t Cry – Guns N’ Roses.• Poison – Alice Cooper.• Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen.• Wanted Dead or Alive – Bon Jovi.• You Give Love A Bad Name – Bon Jovi.
  3. 3. Fitscharacteristics of genre.
  4. 4. Theatre in November Rain. Arena in Wanted Dead Or Alive.Locations in rock music videos are usually quite large and dramatic. Theuse of the arena is very similar to the use of TV in hip hop videos. Gigs area big thing in the world of rock music, so to have a video of the bandplaying an arena makes them seem popular, to give them the ‘star image’.
  5. 5. Jon Bon Jovi in Wanted Slash in November Rain Brian May inDead Or Alive. Bohemian Rhapsody.BEAUTIFUL HAIRNo seriously, I’d like to make a point about pseudo-individualism here.These three people all had one main physical feature that made themstand out: their hair. However, what made them stand out is somethingthat made many other people stand out.
  6. 6. Bohemian Rhapsody. November Rain. There are often panning mid/long shots of the artists performing. These generally show off the skill of the artist, to illustrate that they can actually play their instruments, rather than stand in a line and sing a pretty harmony. In the rock music scene, this is something of Poison. importance.
  7. 7. Slash wearing no shirt, leather Jon Bon Jovi’s tighter than tightjacket and jeans in November Rain. jeans/leggings in Wanted Dead Or Alive.In rock videos, the artists’ costumes consist denim or leather. Theygenerally wear jeans or leggings (which are tighter than is probablyhealthy) with either a vest or denim jacket. This goes back to the ‘rise ofthe teenager’ in the 1950s, where the rise of rock n’ roll led to an outburstof rebellious clothing and attitudes.
  8. 8. Wanted Dead Or Alive. Poison.A lot of videos are edited into black and white. This makes them seemmore dramatic.
  9. 9. Wanted Dead Or Alive. November Rain. There is usually song sort of moving strobe lighting in rock music videos. These fit with the cinematograhy, as there are not very many static shots in rock videos, so the erratic strobe lighting matches that. These show the artist to be exciting . Poison.
  10. 10. Bohemian Rhapsody. You Give Love A Bad Name. Men dominate rock videos for two main reasons. The artists themselves generally tend to be male, as rock is meant to be a ‘man’s music’. Also, the target audience for rock is male, so having males in the video makes it relatable to the target audience.Sweet Child O’ Mine.
  11. 11. Don’t Cry. November Rain. November Rain. Poison.In rock videos, women do not generally feature heavily unless the artist isfemale. When they are featured, they are usually just a love interest ofthe lead singer of the band. This is because the main audience for rock ismale, so the women are added in to appeal to the male gaze.
  12. 12. The theatre in November Rain adds As Bohemian Rhapsody was theto the seriousness of the piece, as first real music video, the bandtheatre is generally considered quite wanted it to be taken seriously.serious. Having the performance element makes it serious because it shows they’re actually doing something to promote their music.Rock bands usually use dramatic settings or performance so that their videos,and their music, will be taken seriously. This is so they can attract more of anaudience to their piece and ultimately make more money.
  13. 13. You Give Love A Bad Name. Sweet Child O’ Mine. LOOK AT THAT HAIR. I LOVE HIM IT.However, the bands also want to Axl Rose tries to cover the fact thatappear human and likeable, so they he’s going to be an awful person byuse supposed “candid” shots in tour pretending to be all awkward. NOTvideos to make them seem more GONNA WORK, AXL, YOU’RE ANhuman. They do this because nobody AWFUL MAN NOW ANDwants to buy music from a band full EVERYBODY KNOWS IT.of horrible robots, and it makes themusic seem more personal.
  14. 14. Link between lyrics and visuals.
  15. 15. Axl Rose standing in the ‘cold The people going ‘their November rain’ separate ways’ in Wanted Dead Or Alive. There is usually a link between the lyrics and the visuals in rock videos, otherwise the video would be irrelevant and wouldn’t appeal to an audience.The woman putting the ‘venomouspoison’ into Alice Cooper’s drink.
