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Algorithms in nature


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Many notable inventions are being inspired by nature’s ingenuity, numerous engineering problems were solved by mimicking the results of the hidden intelligence, products of hundreds of millions years of trial and error. The nature is a testimony to the amazing ability of ordered-chaos to lead to unbelievably innovative solutions, often for nearly unsolvable problems. Nature, the world's largest innovation lab, created astonishing solutions to problems science haven't figured out yet. Let's explore a small subset of those - algorithms.

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  • I would call cell as example of statistics based dependency injection. Every object has some probability to get connected to one of the available compatible dependency.
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Algorithms in nature

  3. 3. Life is an Operating System
  4. 4. DNA = High density storage 700TB / gram Equivalent to 150 kilos of 230 3TB hard drives
  5. 5. Each cell has a CPU & distributed compilers
  6. 6. Each cell contains a program that can recreate itself
  7. 7. There’s a programmable protein 3D printer in each cell
  8. 8. 1950 - Alan Turing proposes a new kind of algorithms inspired by biological evolution
  9. 9. Principles of genetic algorithms Replicate best solutions Introduce random mutations Kill underperforming solutions
  10. 10. The Immune system as an adaptive machine learning system
  11. 11. Dendritic cells are data scientists Memory T-cells act as predictive model storage
  12. 12. Neural networks Rediscovered:1943
  13. 13. Slime molds Don’t have a nervous system use external memory to process information
  14. 14. Slime molds Recreated optimal US highways Solving Minimal Spanning Tree Algorithm discovered in 1926
  15. 15. Traveling salesman problem Took humanity over 40 years to solve
  16. 16. Ants solve it on a daily basis Though each ant can’t even remember the way back to nest
  17. 17. Graph coloring problem Closely related to maximal independent sets Solved: 1976
  18. 18. Fruit fly bristles Growth patterns form a maximal independent set ISCB award to Ziv Bar Joseph
  19. 19. You are seeing a picture of a broccoli A small number of genes encodes an astonishing complexity
  20. 20. Fractals Discovered in 1975 a natural phenomenon or a mathematical set that exhibits a repeating pattern that displays at every scale
  21. 21. The next breakthrough is out there @mesagie