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Sagun's Blog tutorial


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This is my Tutorial Presentation for all visitors of my Blog

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Sagun's Blog tutorial

  1. 1. No. #1 Blog for Sharing Public health Updates By: Sagun paudel Sagun's Blog 1
  2. 2. or you can reload this blog via: No. #1 Blog for Sharing Public health Updates Sagun's Blog 2
  3. 3. List of all Job related posts Nepali typing :Roman to Nepali and Preeti to Unicode Table of Contents of my Blog List of all Nepali articles Social Networking Links Sagun's Blog 3 Menu
  4. 4. Public Health: for all posts related to Public Health PH Courses : information about Public Health Courses in Nepal Public Health News: international and national Public Health News, Updates. PH Important Day: Public Health Important days, descriptions and slogan of different PH important days PH Activities: all Public Health activities , program conducted and other activities. Sagun's Blog 4
  5. 5. Loksewa Exam: Click here for Documents, Notices, syllabus and other reading documents which will support for your PSC examination Presentation Slides: Click here for PowerPoint presentation slides, if you want to post your PPT documents you can submit : Plan/Polices: Click here for National and international publications, plan policies, guidelines and other SOPs, guides Books: Click here for Standard referencing book available in .PDF files Sagun's Blog 5
  6. 6. List of Jobs: you can find the list of all jobs in this submenu. Click here for list of all categories. MPH/BPH jobs: you can find the all job opportunities for public health graduates (PHD, MPH, BPH) Nursing Jobs: List of Jobs for Msc Nursing, MN, Bsc Nursing, BN, Staff Nurses HA Jobs: list of jobs for Health Assistants Pharmacy Jobs: List of all jobs for pharmaceutical care. Specially for PHD pharmacy, M pharmacy, B pharmacy D pharmacy Sagun's Blog 6
  7. 7. Other Jobs: You can find the list of all job opportunities MD/MS/MBBS Jobs: You can find all clinical job opportunities for Medical graduates CMA/ANM Jobs: You can find all community level jobs for TSLC level Health program (ANM/CMA) Lab Jobs: You can find jobs for laboratory services specially for MLT, BMLT, LAB Technicians, Lab Assistants Other Health Jobs: You can find other health related jobs: BDS, Dental Hygienist, and others Sagun's Blog 7
  8. 8. Opportunities: You can find the list of opportunities (Other than Jobs) Scholarships: You can find the posts related to Scholarships, Sponsorships Trainings: You can find the list of post related to Training opportunities, Capacity buildings Internships: You can find list of internship opportunities Research: You can find the research opportunities Sagun's Blog 8
  9. 9. Imp Notices: You can read the important notices, admission notices and other any notices related to Health Tips/Tricks: you can find tips and tricks example Interview focused tips, CV, Resumes writings, and other skills dev. tips Photos: photos of PH activities and other important photos for public health Videos: Videos of PH activities, tutorial videos etc Sagun's Blog 9
  10. 10. How can you search in my Blog? CLICK HERE FOR SEARCH Sagun's Blog 10
  11. 11. How can you join this Site? Sagun's Blog 11
  12. 12. You can find the important posts via clicking in desirable LABELS Sagun's Blog 12
  13. 13. Don't forget to Like and click in Get Notifications for regular update in Facebook Sagun's Blog 13
  14. 14. feel free to contact with your queries, feedbacks. i am always ready and interesting to support all my coworkers of Public Health. Contact: You can Join with my social Networking Profiles Sagun's Blog 14