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I'm exploring the idea of seeking funding for the SageRock System. So I've put together a few slides highlighting the digital marketing and advertising landscape to give a bit of a perspective as to why the SageRock System is useful particularly now.

I put this up here primarily if anyone needs some recent numbers in the size of the digital marketing industry landscape.

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Digital Marketing Landscape Data

  1. 1. The SageRock System makes it easier forcompanies to engage in search engineoptimization, social media, to leverageblogs, analyze data and engage in emailmarketing. 
  2. 2. Businesses spend $37.3billion in the U.S. online-advertising market.Bloomberg
  3. 3. Web-based advertising isthe fastest-growing mediumglobally and should becomethe No. 2 category this year.Bloomberg
  4. 4. “AdWords can bleed many asmall business dry,”Sharon Geltner, an analyst at the Small BusinessDevelopment Center at Palm Beach State College inBoca Raton, Fla.There was a paid clickincrease of 42% over thesecond quarter of 2011
  5. 5. The changing digitallandscape is confusing andintimidating to the small &medium sized businessmarketer.•Facebook lost 6 million US visitors•Instagram won 30 million users•Path is gaining 1 million users a week•60% of American adults own smartphones -an increase of 2/3’s in 2 years
  6. 6. GlobalMobile AdSpendingTo compete, smalland medium sizedbusinesses mustunderstand how touse mobile formarketing andadvertising.
  7. 7. Mobile AdSpending byCategoryNo business segmentis immune to mobilemarketing. Retailersparticularly need tobe mobile savvy.
  8. 8. Consumers will purchasemore smartphones thanfeature phones in 2013Telecommunications Industry Association 
  9. 9. The SageRock System givesbusiness owners and marketers•Training•Consulting•ToolsNeeded to navigate this everchanging, confusing world ofdigital marketing.