  16. 16. Link between music and visuals.
  17. 17. Slash’s guitar solo in November Rain David Bryan playing the keyboard in Wanted Dead Or Alive.There is generally a big link between music and visuals, as performanceelements are a big thing in rock music videos.
  18. 18. At the beginning of You Give Love When the beat kicks in, fireworksA Bad Name, before the set off, lights brighten, the cutsdrums/guitars kick in, the shots become clearer and more rapidare very slow, not a lot happens and everybody starts moving.and the transitions are fades. The pulsion of the song is reflected through the video.
  19. 19. Close ups.
  20. 20. Bohemian Rhapsody November Rain Wanted Dead Or Alive PoisonThere are lots of close ups in rock videos, although they are mostly usuallyof the lead singer or frontman. This is because music videos are meant topromote both the song and the band, so to have a close up of the artistlinks the artist to the song. They’re also generally of the lead singerbecause they tend to be egotistical maniacs.
  21. 21. Motifs.
  22. 22. Sweet Child O’ Mine Paradise City was You Give Love A Badwas released in 1987; released in 1988; it Name was the first singleit was only Guns N’ was only Guns N’ to be released from BonRoses third single. Roses fourth single. Jovi’s first big album.When artists first hit the big time, their first few videos tend to featureclose ups of their name or logo, so that people will know who they are.The images and constant references to their name make them stick inthe audience’s head, so they will remember the band if they liked thesong.
  23. 23. When bands become well known, they tend to do more dramatic videos, because they know they won’t be a waste of money as they have an established fanbase.Don’t Cry was released in November Rain was Estranged was1991, once Guns N’ Roses released in 1992. released in 1994.were more well known..Don’t Cry, November Rain + Estranged by Guns N’ Roses have three linkedmusic videos. This font is the common motif for these three videos, tomake them seem more like movies (as each of the videos are theatrical),but also links the three.
  24. 24. Guns N’ Roses also have the common motif of costume in their music videos. This makes them instantly recognisable, seemingly adding to their popularity as they are easily identifiable.November Rain Paradise City November Rain Don’t Cry Paradise CitySlash says he wears his hat because he feels “nervous in a crowd” and itmakes him more “comfortable”, and so it became a common thing forhim to wear it in videos/concerts etc.
  25. 25. Looking.
  26. 26. Looking in from the audience Looking in from the audience in in November Rain. You Give Love A Bad Name.Looking in from the audience This effect can also be achievedmakes the viewer feel connected by using low angled shots fromto the video, as they can imagine the bottom of a stage, as if thethey are actually watching it from person is in the crowd, such as inthe perspective of somebody You Give Love A Bad Name.there.
  27. 27. Looking in at Bon Jovi on tour in Looking from “backstage” at Wanted Dead Or Alive. Steven Adler preparing for a gig.The second type of looking, looking in on the band “on tour”, makesthem seem more friendly and more human, because it’s almost like acandid shot that “catches them off guard”. They are usually mid shots tomake it look as if a person has just run around with a camera spying onthe band.
  28. 28. Voyeurism.
  29. 29. Stephanie Seymour’s dress in The woman in Poison is shownNovember Rain shows off her legs, in such a manner to fit theso she seems attractive, and gives lyrics of the song , as it is aboutAxl Rose (as he marries her in the a dangerous but desirablevideo) some ‘reputation’ for being to ‘get’ a beautiful woman.There is generally not a lot of voyeurism in older rock videos, because theaudience range for rock music can be teenagers or it can be older; however,there is some in some videos because the main audience category for rockis male, so some videos appeal to the male gaze.
  30. 30. Intertexuality.
  31. 31. There doesn’t tend to be much intertextuality in older rock videos;however, the idea of pseudo-individualism can be seen in them.Gig/performance videos are done to make the band seem morehuman and to make a mark with their name and faces, but every banddoes it.Here it is in Livin’ On A Here it is in Paradise Here it is in SweetPrayer. City. Child O’ Mine.