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Conventions Of A Hip Hop Music Video 2.0


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Conventions of a hip hop music video 2.0

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Conventions Of A Hip Hop Music Video 2.0

  1. 1. Conventions of a hip hop music video. Sarah Byard.
  2. 2. Fits characteristics of genre.
  3. 3. Because I Got High Ms. Jackson. My Name Is… Ignition.There are many low-angled, close up shots in hip hop videos, to implythe artists’ power over their audience. The low angle gives them thepower, because they look down on the audience and the close upillustrates status because it implies they’re important enough to have aframe to themselves.
  4. 4. In In Da Club, there are many two shots of 50 Cent performing, whilst awoman stands irrelevantly next to him. There are four of these in thespace of one minute, which are used to indicate how appealing anddesired 50 Cent is, something which is meant to suggest status.This also represents women as irrelevant and meaningless., as hedismisses each one within seconds.
  5. 5. Jay and Silent Bob dancing in timePeople in In Da Club dancing in to the music in Because I Gottime to the music. High.In hip hop music videos, a crowd is usually shown dancing orbouncing their arms in time to the beat of the song. This makes themlook as if they are actually dancing to the song, which implies thatthey like the song. This gives credibility to the song/artist, because itshows that people do like the song, which makes it easier for theaudience to like the song.
  6. 6. The costume is generally basketball shirts or other sporting attire, tosignify strength and sporting prowess, something amplified byphysical workouts in music videos. Display of physical strength inBasketball In Da Clubshirt inIgnition. Sport jerseys worn in In Da Club and Ms. Jackson.
  7. 7. Expensive jewellery in R Kelly’s Ignition and 50 Cent’s In Da Club. There are lots of references to the wealth of the artist through the use of mise-en- scene (money, cars, jew ellery etc.). Expensive things signify wealth, which supposedly signifies status. Expensive car and a stack of money in Nicki Minaj’s Superbass
  8. 8. It Wasn’t Me. In Da Club Ms. Jackson. Stan. The Real Slim ShadyThere tend to be lots of males in hip hop videos. The men are often featuredwith their ‘posse’ to signify power, as there is strength in numbers. It alsoshows he is ‘part of the group’ ie. not a loner or social outcast, somethingagain which signifies status.
  9. 9. Nicki Minaj showing how fierce and empowering she is by turning herself into a sex object in Superbass. The men may be sitting down as opposed to the women standing, but they clearly are the dominants as they do not have to do anything, or move, something associated with status and power. Shaggy is shown as the dominant in this shot, as he is in the centre of the frame. The women are wearing revealing clothing, which also shows them as just sex objects to Shaggy.Men have all the power in every media text ever made ever hip hopvideos. Women are shown as disposable, interchangeable and as objectsof lust and nothing more.
  10. 10. In Speakers Going Hammer by Soulja Boy, white suburban America isdepicted as ‘black and white’, which signifies it being old-fasioned andoutdated. When Soulja Boy arrives with his other black friends, thewhole scene turns into colour, inferring that they are new and up-to-date, and are what society need to be fresh. He uses binaryoppositions to mock white suburban America.
  11. 11. Eminem mocks societal practise in his videos. In Without Me, hemocks the hypodermic needle theory by having ‘Rap Man’ “save “aboy listening to his CD, because it says ‘parental advisory’ on it. Heoverdramatisises it to mock it, because he wants to make it seemridiculous. The use of the comic effect makes it appear almostchildish and not something to be taken serious.
  12. 12. In Da Club. Superbass.Ignition. Special mention to the bald Because I Got High.guy getting his head rubbed.Because it’s hilarious. However, the general message nowadays in hip videos is: let’s go out, go to a party, get drunk/high/whatever and have lots of sex.
  13. 13. Link between lyrics and visuals.
  14. 14. ‘He always in the air but ‘I even got a tattoo withhe never fly coach’. Lovely ‘They say it’s puppy your name across mygrammar – Superbass . love’ – Ms Jackson. chest’ – Stan.In hip hop videos, there is usually some link between the music and lyrics.In most, it is as simple as showing an object they are referring to. This isbecause narrative is not a huge thing in hip hop videos, so the need forthese objects to appear links the video to the song. This needs to happenbecause otherwise the video is seen as irrelevant. ‘I was gonna pay my child support’ – Because I Got High.
  15. 15. Link between music and visuals.
  16. 16. There is rain in the track at the In many videos, including In Dabeginning and final part of Stan, and Club (above), Ignition andthis is matched in the video by Superbass, the bouncing andshowing pouring rain. Here, the dancing is edited to fit in with themusic/visuals link, as well as the time of the beat. In thesediegetic rain, are used to represent instances, this makes it appearthe stormy time the that the people are actuallyprotagonist, Stan, is going through. listening to it in the video.
  17. 17. Close ups and motifs.
  18. 18. There are many, many close ups in hip hop videos. These are useful forestablishing the artist, because constantly referring to their face s makesthem memorable to the viewer. They also establish the ‘power’ orimportance of the artist, because they take up a lot of the frame.
  19. 19. In hip hop, it is status quo for artists to work together and promote each others work (eg. G Unit). Dr. Dre helped launch Eminem’s career, so he features in many of Eminem’sThe Real Slim Shady My Name Is… videos. My Name Is… The Real Slim Shady. Some artists have running themes throughout their songs, which are reflected in their videos. Eminem’s songs have a running theme of mental health, so he reflects it in his videos.
  20. 20. References to looking/voyeurism.
  21. 21. Looking through a TVin these cases (ItWasn’t Me/Because IGot High) shows theartist to have the‘star image’ becausethey are on the TV(Afroman is in thevan). In today’s Looking through the TVculture, being on TV in Stan fits the narrativemakes you of the song, to showsupposedly famous. ‘Stan’ hero-worshipping Eminem. Eminem watching 50 Cent in In Da Club can be seen as (surprisingly) meaningful. It could give the message that somebody is always watching; that there is no privacy any more.
  22. 22. Voyeurism is used extensively in hip hop videos, because the generalaudience for hip hop is male, so applying the Male Gaze theory to videosensures they keep viewers and attract new people into their audience.
  23. 23. Showing off her bra and cleavage. The men are looking at herDisplaying because ofher legs. her appearance, s upposedly with desire.Nicki Minaj uses the male gaze to make her seem desirable andattractive, to appeal to a male audience, as the song itself appeals to amore female audience.
  24. 24. Intertextuality.
  25. 25. Jay and Silent Bob in Jay and Silent Bob in Jay and Silent Bob’sAfroman’s Because I Got Dogma. original appearanceHigh. in Clerks.For lesser known artists, such as Afroman and (at the time) 50Cent, intertextuality is used to give the artist some reputationand to attract fans of these things to their music. Eminem in 50 Cent’s In Da Club. In 2003, when the song came out, 50 Cent was relatively unknown in mainstream music.
  26. 26. Eminem in Just Lose It Michael Jackson in Billie Jean Michael Jackson isn’t wearing the same outfit as Eminem here, but Eminem’s outfit instantly signifies Michael Jackson, as he has recreated Michael Jackson’s most famous outfits. Intertextuality can also be used by more established artists to create humour. It is often used to parody, something Eminem achieves in both “The Shady Bunch” The Brady Bunch. lyrics and video. From My Name Is.
  27. 27. • Hip hop videos generally promote the artist, not the song.• The focus of the video is generally to amplify the status/reputation/wealth of the artist.• They are generally set in clubs or other social gatherings.• Men dominate, whilst women dance irrelevantly and are treated as objects.• Intertextuality is used a lot.