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Social Tools Impact Organizations


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Direct management control is challenged as social tool adoption grows. Leadership must move from "control" to 'controls".

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Social Tools Impact Organizations

  1. 1. Direct Control Lessens as Social Technology Increases Control Influence News groups * Forums* Blogs * Wikis * Pod Casting * Social Networks * Mobile Devices * Next? Internet Ethernet Web 1.0 Web 2.0 Enterprise 2.0* Web 3.0 1973 1991 1999 2006 Time *Enterprise 2.0 Andrew McAfee *Search * Links * Authoring * Tags * Extensions * Signals NOTE: Potential to “control” is individual and complex. Variables include place in the organizational hierarchy, closeness to the enterprise's edge, an individual’s role and relationship building skills. Graphic updated from Ambrozek J. & Axelrod V.G. 2007