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Christmas web


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Powert point de navidad

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Christmas web

  1. 1. We celebrate Christmas in December. (and January) 24th December: Christmas Eve 25th December: Christmas Day 31st December: New Year’s Eve 1st January: New Year’s Day 5th January: Twelfth Night 6th January: Epiphany
  3. 3. We decorate a Christmas tree. We set up a Nativity scene.
  4. 4. We get presents... … from Santa Claus… …or from the Three Wise Men.
  5. 5. Santa Claus brings presents on December 25th. He lives in the North Pole and he rides a sleigh pulled by reindeers.
  6. 6. The Three Wise Men bring presents on January 6th. They ride on camels and come from the East following a star.
  7. 7. We sing Christmas Carols. Jingle Bell Rock We wish you a merry Christmas Auld Lang Syne
  8. 8. “AULD LANG SYNE” “Auld Lang Syne” is not a carol. It is a poem by Robert Burns that people sing with music. It is a song for solemn moments, like farewells. It is common to sing it on New Year’s Eve.
  9. 9. We sent Christmas cards to say….
  10. 10. Cristina Perogil Villar Diciembre 2011